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Comment Re: Trump's a D-Bag, but... (Score 1) 210

Have you actually seen the candidates? Looked at them, considered their backgrounds, seen their flaws, without comparing them to each other? Compare them to some of the more solid citizens you know, not another psycho power-mongering politician. I have and I wouldn't hire either of them to clean my septic system, much less for the office of president of the US.

I think it is exceptionally safe to say that any of their "supporters" are in fact "fanatics." They would have to be in order to generate the suspension of disbelief and maniacal myopia necessary to support either of them. Their flaws are like something straight out of bad fiction, and yet here they are, the first runner up and the winner of the most "powerful job on the planet."

And to think, many of you are worried about global warming destroying the planet in the next 100 years. HA! The fucktard you elect next will probably end it in less than 8.

Thanks America.

Comment Re:don't get your hope up (Score 4, Insightful) 261

It doesn't matter how many hours you put in if you were enticed by and promised things that don't exist in the game. You could love the game, give it honestly rave reviews, and play it every day for 8 hours. Doesn't matter. Your playing or not playing the game, or a better way to put it is, the behavior of the purchaser subsequent to purchase has no bearing on the advertising tactics and their honesty/dishonesty in describing the game. Money should be refunded based on the request of the purchaser because of the actions of the selling company previous to purchase. Everything that happens after purchase is immaterial.

Why? Because even if someone played the game for 400000 hours, they would never get what was promised in the advertising. IMHO the penalties should go up with play time. It means that person has been defrauded of the missing material more than someone who barely plays the game.

Comment Re:The Climate has always been changing... (Score 1) 196

In that vein, how much will the climate change in the future and how does that impact the long-term survival of humans? The Earth has been considerably hotter at times in the past, even without anthropocentric intervention (that we know of.) Additionally, the Earth has been considerably cooler at times in the past. If the past is the best indicator of the future, and you extrapolate forward into the future on a long enough timeline, it becomes self evident that we are ill prepared for what inevitably will come.

So, the question arises again, "Will our shortsighted, selfish approach to existence do us in (finally!), or will our wily human ingenuity find yet another way out of the hole we have dug ourselves into?"

Comment Re:Left field / outside the box is American cultur (Score 1) 463

Until then it fits in the bucket of "it's only wrong when a white male does it".

Looks like the ante has been upped and the phrase should be amended to reflect the new reality: "it's only prosecutable when a white male does it"

Seen through that lens it may reveal the prevailing winds of racism in this country.

Comment Re:Unconstitutional (Score 1) 438

Writing this as someone who listens with open ears and mind when you speak on matters concerning gender spectrum, trans/gay and trans/straight community relations, gender intelligence, etc. You are cogent, empathetic, and well read; all qualities I respect and that I look for and notice. And, as a personal note, I prefer the company of people who can face themselves and choose to drop societal norms and external reference points for their identity and in doing so free themselves to truly be themselves. I get from reading your posts that you have done this, and traveled a road that many of us don't have the fortitude to face.

So, with all of your intentionality in creating an online persona that has credibility in the realms I mentioned above, why oh why would you repeat such an obviously fabricated attack on the 2nd amendment that is so easily contradicted with authoritative sources?

I honestly would like to know. I respect your intelligence and the strength you show in standing for others. It is inspiring. What I can't fathom is how something like this juvenile misrepresentation of fact could slip by you. If you would like to oppose gun rights there are better approaches than this thoroughly debunked intentional misreading of the constitution. I challenge you to do better. Not that I support curtailing gun rights for law abiding citizens, far from it. I just know from reading your posts that you are capable of a better argument than that.

As steel sharpens steel, so one mind sharpens another.

Comment Re:wow, completely clueless... (Score 2, Funny) 612

Are you willing to put the survival of your employer above your own and will you do blatantly illegal things for them? Are you socially liberal but psychologically pathological? Have you misplaced your conscience so thoroughly you sometimes wonder if you ever had one? Have you kidnapped an albino child and sacrificed them to Yog-Sothoth over a deep ocean trench? If not, would you for the chance at $50k per year and mediocre benefits?

If so there is one of these jobs waiting for you! Just place the tattered remains of your soul in the receptacle and you're in! Please stay out of the sun for the rest of your life, which should last forever now.

Comment Re: Volunteer and donate (Score 1) 428

Just because people are stupid doesn't mean capitalism is bad. By analogy, let's say your dad has stage 4 cancer and has an operation to extend his life. The operation is going well by then he dies on the operating table. You might, under the same stupid and misguided logic of your own assumptions listed above, declare that the medical profession is evil. It doesn't make it so, but I am sure you could convince a bunch of people to follow you in this idea if you put it on the Internet with the proper heart string pulling emotional appeals. There's even a ready-made fertile audience of recently discredited anti-vaccers just itching to support you in your unfounded attacks on the medical profession. Regardless of the level of support, it doesn't mean that calling something evil makes it so.

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