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Comment Re:I'm confused... (Score 1) 320

Do you have anything to say other than ad hominems?

Quit whining. You started with sarcasm, based on ignorance, and followed it up with a link to the Telegraph. That deserves a lot more abuse than a simple 'idiocy'.

Be that as it may, you are ignoring the simple fact

That would be the simple fact that I told you about in the previous post.

But the fact is that, for whatever reason, the existing public health care system in the US sucks badly and is highly inefficient

You refused to allow Medicare to negotiate for the prices of the drugs it buys. You stop it from making itself more efficient. In short, you cripple your public healthcare, because you don't want it to put pressure on your private healthcare.

Let Medicare off the lease, run it properly, let it compete with private healthcare and extend it to cover everyone. It still wouldn't be the best healthcare system in the world, but it would be so much better than your current state of affairs.

Comment Re:I'm confused... (Score 1) 320

Typical idiocy. Your "evidence" is an article in a right-wing newpaper that doesn't even compare the waiting times with the US system.

The waiting times for US public healthcare are much worse. You didn't even consider the waiting times for private healthcare in the UK, now did you?

The British model beats your crappy system in every way, including waiting times and service. As you would know if you bothered educating yourself.

Comment Re:I'm confused... (Score 1) 320

I understood you were attempting sarcasm. It was embarrassingly poor, so I ignored it.

I know a great deal about healthcare in both the US and Europe. It's telling that you can't identify anything that's actually inaccurate in my post. But you still have to cling to your pitiful belief that you're paying 3 times as much as anyone else for *something* good. Because what kind of idiot would pay vastly more for an inferior service? What kind of idiot indeed...

Comment Re:I'm confused... (Score 1) 320

Public healthcare in the UK is much better than public healthcare in the USA. Much better outcomes, much wider coverage, much more availability and it's cheaper (yes, cheaper per capita than US public healthcare). It's good enough that most people don't even bother buying private healthcare.

Private healthcare in the UK is much better than private healthcare in the USA. Much better outcomes, much cheaper. And by much cheaper I mean that if I decided to buy private healthcare with all the options and zero excess, it would cost me about $150 a month. That's pretty much the most expensive I can get short of having my own personal staff.

Are you less confused now? Do you now understand why everyone with who's considered the matter thinks your system is crap?

Comment Re:Go Nuclear (Score 1) 560

There wasn't any damage caused by hydro electric failure. The damage was caused by a dam failure. A dam that was built for flood protection.

It's a bad idea to link to articles you're too illiterate to understand.

Comment Re: noooo (Score 1) 560

Reading it quickly doesn't provide any clue as to whether they are bullshit or not

Yes it does. Consider:

What is he testing for? That temperatures haven't risen.
What is his Null Hypothesis? That temperatures haven't risen.

Can you spot the problem there?

Comment Re:Finland will save money on napkins (Score 1) 523

Ok, so you get given and told there are a maximum 14 hosts.

Maximum 14 hosts means it's 15 on the netmask, so 4 bits, so it's 32 - 4 = 28 network mask.

That means the networks increase by 16 for each. The nearest multiple of 16 to 50 is 48, so the network is

The broadcast is 48 + 16 - 1 = 63 ->

There are some additions and some subtractions and some multiplication, but I don't see where the long division comes in. Do you have a different method of calculating these?

Comment Re: What's wrong with Windows Server? (Score 1) 613

I'm afaid it is _exactly_ how X works. The X "server" needs to reside on your local host to see remote X applications displayed locally.

The AC thought you needed the X Server installed on the remote machine and considered it a security risk. That is exactly how it does *not* work. As you have just stated: the X Server runs on the local machine, not the remote server.

I know it's a little confusing referring to the 'server' and the 'X Server' as two separate entities, but I'd hoped my example - specifically stating which machine didn't have the X Server installed - would make it clear enough?

Comment Re: What's wrong with Windows Server? (Score 1) 613

It still requires you to run X on your server even if you are using a remote client.

No it doesn't, that's not how X works. Try it for yourself. Create a new VPS on your favourite provider and do:

ssh -X somemachine
sudo apt-get install x11-apps

Note it doesn't install X11 itself. Type 'xcalc' and notice that xcalc starts in a window on your local machine. It's really that easy.

Comment Re:What will it take to abate your fear? (Score 1) 302

That climate change occurs naturally is no reason to think it can't also occur artificially. That's like saying that since fire has existed since the earth began, there's no such thing as arson.

You also fail to understand the "oceans storing heat". We measure how much energy the earth absorbs and how much it radiates. The difference must go somewhere. The amount of atmospheric warming plus the ocean surface warming plus ice melting etc etc don't amount to enough to cover the amount of energy absorbed, so either those things are warming *more* than we measure, or the energy is going somewhere we don't measure. So the deep oceans are the best bet. If you have another theory (that doesn't involve the energy being waved away by the natural cycle fairies) then feel free to share.

Perhaps learn some physics first though, yes? (Why do Americans say "physics" but not "maths"?)

Comment Re:One Sample (Score 1) 151

The other Homininae digest plant matter, so why should we think that Neaderthal did not eat any plant matter?

Because it's a good idea to think you might be wrong. It encourages you to think of ways to *prove* that you're wrong.

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