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Corel Launches Corel Linux, with WebCast 125

Drog writes "Corel Corporation is officially launching their Corel Linux OS at Fall COMDEX in Las Vegas today via webcast at 1:15 PM PST (4:15 PM EST). Corel Linux Beta 2 has garnered a fair amount of praise thus far. A lengthy review written on Oct. 28 can be found at over at TechRepublic. " The TechRepublic story does require a free login, yadda-yadda.
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Corel Launches Corel Linux, with WebCast

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  • Big names and Linux are coming together more and more lately. I like this trend. Now if only Dynamix would port Starsiege Tribes over....
  • Awright! Corel's stock is up about 13% as we speak. This makes me very happy.

    As for the product: I'm excited about having a company focus soley on getting Linux to the desktop instead of as a server OS. Of course, its really in Corel's best interest to do so; if they can pull off the expansion of Linux into this market, they'll be primed to leverage their real money-makers in that market they'll have created.

    We've already seen that people like to by all their products from a single source (MS with Windows and the Office suite), so hopefully Corel will be able to breathe new life into some old names: WordPerfect, Paradox, etc.

    As for the market, we'll see how they react to the product launch today after closing and Cowpland's speech tomorrow.


  • by Anonymous Coward
    password: slashdot
  • My dad went off to Comdex yesterday, and I begged him to death to make sure and pick up the Corel Linux distro. I'm really interested in it since I am still a Linux newbie, and this distro is geared toward people like me. I just hope he can get a disc.
  • At closing today, Corel is just over US $10 on the NASDAQ [] and almost CDN $15 on the TSE []. Two years ago they were both around $1 to $1.50 (having previously been as high as $30-$50, IIRC) -- I knew I should have bought in then... then I'd be cashing out this week :-)
    "I am not trying to prove that I am right... I am only trying to find out whether." -Bertolt Brecht
  • Linux is widely accepted as a stable, reliable, and inexpensive server operating system.

    Linux is Free, not inexpensive.

    Anyway, when the system finally finished copying files, it asked me nicely to remove my boot floppy disk and CD-ROM and to click OK to reboot. I clicked OK just to see if it would force me to remove the floppy disk and it didn't. Both Red Hat and Windows force you to remove the floppy disk with their installers, and I think it's a good idea. It's not a big deal, but, again, for new users it would be a good idea to force them to remove the floppy disk before rebooting.

    Why wouldn't you remove your boot floppy? Is this guy testing trivial installation occurences? Thats just dumb

    At no point in the install procedure does it ask you about networking setup. I discovered later that no matter what options you select during install, it always configures DHCP. If you have a static IP address, you must change it manually later--something a beginning user may not be able to do.

    Thats horrible. Redhat 6.1 lets you set up a multiple-network-adapter system very easily, and even lets you provide drivers before the installation starts.

    Also, if you have more than one network card, it doesn't allow you to configure which card uses what or which drivers to load. I would consider these to be serious problems, and I hope they are fixed before the release version.

    One word ... "aaaaaackkkkkkk"

    The default Web browser included is Netscape Communicator 4.5, and it works as expected right out of the box. I was able to surf the Web and retrieve my e-mail immediately and without difficulty.

    name a web browser that doesn't work right out of the box
  • I can't think of too many products the Linux community has been looking forward to getting their hands on. I sure hope Corel has stocked up on some extra bandwidth for this release!

    Since it's based on Debian, what's the story on mirroring the distro? Is Corel going to want to keep it locked down so that you can only get the "Official" Corel Linux distro from Corel? It makes sense, but I can only imagine what not having a good set of mirrors in place will do to their bandwidth utilization...


  • I wonder if I'll be able to get that apart from their distro anytime soon. I'm sure their distro is nice, but what about us who already have debian with kde installed... I'm not going to go through all that just to get it.

