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Apache 1.3.9 Now Available 147

An Anonymous Coward wrote in to tell us that Apache 1.3.9 has made an appearance on the ftp sites. The webiste doesn't note this, but the ftp directory has a change log and list of new bits in this bug fix release.
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Apache 1.3.9 Now Available

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  • Is "Webiste" anything like "Artiste"?

    -- adr
  • Try Apache's own notes [] on performance, by Dean Gaudet. Hope that helps.

  • We have this Insight 486/66 at work that probably has over 6 months of win95 uptime.

    Umm...not that I mean to question your word, but what about that 49 day bug? You know, where win95 was supposed to crash after 49 days (as acknowledged by Microsoft)?



  • Thanks to this premature unofficial announcement, the main Apache system is getting slashdotted and the mirrors have to compete just to get the files. So no-one is really getting any advantage from the world-wide distributed availability.

    Please, don't get so melodramatic. ftp access can be controlled so I don't think they are being slashdotted. My guess is that mirror servers don't use anonymous account in the Apache server so I don't actually compete with them.

    I can wait for the main file but I was happy to download (~300kB) so I'm grateful for the link.
  • >I don't understand why so many people are getting upset with slashdot >announcing the release of cool software for the linux community.

    Because then they (these people are trolls from microsoft you know) can't then claim there are no apps for linux. You see, they *REALLY* object to the fact that Slashdot isn't a pro-mircosoft site, because you can't buy the kind of attention that Slashdot generates on certain topics. Just look at the PR nightmare the Win2000 test challenge created for Microsoft. Everybody pretty much knows that the real intent of this was another Mindcraft-type attack on Linux/BSD despite what Microsoft and it's allies are now running around asserting. Unfortunely for Microsoft, it blew up in their face *BIG TIME*.
  • Mindless elitism.
  • Since when is BeOS an operating system intended for webserving?

  • i suppose mindcraft proved IIS is better than um, samba or zeus on a 4 processor system, but IIS has 'known issues' like having to reboot 9 times a day for stupid things like 'message buffer full'

    The tests were redone with support from both sides by PC Magazine. Don't write off the results as Mindcraft bias.

    Oh, by the way, do you think the Dell commerce site gets rebooted 9 times a day?

  • I thought the big thing added in 2.0 was going to be the choice to have a single multi-threaded process instead of spawning separate processes...

    Maybe I'm wrong...
  • Actually, based on personal experience, windows NT 3.51 boxes make by far the best doorstops. Especially if you can get an older model compaq, perhaps an original Prosignia, with the pentium-60 complete with the fdiv math bug. Those weigh in at 30 or 40 pounds, and make great doorstops, as well as end tables, foot rests, etc. :) caleb
  • I would suggest we examine the forces that feed those demands for ASP support from ISP's customers -- It's Frontpage driving it, isn't it? There needs to be a suite of web page dev tools that assume PHP3 or JSP or servlets or even mod_perl stuff on the back end that have the ease of use of a consumer product. That development effort would be much more productive than trying to support ASP.
  • It's:

    There was a typo in the original release, and it wasn't caught. It's hung around since then.
  • What I want to know is this: is it worth the trouble to upgrade from 1.3.6? If so, can I just build a new httpd and drop it in on top of my 1.3.6 install?
  • O'Reilly to the rescue. Have a look at ebpt/noframes.html [] for web performance tuning and /noframes.html []

    for system performance tuning.

    And remember, you can tune a filesystem (tunefs(1M) in Solaris) but you can't tune a fish.

  • 2.0 will include things like:
    • portability library
    • DAV
    • multiprotocol support
    • performance improvements

    1.3 is not the right web server to choose if you want a flying gas can. Still, there is a performance tuning doc at rf-tuning.html []
  • At a guess, it's probably because they're using some form of revision control and once you've "branded" a release, any changes to it will automatically become the next revision.

    Not sure why the fuss is anyway, it's not like they jumped an entire version - they skipped a couple of revisions.

  • That was a reply to the poster, nothing more. I wasn't making a statement, or generalizing about slashdot, it's readers or stories. I just saw no mention of any other operating system, and how this was all for the "linux community".
  • Woohoo! New apache! Rejoice!
  • Heh, probably because its on a windows 98 box... while the server itself may be incredible and virtually uncrashable, i wish i could say the same for the underlying OS

    And then theres the fact the machine is on the Marist College network, which is pretty shoddy anyway =)

  • Can someone please point me to some info on tuning apache for the best possible performance?
  • mindcraft redux [] has some very good info regarding what slowed down apache durring the last mindcraft benchmark, should give you some insight to tuning apache.

