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Comment Re:Yeah (Score 1) 119

Oh, no, you never hide the price of a status symbol! That's why the number associated with most luxury cars goes up with the price.* If your neighbor also gets a luxury car of the same brand, you can immediately see which is most expensive just by comparing the number on the back. Audi is the odd duck there as they don't decorate their model number with fine-grained pricing information.

*Tuner sports models are the exception.

Comment Re:What Authority ... (Score 1) 297

That was contingency planning for Greece. They didn't expect a country with a real economy to leave. Bit of a furor over Brexit, after all, and talk of punishing Britain or adding incentives for other nations to stay. I won't be surprised if they just take the option off the table instead.

Comment Does anyone really use these numbers? (Score 2) 22

Does anyone out there really use these mileage numbers in the decision making part of buying a car? Really?

I mean, sure, they are there...everyone gives them a cursory glance, but do the numbers really play any meaningful role in most peoples' decision on which brand or model car to buy?

i buy cars that make me happy and will be fun to drive. All I'm looking for is what is the best can I can afford to enjoy driving for the money I can spend....gas mileage, I don't really even look at...

Comment Re:Sources isn't a name (Score 1) 39

>> can't name your source

This only makes sense if it was sourced by Google's PR team, who might be trying to make as much noise about their offering now they're convinced that they won't win the PayPal account. (Normally, a customer name-dropped during a confidential evaluation process would be pissed off enough to drop the vendor who name-dropped. The vendors still in the game wouldn't normally dare publish the name of a customer considering them now.)

Comment Re:True by definition (Score 1) 105

But do you think the faceless bastards at Facebook/Google/LG/AT&T/whoever infected my phone with this crap will LET me uninstall it? Hell, no! That would be too sensible and respectful of the owner's choices!

Funny...I've never had a Facebook application on any of my iPhones I've ever owned....??

I've never had a Facebook account either....

Comment Re:problems, lol (Score 1) 181

I write web services for remote clients to send information to. 50 msec includes the time to establish a TCP connection to the nginx frontend (written in C!), then to run a little bit of Python code to massage the request and either store it in a database (probably written in C, or maybe Java) or fetch data from one, then to return the results to the remote client. At a previous employer, my code did that about 80,000 times per second, averaged 24/7. At the shop before that, we load tested to 500,000 requests per second but it was only for a few minutes sustained at a time.

When was the last time you personally wrote code to handle 500Kops? Did you know that those durn whippersnappers at Google runs a big chunk of their stack on Python and that they'd laugh at our tiny it doesn't matter to the end user. If we could have reduced a 50ms transaction to 10ms by altering the speed of the light signals carrying our requests, we probably would have. But since we live in a universe with physics, the best we could possible hope for was to reduce the time spent in application code to 0.000ms and thereby drop the entire transaction time to 49ms.

Comment Re:see what the Union free work place get's you! (Score 1) 285

That's a remarkably thin guilt by association fallacy. Somehow being founded by a person who has received public recognition from a public corporation of the US (with the express purpose of promoting democracy) is now tantamount to being a puppet of the US. And said tenuous recognition is now being largely funded by the US.

Perhaps you could come up with evidence for your assertions?

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