    I think the techrepublic review is correct in pointing out the install problems. The problem with linux is that it will be the second installed OS for the majority of users -- so they will have to refine the partitioning process as well as the initial bootup nuances. I really like how they have the bootup menu that boots directly into kde as well as the vga safe mode. Now all they have to do is design an *intuitive* graphics adapter, resolution and depth as well as a monitor frequency setup. Maybe they could compile a database of monitor types and models just like windows (or auto detect when possible) so that users won't have to worry about such things. Would be a lot of work, but it's probably well within Corels capabilities..

    On a side note, their control interface looks exactly like a slightly modded kde one. I didn't really find it that useful except to gather system information. I could be wrong though, we'll have to see after I download it...
  • I think this will make it easier for people to switch to linux.
    Corel is a well known name and people will trust their software. especially if it is bundeled with office aplications, it will make the Big Turnaround easy.
    I also hope they will start a LARGE, GLOBAL advertising campaign.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    There are thousands of investment options available to you. I suggest choosing one with a less sordid history than Corel.

    There is no indication that this will make them a significant investment, any more than any of the .coms.

  • Damn, I wanted to see/hear that. Oh well.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Monday November 15, 1999 @11:24AM (#1530828)
    As a beta tester for both Beta 01 & 02 I'm disappointed that they are planning to release their distro so soon. They have some good ideas but there are still a lot of problems that need to be worked out, IMHO. File manager issues, hardware recognition, etc... It's just not as mature a distro as RedHat/Mandrake (for example) and lacks the 'user friendly' readiness Corel has been hyping. I wish they had taken a little more time and beat on it some more b4 releasing it officially. Looks to me as though economic pressures pushed this one out too soon. Too bad.
  • you evaluate the review and the product, that most of us reading /. are at least one step geekier than Corel's targeted user group... those without linux looking for a desktop platform.
  • Linux is Free, not inexpensive.

    (1) I think it's fair to say that "free" is a subset of "inexpensive". So the statement was true, if not as accurate as it could be.

    (2) Linux itself is free, yes. But not all ways of getting a distribution of Linux are free, though even the ones that aren't free are inexpensive.

  • by Anonymous Coward
    Folks... Check this out... linux-oc_1.0.iso Have fun... cipher
  • Hmm, this raises an interesting issue. Will it be true that every (or almost every) commercial Linux offering will somewhat be rushed out the door due to economic pressures? If so, this would really be sad, as this simply follows in M$'s footsteps of "release it now, fix it later".

    Thinking along these lines, I wonder if the whole concept of a "release" should somewhat be altered, so that not only the kernel has the stable/unstable revision branches (the odd/even version numbering thing), but also an entire distro. This way, we can have "unstable" releases that quickly gets it out the door, have people pound on it, get the bugs fixed, until it stabilizes, that release that as the "stable release". This certainly worked (and still works) with the Linux kernel -- I'm just wondering if this is actually possible in a commercial setting like Corel Linux.

  • Linux is widely accepted as a stable, reliable, and inexpensive server operating system.
    Linux is Free, not inexpensive.

    Actually, Linux is economically inexpensive. It also happens to also be free, ie non-propriatory.

    At no point in the install procedure does it ask you about networking setup. I discovered later that no matter what options you select during install, it always configures DHCP. If you have a static IP address, you must change it manually later--something a beginning user may not be able to do.
    Thats horrible. Redhat 6.1 lets you set up a multiple-network-adapter system very easily, and even lets you provide drivers before the installation starts.

    Actually, configuring dhcp is ideal for new users. I feel that new users would be confused if they were asked to enter an IP address. What in the world is that? And how do they know what they should put in there. Sure, you could have defaults, and help, but that's still going to be confusing for people. Instead have the dhcp client find an IP address for the box. That'll solve a lot of problems right there. And those who know what an IP address is can set it later.

  • Hey beta people, does the Corel distro still use .debs? If so, do they have any good gui front-ends for apt? Thanks.
  • I'm trying to get over to their webcast, but it doesnt seem to want to let me play the "live audio" because I dont have the RA Plugin, which G2 Alpha for Linux doesnt include (and they have G2 Icons on the site). So why didnt they just set it up to launch the player instead of require the plugin? They're basically cutting out Linux users from hearing the launch of their Linux Distrib... This is odd..

