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Comment Re:No Thanks (Score 1) 51

>> I will continue to drive my own car thank you very much

Fuck that. When we have self-driving cars I'm planning on picking up the highest-paying job I can find an hour away so I can game my ass off before and after work every day without any distractions from the wife and kids. :)

Comment Re:they will get it wrong. i promise. (Score 1) 51

>> (thing) that exist to report on every place I travel and when I travel there back to the company that sold me the car, their "family of partner companies", the ad agencies thosefirms "partner" with, the FBI, the NSA, and whoever else = NOT OK!'ll be turning in your cell phone later today then?

Comment "Much" (Score 1) 33

>> A query for the lyrics to a specific song will pull up the words to much of that song

"Much"? Why not "ALL"?

>> LyricFinder Chief Executive and co-founder Darryl Ballantyne projects publishers and songwriters seeing "millions" of dollars in additional revenue from this arrangement. least one of those two groups, right?

Comment But Hillary says $12/hour is plenty (Score -1, Offtopic) 322

>> pathway to a modest, more attainable American dream...drivers...earned less than an average of $13.25 an hour after expenses.

"Hillary believes we are long overdue in raising the minimum wage. She has supported raising the federal minimum wage to $12"

Comment Smarter solution for lower-cost door-to-door (Score 0) 156

Here's a smarter solution for lower-cost door-to-door delivery:

1) Use non-union labor to deliver the mail - just like newspaper carriers. Pull a Ronald Reagan and say GTFO - you're all fired. Let the expensive but obsolete union carriers fight it out in court while the system and public get used to mail delivery at 1/3 the cost.

2) Deliver TWO days only. Not "no Saturdays", not "ever other day" - pick two days of the week and stagger them around the six days of delivery so you can get by with 1/3 the delivery workforce (which now costs only 1/3 for wages/benefits) and 15% of today's cost.

3) Buy lightweight body armor and cameras for carriers. In addition to dog bites, enough mail gets delivered in crappy neighborhoods where some gunshot protection would be nice too. The cameras could also be used to cut down on other crime by live-feeding to the cops or reviewing whatever the carrier saw if he/she got jumped.

4) Fuck the flying drones. Especially in Canada and other places where it snows/blows/rains. Non-unionized labor is a hell of a lot cheaper.

Comment So..are blatent Slashvertisements a thing now? (Score 1) 67

Hey editors. Exactly how many stories a day are we going to get in this format:

Is your (competing product) too (bad attribute)? Do you want more (good attribute)? Check out the (product), which just added (feature) and is now selling for (price) (link to store). Also, there's a (alternative product model) that gives you (good attribute) for just another (price difference). Hey all you tech folks: buy now - limited quantities available!


Comment You entered the walled garden. Zero f***s given. (Score 3, Insightful) 767

When I was young, people would talk about the horrors of totalitarianism in Soviet Russia. I guess we only have Apple and North Korea to show us what it looks like now. But as for Apple customers, I have no sympathy: YOU decided to enter the walled garden. Enjoy your toilet paper ration.

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