    - MbM (
  • Apache is a killer app for Linux. Hence a new release is important news.

    I scan freshmeat, but everyday there are about 100 entries about lame kde frontends to e.g., tar. Important software announcements sometimes get lost in the noise.

  • You are sooo right!!!!
  • in jsp Check out []
  • I don't understand why so many people are getting upset with slashdot announcing the release of cool software for the linux community. As far as I've been able to tell, this site is for the news geeks (namely Commander Taco) like, especially geeks who like linux.

    News is not limited to a new smaller version of the keyboard, or a 60 mile balloon collecting anti-matter to make bombs, or even a new all "open" female porn site.

    I find it interesting when a new version of the kernel is released. I also like to hear about the release of major applications like Apache, KDE, Gnome, etc, and cool games like Civ:Call to Power,

    Sure, this overlaps a bit with Freshmeat. And I go to freshmeat if I want to find new versions smaller applications.

    However, if you want to get rid of all overlapping from slashdot, then slashdot would not exist. Everything they post, save John Katz articles, can easily be found elsewhere. But the point of slashdot is so we don't have to go elsewhere to find the cool news.

    Oh well...

  • sorry...
    forgot to hit the preview button...
    view the source of this to see what you need to do
    to import stuff

    <%@ import="*," %>
    View source if your browser ignores it
  • nobody said *anything* about superior technology.
  • 1.3.7 was found to have problems before it was released to the beta testers. 1.3.8 was found to have problems after it was released to the beta testers and the fixes for those took it to 1.3.9.

  • I think its funny that /. had news on the new Apache server before Apache had news on their own server.
  • V0.91 JSP Compliance(works like a charm)

    Experimental Branch
  • I completely agree, except for the fact that everything on this site can be found elsewhere.
    Where would I find such futile discussions? :-)
  • by QuMa ( 19440 )
    >Yes it is. But we are Open source so we love EVERYBODY!!!!!:-)

    That's where we get the interesting diseases from....
  • Have you checked out Halcyon's InstantASP [] or ChiliSoft's ASP implementation []? Actually, ChiliSoft won't be supporting Linux 'til the end of 99 [], but they're already viable on several Unices. Also, if you're looking for something for the ASP-hosting crowd, ChiliSoft's product does FP & FP2000 [].
  • I think one of the reasons that mySQL costs more on Windoze is that it costs more to develop on Windows. The OS/tools are not free as they are on Linux... Granted mySQL runs on other *NIXes...
  • Get IIS and it will rock.

    Yea! Especially if you run it on W2K and invite the internet as a whole to visit the site via some silly publicity stunt!

    See? Anyone can troll! Fun for the whole family!

  • They'll realize that ASP is a bloated, worthless, broken, badly-supported technology that rarely works at all, much less works correctly, and switch to something simpler, cheaper, and a million times more versatile. Namely, anything.

  • As soon as gravity stops fighting me, I'd imagine.
  • I don't know about the other licenses, but of all the GPL'd software, you are free to modify. What are you waiting for? Get out your compiler and start porting that software.

    That reminds me. Is there a gratis & libre compiler that can produce Windows executables? I know DJGPP can make 32bit DOS apps. What about compiling against the win32 API? That would rock. I could use something like that myself. If there isn't, that should be Anonymous Coward's first project.
  • From the ChangeLog:
    *) Add the new mass-vhost module (mod_vhost_alias.c) developed and
    used by Demon Internet, Ltd. [Tony Finch ]

    Yay!!!!! I've been waiting on this one. Does anybody know how well it works, performance increases over specifying each and every virtual host? This is useful to our site which is currently running about 1500 virtual hosts that are mostly similar (yes, it's a pain in the ass.)
  • 10 goto freshmeat

    syntax error in 10
  • There's Cygwin, as Stonehand suggested-- which would probably be the best choice if you're porting a Unix-native app (there's a runtime library that the compiled programs will need, that provides the Unix services missing from Windows).

    If you want to write Windows-native apps, however, using the Win32 API and linked to the standard Windows libraries, Mingw32 is the one to go with. It's a GCC port, IIRC, rewritten to work with Windows.

    You might want to have a look at LCCWIN, but I'm not sure what the tradeoffs are with that one. All I know is that it's popular for compiling Quake plug-ins :-)
  • I'm testing it out at home, and it seems to work well. We might switch over to it at work where we have several thousand Virtual Host Directives. These could probably be replaced with the following two lines:

    UseCanonicalName Off
    VirtualDocumentRoot /web/sites/%-2

    I'll keep you posted.


