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Comment almost useless (Score 2) 230

Have you ever tried to make your application a debian package or RPM? It's a royal pain in the ass. Windows developers are not going to do whatever it takes to make this go smoothly on Windows.

There is a 100% chance that nearly every "Package-Install" command will just be downloading the app for you and launching the graphical installer you normally see.

People in charge of deploying software on windows are miserable people.

Comment fake premise (Score 4, Insightful) 742

Nobody actually cares about the anti-trust case.

The general public doesn't like Microsoft because their Windows decides to reboot their computer for updates with no warning while they are working or giving a presentation.

The user experience for Microsoft products is generally pretty terrible.

Comment bad guys (Score 0) 777

Here at work it is my job to fix IT problems. When I see a server I see a box of problems. There is always something that can be "fixed."

A police officers job is to "catch bad guys." Whenever they see a person they see a "bad guy" they need to "catch."

Police are not your friends unless you help them "catch bad guys."

Comment nothing shuts a person down like a compiler error (Score 1) 688

Writing programs is pretty easy... relatively easy to the near impossible task of debugging programs.

I'm an artist that uses code to create my work (openFrameworks, processing, vvvv, quartzComp, libcinder, etc.). I code 15-18 hours a day. I am ALWAYS thinking about code.

My bugs bend my mind into a pretzel. I couldn't imagine someone who hardly cares about this putting in any real effort.

What kind of programs do people who do it only for a job write?

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