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Comment more employees = less engagement? (Score 2) 63

>> more Apple employees from more teams will be present, simply because they won't have to devote an entire day to being there

You'll have MORE employees, buzzing through so they can tell their managers they were there, but probably LESS engagement, because, you know, they gotta get back to the office and fill out those TPS reports so they can leave at a decent hour.

Comment Umm...they already do (Score 4, Informative) 85

>> Facebook's social aspects could make it easier for potential employers to trawl your profile for details of your personal life

Umm...they already do. That's one of the reasons I quit Facebook years ago. And that was before one of my buddies who works in "gov PR" showed me how he uses Facebook to pinpoint exactly who is whining about what issue - regardless of the "friend" or "privacy" settings they have set up.

Comment Re:First post (Score 1) 79

>> thing can be parked on an old cast-off *nix serve

Unless email's just for fun at your business, you'd probably want a little more reliability than that.

>> small AWS instance

By the time you consider that, you're probably >$20/month for <=5 users.

Trust me - the people setting cloud pricing know about alternative solutions, and $250/year for reliable small-business email is essentially market price right now.

Comment Have you compiled any needful code lately? (Score 4, Informative) 268

>> there also were beneficiaries -- namely consumers and employers

Er...have you have had to deal with H1B code? Most of the "security vulnerabilities" and other showstopping bugs I've seen over the last ten years could be traced to a "consultant" working as an indentured servant for one of the interchangeable Indian body shops.

Comment And this is why I don't put work stuff on my phone (Score 1) 47

If you work at a place with a decent IT shop, they'll happily put company email on your phone as long as you run their remote watch-and-wipe app. It's just not worth it to me - instead I publish my personal cell phone number everywhere along with a note "text me if it's serious" and check work emails when I get the next business day.

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