    -- iCEBaLM
  • Finally kde looks good. It seems like they took alot of annoyances out of kde. I'm an enlightenment person myself but I might have a look
  • by zantispam ( 78764 ) on Monday November 15, 1999 @11:46AM (#1530843)
    "name a web browser that doesn't work right out of the box"


    (with apologies to the Mozilla crew. It is really coming along nicely and I hope to be using it within six months. Go Mozilla!)
  • I went to buy at about $2.75 US, but I didn't have a brokerage account, and didn't have time to fill out the forms--at the time, I was up against a deadline for my dissertation. I was taking a thousand shares . . . *sigh*

    I was also holding out for $13.50 instead of $14 on apple--wanting a 50% return for liquidation at $20.


    Someday I'll get the account ready when I don't have my eye on a stock . . .
  • ...My DUMBASS broker was suppose to buy it in the
    morning a month ago when it was only $5 per share... the idiot didn't do it til 11am, and
    it was $8.75 by that time. It SOO pissed me off.. ALwell.. It doesn't matter, Corel is over $10 now, and still climbing, and they only JUST showed their copy of Corel Linux at 4:15pm EST, thats near the Stock Market close, so that didn't give the stock market a chance to react to the new product. It will tomorrow though, oh boy oh boy!!

    I still HIGHLY recommend Corel. Yes, you didn't get in at $1, $3, or $5.. But $10 is nothing to what it's going to be, and thats still alot lower then IPOs.. Which by the way, I'm happy to say I'm putting $20,000 into, which will be priced around $12-15 per share. So Corel is STILL an excellent deal, especially when their PC Chips deal really kicks in, along with their direct Corel Linux Sales, CorelDraw 9 and WP Office 2000 is around the corner, plus any other deals they make.. Oh ya.. Corel is definitely shooting up!

    Oh ya.. and Go too!!! :)

    Technetos, Inc.
  • According to, the distro will be available in three flavors. Intrestingly, according to their checklist, the "standard" version includes Netscape Communicator, Acrobat Reader, and an "Instant Messenger - ICQ compatible client', but the "download" edition has none of these things. This doesn't make any sense, since communicator, acroread, and several different AIM and ICQ clients are already available as Debian packages. Can anyone (beta testers?) say if standard Debian packages will install on Corel Linux and vice versa?
  • by Anonymous Coward
    You're right. Being a beta tester for B1 and B2 (IMO, B2 was not a step forward, as it lacked GetIt and did not fix my NIC problem), I begged the Corel people (well, kinda) not to release V1.0 at Comdex and instead say "here's RC1, bash on it, help us make the best 1.0 ever!"... but noooo, they come out with a 1.0 that is filled with gaping holes (hmmm, cave diving, anyone?). I just hope they will be on an _agressive_ development schedule to bring out V1.1 or V2 (whatever) ASAP to fill those missing features (we're talking basic functionality here, people). A Linux distro that can't (for example) connect to Novell servers or AppleTalk LANs or let me add a second NIC/change the NIC driver through their GUI (hey, why not?) nowadays is severely handicapped. Note to Corel: just don't sit on you collective butt and _please_ work like hell to make a "real" Corel Linux, not a botched product... You can do better, I know you can! Just don't stand still, develop the next version like if your life depended on it! (Actually, it does. IMO, as long as M$ is not busted, Corel's future lies more on the Linux side than on Win9x side where it is getting trampled by the Bill Collective.)
  • by Anonymous Coward
    Install the realplay G2 alpha version from, and plugger from

    This allows you to play the web cast.