  • Somebody, or a LOT of somebodies, put major time into this release!

    The changes file runs to 108 pages when I print it. Srongly recommended that you print only if absolutely necessary.

    I can't wait to get this installed on my Win32 box! 1.3.6 has been completely stable for two months now on this box.

    D. Keith Higgs
    CWRU. Kelvin Smith Library

  • Excellent point. Too bad the Slashdot effect doesn't always mesh well with being a well-behaved user....

    At least I know I'm not part of the problem...and I won't be until the apache+ssl patches for 1.3.9 are out. :)

  • Hey, Slashdot wouldn't be so popular if Rob n' co. didn't listen to "What the people want". In this case, it seems the majority of people want to hear about killer app releases, so we will hear about killer app releases. I'm sure that Rob would not claim that everything about slashdot was -his idea-.
  • by Otto ( 17870 )
    Apache is a very important piece of software for the Open Source community. Apache is one of the main pieces of software on nearly every Linux box out there. Apache runs over half the world's web servers. I'd say a new release is news. Plus, freshmeat is mostly loaded full of minor version releases of software no one cares about, nor notices. The signal to noise ratio on FM is very low, IMHO.

    If that many people hate this type of thing, I suggest making a new section heading called "Software Releases" so that people who don't want to see them can block them out in their preferences..
    Pass the suggestion on to CmdrTaco yourself. I'm tired today for some reason...

  • Apache has got to be the major reason why so many businesses (like the one [] I work for) use Linux (and other free *nixes). Any minor release of this excellent bit of software is worthy of mention. I'm very interested in seeing the changelog, but it's /.'d at the mo!

    BTW: Win* Apache is excellent! IIS watch out!

  • I find "apt-get update" under Debian potato to be the best source for software news :-)

    Debian potato: a new gcc every week

  • by Juln ( 41313 )
    anybody using it? yes its the most popular server software in the world...

    um...please, you have to work for microsoft or something.

    i suppose mindcraft proved IIS is better than um, samba or zeus on a 4 processor system, but IIS has 'known issues' like having to reboot 9 times a day for stupid things like 'message buffer full'. Not to
  • modssl-2.4.0-1.3.9 is out..
  • uh.. i think it is only 130 changes since 1.3.6.. but if you print all the changes since the first release.. yeah that will take a while...


  • Try Cygwin [], which apparently will serve ('tho it's NOT free if you are porting commercial applications...). According to its FAQ, it now supports both their Unix-like API and the native Windows foo.
  • The apache website does have news about 1.3.9 here []. Rikard
  • heh, they have it _now_ but before the dist was the only place to look

  • Number one fix for most of the sites out there.

    Keep lots of spare servers out there... make sure you have plenty of ram to keep a great deal of spare servers sitting around and set your spare server limit high. Cutting down the timeouts to shorter levels will also free those spare servers up faster.

    Number two? Use ab.c to check how things are going after you make changes to the conf file.

    Of course there is some *real* tuning you can do but for the most part, people don't really need it. Right now with a stock 1.3.6 and plenty of spare servers I can get 453 requests a second out of a dual PII-350.

    Openstep/NeXTSTEP/Solaris/FreeBSD/Linux/ultrix/OSF /...
  • I agree. I run Apache for Win32 on my machine here [] and i've NEVER had a single problem.
  • Win32 box! 1.3.6 has been completely stable for two months now on this box.

    How did you get a Win32 Box to stay up for two whole months? This must be some sort of record.
  • There is a package out there called ASP2PHP. It *surprise,surprise* convests ASP to PHP. Search freshmeat for it.
  • Where would I find such futile discussions? :-)

    Humm.. Let's see. How about Yahoo message boards? Usenet? IM Chat rooms? IRC?

    Futile discussions seem to be everywhere. One bonus for going elsewhere for futile discussions is that I've never seen a "first post" anywhere else. But alas, I'm not looking to hard either.

  • So who invited the psychotic Microserf?

    Yes, I believe there is a make install for apache.
  • if I were to guess, I'd think Micros~1 has some full time propaganda artists surfing slashdot and padding it with flamebait these days.

    Too bad they can't write code to make their OS better....
  • I wonder howmany AC posts have been coming from 207.46.130 these last two days. It'd be worth knowing.
  • If you want ASP support, coddle those who made it and run IIS. Whats wrong with PHP3 and/or Java (does Apache support servelets for that matter?)

    Or are we talking about moving an ASP web app over to Apache (the noble motive behind such a request)?
  • isn't that a M$ thing?

