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Comment Re:Unconstitutional (Score 1) 410

Writing this as someone who listens with open ears and mind when you speak on matters concerning gender spectrum, trans/gay and trans/straight community relations, gender intelligence, etc. You are cogent, empathetic, and well read; all qualities I respect and that I look for and notice. And, as a personal note, I prefer the company of people who can face themselves and choose to drop societal norms and external reference points for their identity and in doing so free themselves to truly be themselves. I get from reading your posts that you have done this, and traveled a road that many of us don't have the fortitude to face.

So, with all of your intentionality in creating an online persona that has credibility in the realms I mentioned above, why oh why would you repeat such an obviously fabricated attack on the 2nd amendment that is so easily contradicted with authoritative sources?

I honestly would like to know. I respect your intelligence and the strength you show in standing for others. It is inspiring. What I can't fathom is how something like this juvenile misrepresentation of fact could slip by you. If you would like to oppose gun rights there are better approaches than this thoroughly debunked intentional misreading of the constitution. I challenge you to do better. Not that I support curtailing gun rights for law abiding citizens, far from it. I just know from reading your posts that you are capable of a better argument than that.

As steel sharpens steel, so one mind sharpens another.

Comment Re:wow, completely clueless... (Score 2, Funny) 610

Are you willing to put the survival of your employer above your own and will you do blatantly illegal things for them? Are you socially liberal but psychologically pathological? Have you misplaced your conscience so thoroughly you sometimes wonder if you ever had one? Have you kidnapped an albino child and sacrificed them to Yog-Sothoth over a deep ocean trench? If not, would you for the chance at $50k per year and mediocre benefits?

If so there is one of these jobs waiting for you! Just place the tattered remains of your soul in the receptacle and you're in! Please stay out of the sun for the rest of your life, which should last forever now.

Comment Re: Volunteer and donate (Score 1) 428

Just because people are stupid doesn't mean capitalism is bad. By analogy, let's say your dad has stage 4 cancer and has an operation to extend his life. The operation is going well by then he dies on the operating table. You might, under the same stupid and misguided logic of your own assumptions listed above, declare that the medical profession is evil. It doesn't make it so, but I am sure you could convince a bunch of people to follow you in this idea if you put it on the Internet with the proper heart string pulling emotional appeals. There's even a ready-made fertile audience of recently discredited anti-vaccers just itching to support you in your unfounded attacks on the medical profession. Regardless of the level of support, it doesn't mean that calling something evil makes it so.

Comment Re:Dishonest (Score 1) 374

Thank you for the very accurate description of the underlying issues with Assange and his "extradition" to Sweden.

That you were modded down is indicative of the problems with stating the truth. Someone who knows the truth, but feels it is an impediment to their false narrative, will ultimately want to bury the information. If I had mod points I would try to un-bury your post.

Comment Re:Today vs Yesterday (Score 1) 374

For some reason the military, even those in jail, do not tolerate someone who they consider an oath breaker and traitor.

That reason couldn't be a reduced sentence for proving your loyalty to your superiors on the outside, could it? It would never occur to a military or political leader to order one prisoner to attack another prisoner in return for a reduction in charges, would it? It's obvious that military and political leaders who engage in illegal activities will, once exposed by a whistle blower, meekly submit themselves to the law, make a full confession of all possible illegal or even questionable activities they engaged in, and throw themselves on the mercy of the American public, right? They would never, ever, ever try to cover up their activities or attempt to punish a whistle blower. way, no how. Uh uhh. Nooooooooo. Nooooooooooooooooooooooo! /sarcasm

Comment Re:yawn (Score 1) 428

Wrong, wrong, wrong. You are only considering the flow of dollars in one direction, and seeing the pricing increase from the aspect of only the customer. There are many more sides to this issue.

For instance, if you want at-will employees to interrupt their time off and drive into an area with panicked people and bombs going off you will need to incentivize them.

See, that right there should be enough to explain the difference between this scenario and the incredibly stupid drug analogy you tried to clumsily apply to this situation. If that is not enough, see the scenario below.

Imagine you are in your house, chilling. Its your day off. You see the news and realize someone is bombing a part of the city that is a ways across town. You're thinking "I was going to go get a slice of pizza down the street, but fuck that! Glad I have the day off and am safe in my house right now." Right about then, your boss calls and says "Hey, there's a bunch of crazy people setting off bombs in the city. I need you to go drive down where the bombs are and all the crazy people and the screaming and yelling and such. Take your personal car, go pick up strangers. I'll pay you your normal wages for this."

If your response is "Fuck that and fuck you, boss." you answered correctly.

You see, in your completely short sighted analogy the person selling the drug experiences no risk, only massive profit. The person driving into a shitstorm in their personal car, on their day off, to pick people up? You and almost everyone else didn't even consider them.

Comment Re:Thelema (Score 1) 539

While I catch your meaning, religions is used to provide instant, irrefutable answers to important questions.

Based on this quote from your post I can declare that you know nothing of the serious study of ancient documents that are considered "religious" in nature. Not that I would expect you to, but if you were to take a look at just these simple subjects about one religion you might figure out how misplaced your assertions are: texual criticism, canonicity, isagogics, exegetics, systematic theology.

The "answers" in an ancient text like the Bible for instance, require hundreds of hours to discern and are far from irrefutable. The questions that are answered are even harder to figure out! Sure there are a multitude of people who use a text like the Bible to create an artificial authority structure based on the power that ancient books have over some people, but you can bet your bottom dollar that those people aren't actually teaching what is in the book. They are more likely to use guilt motivation, religious superiority complex indoctrination, and shame to line their pockets and control their parishioners, none of which is supported by the text in the book.

Even better, go read "The Hero with a Thousand Faces" by Joseph Campbell. That book alone will give you a hint about how instant an answer religion will give you about one single subject.

You, like many others, make the mistake of conflating "What people do" and "What a book says." The two may not have anything to do with each other, and in the case of the Bible, they frequently could not be farther separated.

Also, if you ask some priests and/or scholars you will get different answers than the one you referred to ("7 days.")

Comment Re:This is why psychiatrists are not allowed to co (Score 1) 629

Great point. However what you advocate is contrary to the way the current "two party + the media" system works. The media and the politicians can meta-discuss the discussion of the discussions, ad infinitum. This allows them to avoid any policy discussions, completely. This is not a side effect. This is by intention.

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