    It would have been easier if they had just
    set it up as a normal stream rather than a plugin
    but what can you do about these HCI freaks?
  • Then find another ISP, because I'm retrieving it with 100 Kb/sec (in holland !!!)
  • Is this mirrored anywhere? The user limit has been reached on the corel server, and with many of those 300 being modem users, this isn't a very efficient way to download.
  • Terribly curious as to what they include. I trolled through the web site to no avail and the ftp server wouldn't let me log in.

  • Yes, they do. You just need to edit /etc/spt/sources.list to point to a debian install, and voila! apt-get all you want.

    Also not noted in the article is that as soon as you log in as root (in X), it asks you to change the password. While not quite as secure as requiring the password during install, it's quite appropriate for a desktop system.
  • If you do not have a CD-writer, a download CD can be purchased from Corel Customer Service, for US $4.95 plus $10 shipping and handling, by calling 1-800-xxx-xxxx.
    This is NOT true. I called and was told it would take 2-3 weeks before it was entered in their system and they could take the order. Now, I like the idea of their distro and I plan to try it out, but this is a bad start.

  • Linux is free to download. Linux is free to borrow from your buddy with the CD burner. The costs come under administration, and to the newbie linux administration can be a nightmare. Inexpensive is a better word because in the IT industry, time is money. Linux takes time to set up and configure, like any other OS. If there was a truly free OS I wouldn't have a job.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    from Corel: $4.95 USD + $10.00 for shipping&handling

    CAll the 1-800 number.

  • Does this mean that you won't be able to download the "Standard" or "Deluxe" editions? Are they going to do the "half the product for free, but the cool stuff costs money" approach, like they have with all their other downloads?

    If they do this, and stuff that's left out is GPL, won't there be mirrors of the other editions on other sites? Or a distribution which is based on Corel, that gains a new name?

    I don't want to open a can of worms here, but I'm just curious whether they will be playing this game, or whether they'll have the Deluxe editions available for download, like other companies do.
  • It appears to me that Corel File Manager will be released under the "Corel Public License" (basically the MPL) so I say that someone make a tarball, .deb, or rpm ASAP. 'course we can just use the .deb off of the ISO! that would be good.
  • The download version is just a minimal install to get you up and running. You can then use the Deb package manager to add anything else you want. This way the ftp site only has to handle the actual distribution (Which I am told is just 31M) and you can get your deb packages (which aren't controlled by Corel) from 100's of sites distributing the bandwidth requirement.

    This makes a lot more sense than RedHat that has 450M ISO image, which has a lot of rpm's that you either never end up installing (i.e. HowTos in 30 different languages) or that end up being out of date by the time do want to install them.

    By the way, expect the distro to be mirrored on LinuxBerg [] RSN!
  • I can't read that post without asking why you've been waiting. Personally, it bugs me that Corel is trying to get their fingers into the OS market. I have been WAITING for CorelDraw to be ported, I've been told by Corel reps that they are porting it and what do they do? Put out yet another Debian clone. Corel's apps are far superior to M$ 's (ever heard of a Wordperfect macro virus???) and even though Photoshop is nicer than CorelDraw I prefer Corel just because they're making the effort to go to Linux. By moving their Linux dev team to make another port of Linux is not priority in my opinion.
  • Just an offtopic comment - I posted this at 5:52, and the time on the post says 5:01. Is the slashdot clock broke?
  • Thinking along these lines, I wonder if the whole concept of a "release" should somewhat be altered, so that not only the kernel has the stable/unstable revision branches (the odd/even version numbering thing), but also an entire distro. This way, we can have "unstable" releases that quickly gets it out the door, have people pound on it, get the bugs fixed, until it stabilizes, that release that as the "stable release". This certainly worked (and still works) with the Linux kernel -- I'm just wondering if this is actually possible in a commercial setting like Corel Linux.

    What do you think debian/dists/stable [slink] and debian/dists/unstable [potato] are? Chopped bits?

    And I'm almost certain that RedHat does this as well.

