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Comment Re:btrfs needed the work (Score 2) 385

This doesn't sound right. OS crashes should be very uncommon and thus you shouldn't design your software around them. Much more common is that Firefox itself crashes, or X11, in which case the data will be there even if the process didn't sync. If your computer crashes, you usually have bigger problems than a bit of lost browser history (not that I've ever seen *hours* of uncommitted data being lost due to a computer crash).

Comment Re:Consumers need to do some research too ... (Score 1) 197

The article you link say:

"Since the above mentioned first-release versions of Mobile WiMAX and LTE support much less than 1 Gbit/s peak bit rate, they are not fully IMT-Advanced compliant, but are often branded 4G by service providers. On December 6, 2010, ITU-R recognized that these two technologies, as well as other beyond-3G technologies that do not fulfill the IMT-Advanced requirements, could nevertheless be considered "4G", provided they represent forerunners to IMT-Advanced compliant versions and "a substantial level of improvement in performance and capabilities with respect to the initial third generation systems now deployed"

I get 20 Mbps actual sustained download speed with the 3rd gen iPad (on a non-LTE network), which is substantially faster than what I've had with any previous "3G" devices I've used. It's almost as if it would fit the ITU definition of "substantial level of improvement" mentioned

Comment Re:Also in Finland (Score 1) 151

The funny thing is that it's only TeliaSonera contemplating on doing this, all the others are more than fine with the situation as it is, and are even actively promoting unrestricted mobile broadbands.

In Finland, perhaps, but in Sweden basically all the operators have been considering blocking VoIP for quite a long time (article in Swedish, apologies).

Comment Re:Who Cares? (Score 1) 761

Don't forget that Apple got their OS for free too (most of it, anyhow).. since its primarily based on BSD

Can you define "primarily based"? The BSD subsystem may be an important part of Mac OS X but it is relatively small in terms of all code that makes up the operating system. It is just over 50% of the xnu 1699.24.8 kernel source code (25 MB out of 47 MB), but what a normal Mac program sees is mainly the Cocoa runtime, which is quite far removed from BSD and is many times the BSD subsystem in size. Kernel drivers and low-level software interfaces with IOKit and the Mach subsystem rather than the BSD parts.

Comment Re:For what (Score 1) 377

No, magnet links (not ".magnet") eliminates the need to host a .torrent file, they don't eliminate the need for a tracker. Other technologies may do that, but magnet links only replaces the .torrent download with a P2P discovery and download mechanism that downloads the same .torrent file from the P2P network instead of (for example) TPB's web server. Once you have the .torrent file, downloaded using a magnet link, things work just like before, including using the trackers listed in the .torrent.

Comment Re:Typical Twitter (Score 1) 64

Apart from your strange definition of "douchey", you obviously didn't look very far. The whole point is that there are many different kinds of twitterers, and if you don't like this week's twitterer, maybe the first one will be more to your liking. Example tweet: Wasting a day on pizza and BF3 is like masturbating: feels great while you’re at it, but later you’re like “what am I doing with my life?”.

Comment Re:120 gbps (Score 1) 199

You didn't specify what you were referring to, and I think that when people discuss the "size" of a party they generally refer to how many votes or parliament seats they have received. I believe membership is largely irrelevant when it comes to the political importance of parties, at least in Sweden (for example, some unions automatically joins their member to their peer political party (typically the Social Democrats), while most people don't care to join a party even if they're very loyal voters). It is of course impressive that the Pirate Party has gathered so many members, but it doesn't say much about their political clout or their influence on society - it just tells us that they have a high number of members in relation to their voters.

Comment Re:120 gbps (Score 2, Informative) 199

I remind you that the Pirate Party is the third-largest party in Sweden

I'm sorry to tell you that you're very misinformed. The Swedish parliament is made up of 8 parties, and none of them is the Pirate Party. They received 0.65% of the votes in 2006 and 0.63% in 2010, and 4% is required to get a seat in the parliament, making them very far away from that. (check this:

They did however do much better in the 2009 elections for the EU parliament, where they received over 7% of the Swedish votes (making them the fifth largest party). I would speculate that this is largely due to the much lower participation (~45% in the EU election versus ~85% in the national), making the EU parliamentary elections much more prone to small parties getting an disproportionate amount of votes compared to the national parliament elections. (And I'm very happy for that, I think the Pirate Party provides some clue in areas that other parties are completely clueless about - however, in the big EU issues they anyway tend to side with the green parties, who usually also have a similar stance when it comes to tech-related politics.)

Comment Re:pc authority, no mac authority (Score 1) 340

What's more, you can just copy the Lion application bundle after downloading it through App Sture (before installing it), and install it on any number of computers, distributing it using whatever tools you like. The installer has no key code or Apple ID requirements. Of course, anyone can find that out by going to Apple's web site.

Comment Re:Underwhelming achievement (Score 1) 674

Easy doesn't mean little labour. Just because it's easy to build a brick wall doesn't mean doesn't take a significant amount of time and resources to do it. It still only makes sense to build one if it adds something of value proportional to the amount of work required.

Comment Re:Diagnostics, system configuration, etc (Score 1) 216

The problem with having a totally inaccessible one like Apple does is that if anything goes wrong or you need to change something, well then you are fucked.

How is the Mac EFI "inaccessible"? Just put your EFI extensions (for example rEFIt or an EFI shell) on any disk with an EFI partition or a HFS+ volume with the appropriate blessings. The disk can be CD, USB or FireWire.

Of course, it is not often you need to do this, since it's very rare to see a Mac that doesn't boot OS X from any device. In out Mac cluster at work, we can almost always netboot the machine and diagnose from there, when the OS X install DVD won't boot.

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