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Comment Just grow a pair and hire a pilot! (Score 1) 66

Seriously. If you're point is to get the picture to ask some geek hag to marry you because you've grown beyond virtual girl and want a real one then hire the stinking sky writing pilot to spell out "@SkankyGurl, will you marry me?" - so the whole bay area can see it, take a picture of it and post it to the internets.

Comment Re:Not so bad to have different systems. (Score 1) 2288

Imperial measures, on the other hand, are totally psychotic. 12 inches to a foot, 3 feet to a yard, 5,280 feet to a mile. It is the type of nonsense that we would expect to see in Dr. Seuss story, not it real life.

Of course, hardly anyone ever converts from feet to miles or vice versa once they get out of school. It's 40 miles to my mother-in-law's house. Why would I possibly care that it's also 201200 feet?

It should also be noted that dividing or multiplying by three isn't really hard even for exceptionally stupid people, so feet-yard conversions are no big deal.

I've seen measurements of the distance to your mother-in-law's house and it's actually slightly over 40 miles at 201327 feet. I understand that distinction to be a sticking point between you and the CrimsonCountess because you see the extra 127 feet as beneficial whereas she sees it as just more annoying distance to keep her from here beloved Mum.

Comment Re:Not so bad to have different systems. (Score 1) 2288

Let's not introduce ambiguity to the argument. It is precisely 2.54 cm per inch. It may be the only metric/imperial measurement conversion that is accurate at only 2 decimal places.

As a side note... "inch" derives from a term meaning "one twelfth part". Doesn't explain why we're dividing by 12 but it does give a piece of the etymology. Likewise, pound and pint stem from the same linguistic root - plus a pint of pure water at 4C weighs a pound.

Comment Re:Ruling doesn't affect Internet blocking (Score 1) 316

Actually, although IANAL I can tell you with certainty that from a legal perspective posting on Facebook IS publishing. It may be not as public as a newspaper or a billboard but it is definitely publishing. Writing on you blog is publishing. Your Twitter feed can even be defined/construed as publishing.

Comment Re:Beat me to it. (Score 2) 467

If you consider vi simple as opposed to a complex tool, then Linux is pretty much beyond me, also.

Never hard wire simple to "easy to use" in a technical arena.

vi does a great job as a straight forward console text editor. "Easy to use" often requires addition of complex tools like mouse integration.

Before the invention of the axle the wheel was difficult to use.
Adding a suspension system made use of the wheel easier still.
None the less, the wheel is a particularly simple invention which can be difficult to use.

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