  • for starters, they can steal the RedHat db and download the latest dell monitor .inf files and convert...
  • The LinuxBerg link should be off of

  • WPO2000 Suite is still on track for release, last I heard. The beta should be happenning reasonably soon.
  • They mention you need to have a CD writer. Can you mount an ISO image like you can with a disk image? That would eliminate the need for a CD-writer.
  • No, one word "School", as its obvious he's been skipping far too many lessons.
  • They left out Netscape Communicator, Acrobat Reader, and an "Instant Messenger - ICQ compatible client' to keep the download to a resonable size. Even so it is still 318 megs. Once you have the basic installation going you can use 'update' aka Corel package manger to download any other packages you want.
  • Very good points... but "defaults" are definitely NOT the way to go for IP addresses - especially the way some other "user friendly" desktop OS does it - (I'm talking about that gang from Redmond.) - they will use a ROUTABLE IP address as default - (forget which class-C it's from 168.85.12.x, or something like that..) If there's anyone from MS reading this, take a hint: if you're going to "invent" ip addresses, USE NON-ROUTABLES!

    I, for one, despise auto-configuring dhcp clients. However, they are a real boon for novice users, how don't care what an IP address is. In this case, I support it (sort-of) to make it easier for novice users to get a network up and running. Real Sys Admins will, of course, configure the boxes properly. And they'll probably use Debian :)

    Ah, from the dhcp faq [] we see why clients shouldn't assign IP addresses without the use of a server. Couldn't find any documentation on MS' site as to the details of their dhcp client though.

  • I'm also going to keep my distro options open, probably having two "different ones" installed at any given time. However I'm not only curious about the Corel distro (the first _marketed_ for desktop use) but if they manage to keep it up-to-date I'll probably end up recommending or even installing it (never underestimate the stupidity of absolute newbies) for friends and relatives alike. Whatever makes Linux easier for the non-initiated...

    Anyhow, like you I'm really waiting to lay my paws on their productivity wares: the full Office suite and the graphics apps. What I'd also like to see available (from Corel or anyone - hint hint) is a website development and management app a la Cyberstudio or Dreamweawer. Then I could start considering growing old and lazy... :-)
  • That should be possible using the loopback driver, I guess. see linux/Documentation/README.loopback or something like that.
  • This should do the trick.

    mount -t iso9660 -o ro,loop=/dev/loop0 corel_cd.iso /mnt/cdrom
  • I been on this site and read all the commets for awhile and it seem to me whenever something like this: Corel have Linux. People will start to jump allover it and cheer for it and say stuff like buy Corel now before it's too late.

    This is less a result of blind and consuming Linux advocacy than it is blind and consuming greed. Look, at this moment in history, Linux == Gold on Wall St. So long as that's the case, some of us will try to make money from it and get out before the bottom drops out.

    Look at me; if Corel gets to $30, I can buy my next car with cash.


  • I don't mind newbies, it's the clueless that are a pain. Everyone was a newbie at some point in the past. But there are some people that should never touch a computer! If you see them reaching toward a keyboard or mouse you want to rap them across the knuckles with a big old wooden ruler as hard as you can to get the messsage across. You can tell them. They are the ones putting coffee cups on the CD ROM tray and aluminum foil in the dot matrix printer!! It doesn't matter how much time you spend with these people, they will always remain clueless, newbie or not!!

    Quite often newbies are very interesting. They will ask questions that you never thought of, make creative suggestions and so on. But these are not the clueless!!

    If we get a lot of newbies, great! Be sure to help out the non-clueless. But if I see another post "can I use my WinModem" on RedHat Install I am going to go zerkers!!

  • What does owning WordPerfect have to do with NetWare?! Sure, Novell used to own WordPerfect, but they sucked at it, and it doesn't affect the current product in any way. And who has 2 network cards anyway? Most home users don't even have one.
  • I'm starting to think real has decided to drop Linux support. A G2 final hasn't been released
    for Linux, and realplayer 7 beta is already out
    for mac/win.

    Sorry to say, but I seriously doubt we'll ever see real client support from real.