    (I realize that was a dumb/bad question, but... I felt the need to know)
  • by raffe ( 28595 )
    Yes it is. But we are Open source so we love EVERYBODY!!!!!:-)
  • I was looking at this story and scratching my head in confusion, since I had [] open in a browser window and I knew there was no 1.3.9 there...then I reloaded and, of course, there it was.

    It's official: Reading Slashdot is actually better than relying on primary sources.

  • by Zurk ( 37028 )
    yep. apache seems to have ASP support via a module...not too sure about this tho. i also believe there is an ASP2PHP conversion util out there ?
  • If that 1.3 Changelog is correct, then all previous versions of Apache had memory leaks in various places as well as a distinct segfault problem (since these were fixed in post 1.3.6 versions). That would strike me as odd, 'tho: perhaps they released intermittent fixes?

    Sounds like something the various distro maintainers should obtain ASAP, at least if they expect customers who wish to run decently loaded HTTP servers with fewer worries.
  • I think he means the last printout has been sitting stably on top of a win32 box. If you stack it well, and use a strong staple, you theoretically can do this on any platform. I strongly recommend low-profile pizza box desktop cases (for example, Sun Sparcs) because they're easier to stack things on (with any degree of stability).


  • Good thing the folks over at FSF didn't think the way you do, or Linux would never have existed.
  • _Sprocket_
    Your children will suffer terribly so I suggest you stick to where you are now and don't even try to come out of your hole.

    Just a good advice ... nothing more
  • Wow, it seems that someone has a lot of time to extoll the virtues of Microsoft products today. Didn't there used to be a log of which domains had connected to Slashdot....?
  • hm.
    I'm glad someone took the time to post that.
    Thanks, AC
  • by Rodent of Unusual Si ( 19851 ) on Thursday August 19, 1999 @01:26PM (#1736890) Homepage

    There's a reason the distribution file was put on the site silently, and not yet officially announced. It's called "letting the 250+ mirrors get it so it's in place world-wide when the announcement is made 24 hours later."

    Thanks to this premature unofficial announcement, the main Apache system is getting slashdotted and the mirrors have to compete just to get the files. So no-one is really getting any advantage from the world-wide distributed availability.

    The official announcement should be made through all the usual channels (USENET, the apache-announce list, et cetera) sometime to-morrow (Friday) afternoon.

    If you can possibly restrain yourself, please wait until to-morrow and go through the mirror system.. thanks!


    Ken Coar

  • It's common for vendors to charge less for their products to non-profits and in some ways this is along the same line. Also, I'd be interested to hear how many Win32 developers have contributed to MySQL (or open-source development overall) compared to *nix developers. I'm getting ready to push out a commercial site and if it's stays on MySQL after it goes into production they'll get $200 cause it's worth it.

  • I checkout Freshmeat much less frequently than /., and the type of news I see on here has always suited me. Plus, doesn't on of the user settings let you filter software? A.

    Adam Sherman
  • I have found I have better results with putting
    my papers under Win32 boxes, as this reduces
    the likelihood of the machine catching fire
    to the papers (which happens if they are left on
    top of the machine).

    Recently a friend reported that the Win32 boxes
    are also really useful when placed in front of a
    door that you want to keep open. I can't wait
    to try this second use for Win32!
  • I agree. I run Apache for Win32 on my machine here and i've NEVER had a single problem.

    Until you posted the URL on Slashdot that is; I hit your link just to see and it wasn't up.

    Jay (=
    (Maybe calling the machine "coredump" wasn't a good idea?)
  • What about FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Solaris or anything else? Why just linux?
  • Funny, the exact same thing has happened before on Slashdot. (I think with kernel 2.2.0 or something similar).

    But who cares about letting the mirrors get updated and not killing the main servers when you can be FIRST post|news story|downloader? Its a common theme here.
  • Just a good advice ... nothing more

    You know... I thought trolling would be fun. I mean, you see soooo many people do it. Its got to have some apeal, right? Bah. As a whole, the day-of-trolls was boring. Back to ignoring them as usual. Oddly enough, its more satifying. :)

  • Okay ;) So anyone know of when there will be a Apache release that works reasonably well on BeOS? It'd be interesting to see some serving benchmarks as compared to *BSD, Linux and Solaris
  • Ok, I do some linux development, and have a reasonable idea why people don't port their code to windows:

    1) Windows optimisation is a different beast to linux optimisation. It is very difficult to optimise a program for windows when it is currently optimised for linux/unix.

    2) Doing windows portability can be very bad for your source code, making a mess of what was cleanish code. Even with portabilty layers, I doubt windows porting is easy and doesn't wreak the code.

