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Comment Re:What you know... (Score 2) 215

So, before electronic storage, the police shouldn't have had access to paper storage? Why memorize a phone number if you can write it down?

The problem with encryption is not that the police shouldn't have access to the data (with a warrant), it's that there's no way to grant only the police access. Those who want strong encryption believe keeping the data private from third parties is the greater good.

Comment Re:You realize that homeopathic treatments are wat (Score 1) 297

My current GF (who is, of all things, an orthodontist) is into this shit.

Get out while you still can (easily). Assuming you eventually marry her and have kids, do you want either arguments over whether to medicate your kids if they truly need some medication prescribed by a doctor or here secretly withholding medication from your kids and giving them quack remedies instead?

Comment Re:note: no actual discrimination (Score 3, Interesting) 177

The key words are "that indicates," i.e., the text of the ad must indicate a preference or discrimination. It does not say anything about to whom you show the ad.

The law was written well before anyone could place housing ads on the internet. The closest non-internet equivalent would be if you posted your ad on telephone poles except in predominantly non-white neighborhoods. But even that isn't illegal. So if that isn't, why is not showing an ad to certain people online illegal?

You might be able to argue that it should be illegal, but, as written, it's not.

Comment Re:Anita Sarkeesian: Destroyer of Shareholder Valu (Score 1) 316

I never said anything about real-time vehicle tracking. That's not the same as system status updates. Vehicle tracking here is provided by, a private company that provides vehicle tracking for many transit agencies under contract. And yes, we have apps for that too, but ALL such apps get their data from Nextbus. Some apps also get status updates, but that data comes from Twitter.

So your comment has absolutely nothing to do with what I said.

Comment Re:Anita Sarkeesian: Destroyer of Shareholder Valu (Score 1) 316

My primary use-case is getting real-time status updates from my local public transit agency (that I commute on daily). I wouldn't like to see that go away.

To fix Twitter, just remove all direct messaging. All the harassment would stop. Sure, people could still tweet all manner of vile things, but only people who have opted in to follow them would see it.

Comment Re:Plow through the Nuns and Orphans (Score 1) 367

as long ... as the plutocrats and their champagne caviar cocktails arrive safely.

When most cars are self-driving, including less expensive cars, I'd suppose that they'd all prioritize passenger safety.

I'm pretty sure Pedestrians (in the US) have right of way in just about every situation.

It's only in crosswalks (including unmarked ones at corners), so not just any old place. Jay walking is still illegal. Pedestrians are also forbidden on freeways.

Comment Re:So what? (Score 1) 437

Flip the situation around and see what your response is. Would you be okay with it if Facebook and Google were pushing hard for a (R) candidate in a close election?

There's a difference between liking it and believing it's within their right to do. In my original post, I never said whether I liked it. I only questioned why people are thinking they have no right to do it.

So, while am still not saying whether I would like your hypothetical flipped case, yes, I believe they would have a right to do it. Whether I like it or not is irrelevant.

Comment Re:Company leaders CAN favor whoever they like ... (Score 1) 437

... except with Facebook and other forms of social media, their purpose is supposed to be to give a voice to EVERYONE who wants to use it and contribute content.

There's no evidence that Facebook is censoring anything. The only grief they received was over the Trending Topics thing (which nobody really cares about anyway) --- and this case isn't related to that.

Comment Re:Was Obvious from the Start (Score 1) 330

... when Apple decide they don't care about the Apple watch any more and shut down the servers that enable it to work, it could well stop functioning altogether; many pieces of modern tech are like this.

Yes, many tech devices are like that, but the Apple Watch isn't one of them: it tethers to the iPhone, but the iPhone isn't like that either. The only relevant servers are for iCloud that enable cloud backups and iPhone-to-Mac syncing for things like contacts and events, but even those aren't required for the phone or Mac to work.

Comment Re:Not enough affordable housing? (Score 2) 271

Replace "city" in what you wrote with "NIMBYs" and then it will be correct. City residents that already have their own home don't want more housing built. They're under the delusion that if they just stick to their guns, everybody else will eventually give up and stop moving here so SF can go back to the little town it once was.

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