    All we really need though is a good streaming video component to icecast/xmms. :)
  • am i the only one who can sense the obvious sarcasim here?
  • Who is the freaking idiot who designed the user interface for this distribution?

    The windows "close" button SHOULD NEVER, EVER BE NEAR OTHER BUTTONS.

    Everyone who has ever used Windows has experienced the thrill of wanting to maximize a window and instead hitting the close button.

    It's one of the most significant user interface flaws in Windows.

    Why the hell would anyone *ever* wish to replicate it?

    Gahd. You know, this makes me a little irate...
  • Very nice. I'm definitely going to have to install this distro on one of my workstations tommorow. Seems they're actually grinding down the sharp kludgy average end-user problems and turning out something (at least seemingly) polished. Maybe redhat will wake up now and top them :).
  • My guess is that the idiot UI designers are all at M$. The ones at corel are idiot UI ripper-offers. Had they any sense, they'd go right to the source, and copy mac. But then they're pretty wintel centric in mindset, even it they are trying to change - try to get WP for linuxppc...
  • You guys don't have a sense of humor.
    This fellow is parodying the type of users that we can expect will use this distro.
    These are the users we are going to be stealing from MS, god help us!

  • We appear to have killed []!

    I had a charming 50 kbyte/sec transfer rate going, but my first impression of their bandwidth was soon tempered by the sudden disconnect at about 123MB. Ouch. I am no longer able to even get a response out of from any machines I have access to, and have not been since it disconnected approximately an hour ago.

    Hey, scratch that. I should try posting such news to slashDot more often; they're back up. Huzzah!

    .lx (34k/s is not bad)
  • A "LARGE, GLOBAL advertising campaign" might not be the best thing in the world for Linux right now. Linux is still not quite ready for mass consumption. Not in the gamer market (which is where it will break first, like it or not), and definitely not the general luser market. If Linux 'goes pop' too soon, it gets even more of a reputation for being inscrutable... though a global ad campaign might be good for Corel's stock ;)
  • This was related to me recently, and now I really am starting to believe it. Turns out the only actual purpose of Comdex & related shows is to get companies to releas their products on time. After all, you've got to have _something_ to demo... Too bad it also causes many companies to release prematurely.

    Or perhaps that's good: release early and often, right?
  • Have you ever used KDE? You can change the position of (or even exclude) each of the buttons on the titlebar. One of the greatest strengths of Linux is the ability to customize it to your needs. If KDE (or any other aspect of Linux) doesn't appeal to you -- adapt to it, change it, or don't use it.
  • I got my Father to install Corel linux on his computer today, he installed it perfectly, it booted up.. yada yada.. worked nice. tried to setup ethernet didn't work.. i had a look. it didn't have support for his ethernet compiled into kernel and it was not loading the via-rhine module, i don't know what the point of the nice fancy install is if there is no way to graphically install devices.. and of course sound doesn't work and i had to install the nvidia X server by hand.. and i cannot use corel update cuase their ftp servers are full.. AND i had to compile a new kernel becuase when i clicked the "update" button in corel update the box totaly froze. odd. anyways it looks like its off to a good start for emulating windows :P, i'm looking forward to progress on this distribution and so is my Father.

  • Oh, come, now. The flexibility of KDE does *nothing* to excuse the poor UI design that Corel has chosen to saddle newbie users with.

    Might as well have made all the window frames flashing in blue and red. 'cause, as you say, they can always go change it.

    Nothing would please me so much as to have a few Human Interface Design experts sit down and knock heads over a weekend to design a UI that is consistent, user friendly and efficient.

    Enough of this amateur-hour GUI design. We don't settle much for listening to unskilled, untrained people playing music; we don't settle much for looking at untalented people's art; we don't read books written by illiterate hacks --
    -- so let's demand more of our GUI designers!