    3) Development tools under windows can cost a lot of money, money many people won't pay for "just a hobby" when linux development tools are freely accessable. However there is the GCC compiler for windows, which could solve this problem.

    4) We just don't care enough about working with windows to overcome all the above points.

    I don't hate windows or its users, but I still can't work enough enthusiasm over it to actually try to port my code to windows.
  • Apache does not currently support Servlets (much to my personal dismay). There is currently the Jakarta []project which is developing a free (speech) %100 Pure Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages implementation. This is planning on merging eventually w/ the apache project. If I am wrong about servlets w/ apache PLEASE correct me.
  • Give me a URL .. I searched over and couldn't find information on any such support for Active Server Pages. Not to mention I'd think MS wouldn't be too happy if Apache supported it?
  • I'm the webmaster/sysadmin for an ISP [] that has a few customers that all but demand ASP support and there is no way I want to setup and admin an NT box just for these people. I'm am awaiting anxiously the day I can run ASP pages on my lovely Apache box without paying through the nose for those ASP on Linux products.

  • I would have to agree with you on this. FM is for software releases, /. is for news.

    Now, in some rare cases, a software release may be news (Linux releases a NEW major-rev, not just another patch-level for 2.2.x, etc.), but by and large, these announcements aren't news, they're FM material...

  • Implemented in Perl.

    Get mod_perl and the Apache::ASP module. IT gives you 95% of the ASP object module, including response, request, session, application objects, and embedded scripting in Perl.

  • The changelog is at [], for those of you too lazy to look for it.

    Looks like it does ... comes as a mod_jserv for Apache.
  • Yeah, used gcc lately?? There is also the cygwin project which has ported a lot of GNU software to linux using its posix layer. If you want to create native windows exe (ie without the cygwin posix extension) then you can use mingw for this purpose. Hell you can even cross compile from your linux box to windows which really rocks. Benno
  • Hey all,

    I'm currently working on an ASP->JSP translator. An initial release should be available in the October/November time frame.

    The translator will do pretty much everything but COM objects (save that for version 2): VBScript becomes Java, ADO becomes JDBC, and the ASP runtime environment (Session, Response, etc) will be mapped to (or wrapped by, haven't gotten there yet) the JSP runtime environment.

    The translator will be open source, of course. I'm targeting GNUJSP as my reference implementation. So... if anyone's willing to help out (perhaps with porting some of the 80+ ASP global functions to Java), pop me an email at
  • I am a nerd. This is news to me. Rob and/or Hemos thought it was newsworthy, and so do I. That is two nerds that think this is news (plural of "nerd" is "nerds", BTW).

    I am also a programmer and sysadmin who maintains an Apache server. The fact that they released a new version was unknown to me until I read it here. As part of my job, this info concerns me very much. Therefore it matters to me.

    I guess this article fulfills the only obligations that this site must fullfill, namely:
    1. at least two nerds must think that this is news
    2. it must matter to at least one of those nerds

    while ($rantMode eq "true") {
    I have been following this site since way before it was slashdot, when it was "Chips and Dips" and only got updated once every day or two. I will say to you what I say to everyone who whines about the stories here: "This is a user-driven website. If you do not like the quality or content of the stories, then post stories you want to read about, otherwise SHUT UP OR GET THE HELL OUT!!"
  • One brief sidenote I forgot:

    I'm using ANTLR ( as my parser- and lexer- generator, and it ROCKS. I *highly* recommend it for any non-trivial parsing jobs.

    - jonathan.
  • Why skip version number? Why not just fix the problems and release it as 1.3.7 when it is good enough?

    But I think MS is using this system for version on NT, they first planned on NT5 but realized it was impossoble and they needed 1995 more releases before it was stable.

  • It's their program and they can license it any way they want. I tend to give away the stupid perl progs I write because the perl community has given me so much in free support and code. The VB progs I write I never give away though. Mainly because VB cost me plenty (especially when you add all those activeX controls I bought). M$ also charges me for help.

    P.S If you can't install Linux you really have no right to complain about other peoples coding practices. For me it usually takes about a half hour to install linux. It's actually easier to install then NT.
  • Is not a valid IPv4 address. there are only 3 octets.. 207.46.130.* would be a class C subdomain, but I'm sure Micros~1 has more then 256 computers on the network. I know MS has plans to 'subvert' internet protocols, but that's a little rediculis :)
    "Subtle mind control? Why do all these HTML buttons say 'Submit' ?"
  • I'll be damned. Give the man a cookie! :)
  • ASP for Apache is beink available. Check out

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