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Comment off YouTube...? (Score 1) 283

CD's 44 KHz playback can only (perfectly) reconstruct signals at 22 KHz. That is inadequate for _some_ people. Why do you assume everyone else is just as tone deaf as you ??

Ah, now we get to it. You're not a science crackpot on sampling (though apparently on Einstein???), but you believe in humans with super-human hearing. I, OTOH, believe in audiophile salesmen capable of convincing the mark he has super-human hearing in order to drain him of $30k for audio equipment.

Sure, sure, it's a bell curve and a few can hear above 20k at birth, though with significant attenuation, but it won't last long.

Some people (incorrectly) believe you can't see frame rates higher then 30.

No one who saw the HFR version of the Hobbit, or turned on the "make everything look cheap" temporal up-scaling in their smart TV believes that.

Comment Re:Who cares if they actually help (Score 1) 121

You won't get the 'preferred rate' then. It will be the same deal as refusing to use a Loyalty Card at Kroeger. That juicy steak is now priced $12 instead of $8.75.

Well, for those places that actually STILL do this loyalty card thing, I can readily give them false information, and pay cash when I need the discount....and be invisible to them.

This actually can be kinda fun to screw a little with their demographics. In the past, they've thought I was a 97 year old Swedish woman name Juanita, and I have to guess for that demographic I buy a lot of booze, beer, wine and other fun things at the grocery store they'd not expect....

Comment Re:News Flash! (Score 1) 102

I figure as far as I know, I have this one shot at life.

I like it so far....

I can't think of anything or anyone that would be worth sacrificing my life for....

I'd just as soon watch the Mars progress on TV and enjoy beer, Air Conditioning and less threat of guys have fun with that up there!!

Comment Re:Who said what? (Score 1) 305

Said 'Hate Meter' can even have a tattooing unit built into the inner surface where it meets the skin of the forehead.

Then it can be simply placed on the candidate and it will automatically brand 'hater' on their forehead after the measurement cycle is complete, and can be moved to the head of the next candidate.

Because, that's what people who use the phrase 'hater' to label other people want.

Comment Re:Who said what? (Score 1) 305

Who the fuck is the ADL? Why the fuck do I give a shit?

-- Internet

And this is the correct response.

Every time that you give these people the wind of your fart, it validates them and their method. Ignore and move on.

Seriously though, I find the Anti-ADL to be a bigger bunch of butthurt whiners, who also need to be ignored. Same kind of attention whores, slightly different whine.

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