  • well, after much waiting and perl-script-to-keep-auto-retrying-ftp-site-hacking , I finally got it!!! But the filesize of the ISO I downloaded is only some 320 MB... Seems awfully small for a Linux distribution to me. The md5 checksums match up with the md5 checksum file in the same directory on the FTP server, so it is probably ok, but I thought I better check with other /.'ers first... I downloaded from the Linuxberg site, in case that matters. (btw, I recommend you use the linuxberg site -- it is somewhat easier to get into than corel's and gave me a MUCH better transfer rate than corel's site.)
  • Hmmm, I see Kde, I know deb is in there, but where's the Corel stuff (WP, Draw, etc. don't count, they where already made, just needed to be ported). Is Corel's contribution a few background images?? I know they have a gui installer, but it hardly seems enough to be too exited about this distro.
    Congrats debian, congrats kde and congrats to the 1 or 2 ppl who from Corel that worked on this.
  • corellinux-oc_1.0.iso []

    Please note you may need to press the shift key while clicking on this file type to download...

    Happy downloading....

  • Hello Coward,
    if your HD is big enough you may try to mount the ISO-image via the loop-device and afterwards copy the thing anywhere you want.
  • WordPerfect 2000 for linux is JUST going into beta testing as we speak. The first release of the OS probably will not be bundled. But expect a bundled version to be released as well. After Wordperfect is ported.

    Now the questions:
    Will the suite be native Linux applications, or WINE emulated stuff? I hope they're native apps. But whatever, as long as they work...
  • ...isn't me and you. It's big corporations with big money to spend on licenses. And big corporations want end to end solutions. So, if necessary, they can point the finger at something that's wrong and get it fixed. How many times have you sat on the phone with company A's tech support to be told it's company B's problem? Corel WordPerfect running on top of Corel Linux would give the impression of eliminating potential incompatibilities.

    It's a smart business move on their part. What they'll do to the OS will be unknown until you actually install it and see for yourself!
  • Can anyone strip the ISO image and create Debian Packages from it so we can use APT,
    as a new distribution should be made available.
  • First off, I think its great that Corel has realeased there distro. It is nice to see more and more big names join in. On another note, I have been trying all day to get onto the ftp servers but with no luck. I hope some of the mirrors start to include this disrto soon or I dont think I will ever get it.
  • Check their site
    Word Perfest 8 is in there just not in the download version.
    But sadly, no Draw yet.
  • According to the web-pages at the source code is available at ftp-link []. Has anyone seen that directory and does it contain the full-source? (Can't check myself, because the servers are swamped).
  • Didn't try with this image yet, but can't you mount your iso image as a filesystem? Then you can install from that filesystem or copy it to a real (rw) filesystem.


  • What is wrong with the HTML? They close all their tags, they don't use style sheets (gotta make sure inferiour browsers like Netscape Navigator can display it).

    SiteInspector detects no errors in HTML that make it not complient with either Netscape Navigator, or Internet Explorer. The only funky part is this:

    and this:

    heh.. frontpage-ish.. still.. its not perfect.. but its nothing to bitch about.

    Stan "Myconid" Brinkerhoff
  • Odd, I downloaded the latest nightly build two days ago [Nov 14th], and except java, it works almost flawlessly out of the box for browsing.. The other features are lackluster.. but the browser is great.. Anyone wana email me on how to install Java on Win32? I have the Sun SDK 1.3 beta installed and configured.. yet no Java.. :P

    Stan "Myconid" Brinkerhoff
  • ...My DUMBASS broker was suppose to buy it in the morning a month ago when it was only $5 per share... the idiot didn't do it til 11am, and it was $8.75 by that time.

    Off-topic question. What prevents a broker from buying a stock "for you", and then if it suddenly goes up, buying that same amount of stock at the higher price, saying that's yours, and the previous buy was his? (And then selling the original purchase at the new higher price for a nice profit.) Is there a check beyond the integrity of the broker on this sort of thing?
  • I couldn't believe what I read on the install instructions page: reboot after installing it? Yes. They are doing a good job on emulating windows.
  • Hrm.. Thats a DAMN good question.. I wonder...

    Be interesting to see what SEC has to say about this.


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