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Comment Stones in glass houses...idiot "promoter" (Score 2, Insightful) 422

Rock promoters fear one thing: lawsuits. If this idiot wants to play lawsuit wars, he will not survive another season. Rock concerts like this have much bigger problems traditionally, and perhaps instead of "tapers" he'd prefer the good old days of broken glass whiskey bottles, date rape, stampedes, and under aged drinking and overdosing. This summer many died in Germany in a poorly managed crowd. The fact is that if this turkey thinks there is money to be made in lawsuits, than I say sue this idiot until he can no longer afford to obtain an insurance rider. The fact is that the current generation of parents were some of the woodstockers and Deadheads that perfected the art of concert going. But I remeber when I was promoting concerts in LA in 1980-3 that parents were not so cool, and that a cut on the foot due to broken glass at the venue was enough to swallow the profit margin of a sold out concert. Lets remind these idiots who the customer is, and what will happen to anyone who thinks that suing the customer is a good business plan. And while you're at it, this is a call to all tapers to circulate Denver and to guarantee a "Streisand Effect" on the sound boards. He'll have fun suing the entire planet while watching sales drop. We need another Bill Graham, not another Clear Channel-like corporate scum sucking maggot. Rock on, and let the music never stop.

Comment Follow the money, brown nose the boss... (Score 1) 835

Consider the source: He works for Rupert Murdoch now, and he knows where his genetically modified bread is buttered - that is to say, with the same Vegemite yellow journalism that permeates "Fox News" and the rest of that "neo-fascist-corporate domination can do no wrong" ideology they slather on our media. I guess buying MySpace was his backup plan in case the "sheeple" misbehave and start to clone the truth incorrectly.....

Comment Seems to me photographers expose terrorists.... (Score 4, Insightful) 601

Isn't that how it worked in this case? They revealed a camera, and all of the sudden they were terrorized by ignorant, arrogant, bullies pretending to "serve and protect" the public welfare of our citizens. I think its quite clear these cops are acting just like domestic terrorists - and paid for with our tax dollars! Who is in charge of our country anyway? Citizens or government bankrolled thugs without a clue?

Comment Absolutely. Without a doubt. Its guaranteed. (Score 1) 312

...You can always rely on the same consistent results when you expect these people to tell you what to think. And if you think there is someone else better equipped to accurately predict the future, then it won't matter who you ask. Its bad enough to have a great deal of faith in one's own self interest and greed, but its retarded to expect your satisfaction from their appetite. Human nature is the only thing thats broken here. Now try to enjoy the rest of World Cup and World Economy without gambling on winners while acting like losers.

Comment User flaw shows dilluded sense of privacy on net (Score 2, Interesting) 124

The only flaw is when people believe that VPN or any other network technology streaming on the public superhighway via telecoms and satellite networks is absolutely private and secure 100% of the time. Once you fix that defect, the rest won't matter anymore. Too bad our national security experts are having so much difficulty with that concept, since its bad for business to accept reality or to tell the truth, in general.

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