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Comment Re:You missed a couple of sections (Score 1) 309

The court says that when you download child porn from foreign countries, you should expect that you might get malware and your information might be exposed.

Why should the content of what you download matter? What if I downloaded legitimate software? Also, why should the country of origin matter?

Comment Quite reasonable, actually. (Score 1) 364

It's no secret that Apple makes a ton of money by charging 'astronomical' fee for replacing and fixing display and other components of iPhone and iPad (as well as Mac line).

My hard drive on my out-of-warranty iMac died. I called a couple of local Mac repair shops in San Francisco and got quoted prices. I also got a quote from Apple: theirs was only $5 more than one of the local guys (that, as it happened, called me back to say that they couldn't actually do the repair) and about $40 less than the other. I was actually pleasantly surprised with Apple's price.

Comment Re:govt brought piss to a shit fight (Score 1) 250

So if Apple is forced to give its private keys to the FBI ....

The FBI is not asking for the private key. They're asking Apple to write a custom version of iOS that has the 10-try passcode limit removed and can accept passcodes a via the lightning connector so the FBI can rapidly brute-force-crack the phone.

Even so, it still lets the camel's nose into the tent.

Comment Re:"resource actions" or "workforce rebalancing" (Score 2) 194

At 20, C++ is a great skills [sic]. At 50, C++ is out of date.

This falls under YMMV. I suppose there's a chance you might be right since I'm only 48 now, but I've been working at a C++ shop and was hired two years ago. It's one of the best jobs I've ever had.

We've also been trying to hire for a while now. I interview so many candidates that can't write a C++ 101-level implementation of an assignment operator that does a deep copy. Many claim "expert" C++ knowledge on their resumes too.

Comment Re:Looks kind of bad (Score 5, Informative) 301

If you bothered to read any of the news articles, Apple currently doesn't have that capability. What the FBI is asking for is to update iOS on the phone with a custom version that removes the time delay between unsuccessful passcode attempts, the 10-try limit before wiping the phone, and a way to enter passcodes via the lightning connector rather than the keypad --- all of this so the FBI can brute-force unlock the phone.

Comment Re:Never worth it (Score 1) 107

At the time, Verizon's trade-in program was pretty good. I got a new iPhone 6 trading-in a 4s and my new phone only cost me about $100. I think they gave me what I would have gotten for the 4s on eBay (at best) and without having to take the time to meet the prospective buyer, demo the phone (to prove that it works), etc. My time is also valuable.

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