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Comment Mob Mentality (Score 1) 562

Since IANAL, I'm just wondering if the various defenses that go along with "mob mentality" could be applied to a DDOS. The concept being that "getting caught up" with the drive and goals of a group has a sort of "group will" that supersedes your own, or something like that. As such, you aren't "fully accountable" for your actions at that time. It probably varies by jurisdiction, but I'm pretty sure there's precedent, and I would think it would be a lot easier to explain in court than "you can't prove that was my IP" or "my computer was hijacked".

Comment Don't sell at a loss (Score 2) 611

Anyone who offers a sale below the cost of manufacture is seriously lacking in business sense. At worst this should only have netted zero. Any model where "the more you sell, the more you lose" is just stupid. That, and if you can't make a dozen cupcakes for £6.50 (~$13!) after cost, you should really give up baking.

Comment Re:So... everyone got to be exactly the same? (Score 1) 981

Hmmm... lets see... I didn't say everyone needs to be the same, and there's a big difference between considering "being different" a dissability, and considering "not being able to do something" as being a dissability.

In regards to history, are you referring to the invention of the wheel chair and prosthetic limbs, or hearing aids, or maybe asthma inhalers, or perhaps insulin or pace makers. Wait a minute?!? Are those people just conformists! Wow they tricked me!!! I thought they just wanted to live!

I think it's laughable that people are as against having their hearing fixed as I would be against having my hearing taken away.

Comment I think the same thing... (Score 1) 981

... of this article as I did of an episode of a TV show (ER or some similar medical show I only caught part of an episode of) where one of the main characters had a deaf child and the "specialist" they were recommended to for potential treatment asked them to consider the wonderful "gift" she had, or something like that. Like I said, I only caught part of the show, so if anyone knows the show/episode I'm talking about and has a clearer idea of what they were trying to say, feel free to chip in.

As for what exactly I think of that suggestion, and this one; It's really dumb, and likely an offensive concept to anyone who feels held back by their disability. Go "morally protest" something important and stop telling people it's questionable to want to be able to perform at a "normal" level.

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