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Comment Re:Just a question on Jira stability (Score 1) 70

I have had to run Atlassian products a few places. They're much better than some of the more proprietary packages on the market. The only problems I ever had were due to running on windows virtual machines, and an overtaxed db server. Pretty much all their stuff runs much better on real hardware, running Linux.

Comment Re:Apache Cordova (Score 1) 96

Yep. It's cordova - which means web apps (technically hybrid since you can bridge to native functionality). I haven't used a single cordova/phonegap app that I've liked, and I actively look to avoid them. It's generally pretty easy to tell. I'm sure this is just ticking a box for marketing, nobody building anything remotely serious will even consider this.

Comment Jitsi Licensing Problem? (Score 1) 112

While Jitsi is nice and all, it looks to me like they have a licensing problem. Jitsi has a dependency on ZRTP4J, which is under the GPL, and Jitsi is under the LGPL. Can anyone explain how this is possible without a license exception? And if they have a license exception, where is it documented? and isn't transfered upstream? If so, why not just make ZRTP4J LGPL instead of GPL? And why are they releasing the whole application under the LGPL, and not the GPL anyway?

Comment Just say no to usernames. (Score 1) 383

Using usernames exposes your users account names to anyone they email. That's not a good practice. Security by obscurity, I know, but it can help.

givenName.surName@ generally works pretty well, and givenName.middleInitial.surName@ in the case of a conflict should help. If there is a conflict at givenName.middleInitial.surName@, you can add an index, eg., givenName.surName.00@ - just make sure you do something like specify what characters are ok (for example, not allowing accented characters or whitespace).

You might also want to have policies and procedures in place to handle special situations - for example someone has a significant privacy issue or has a name that isn't... well... polite :) when you string givenName.surName together.

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