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Comment No. (Score 4, Insightful) 367

>> Doderlein suggests making light-weight add-ons in more current programming languages that only rely on COBOL for the core feature of the old systems.

Er...that's pretty much been the story since the 1990's (if not earlier) on.

>> mostly maintained by retired programming veterans

Er...if they're "maintaining" then they aren't "retired". This whole article sounds companies that whine about not being able to find skilled welders, etc. Well, open your wallet and the talent will materialize - see "IT security" for an example.

Comment Re:good (Score 0) 67

>> with let's encrypt available, there is zero reason to use http anymore

Unless you host multiple information-only web sites (e.g., read only, no CMS or forms) on a hosting plan that lets you host dozens or hundreds of small sites cheaply. The jump to move each site from http to https typically increases annual hosting fees from a dollar or two to a hundred bucks or so (since ISPs will often charge dedicated IP and/or certificate maintenance fees, even it (or especially if) you bring in a cert from a third party.

Comment it was about greed? (Score 5, Insightful) 158

>> Mylan's Epic EpiPen Price Hike Wasn't About Greed -- It's Worse
>> Mylan effectively pushed Sanofi out of the US epinephrine auto-injector market

Competitor A pushes competitor B out of the market to corner the market and drive up profits, right? In other words, it's about greed, right?

Comment Re:Ads. Listening devices. Streamed bloopers. (Score 1) 53

>> Google is a technology company whose...products are...monetized with advertising, not an advertising company

(Trimmed for clarity.) Are you an attorney, perhaps? Anyway, here's what TFS said:

>> company will get data on how people experience and use self-driving cars -- and clues on ways to generate revenue from the technology

It seemed pretty clear they were not only talking about primary sources of revenue (ride fares), but secondary sources (e.g., advertising) as well.

Comment Ads. Listening devices. Streamed bloopers. (Score 2) 53

>> clues on ways to generate revenue from the technology

Step 1: Plaster everything with ads. Include annoying TV screens with loud advertisements.

Step 2: Install listening devices to tailor ads to match anything the people in the car say.

Step 3: Install cameras and live-stream babies throwing up, brothers beating on each other and other mundane events to YouTube. Include more ads.

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