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Comment Re:Perhaps not (Score 1) 598

The entire country pointing and saying "You people are crazy and dangerous" is a better safeguard than throwing some folks in jail. (Hitler got thrown in jail too, and look what happened to him...)

From Hatewatch, yesterday: Legal problems for neo-Nazi Bill White keep piling up. Already in jail for one crime and awaiting sentencing for another, the 36-year-old racist was just indicted in Florida on six counts of using the Internet to make violent threats against investigators and a judge. [...] Count 1 of the indictment accuses White of sending a May 19, 2012, e-mail that "contained a threat to kidnap and injure" the three named officials and "specifically to kidnap, torture, rape and kill those persons and their spouses, children and grandchildren."

Did you forget to tell him he was "crazy and dangerous" or something?

Comment Re:wrong name (Score 1) 292

my understanding is that English law doesn't require you to be aware of the injunction, it is made "against the world" which means it applies to all parties in England and Wales.

Maybe not. According to this week's Private Eye John Terry got one against "persons unknown" last year, but it was quashed by Justice Tugendhat because by not mentioning any specific targets, the lawyers were attempted to avoid a) having to tell anyone they were super-injuncted and b) having anyone argue against it.

There's also the case of Colin Montgomery, who had a super-injuction, but his identity was revealed by a newspaper which hadn't been told about the injunction.

The Internet

Submission + - MLB Fans Who Bought DRM Videos Get Hosed

Billosaur writes: "Found via BoingBoing, Major League Baseball has just strengthened the case against DRM. If you downloaded videos of baseball games from MLB.com before 2006, apparently they no longer work and you are out of luck. MLB.com, sometime during 2006, changed their DRM system. Result: game videos purchased before that time will now no longer work, as the previous DRM system is no longer supported. When the video is played, apparently the MLB.com servers are contacted and a license obtained to verify the authenticity of the video; this is done by a web link. That link no longer exists, and so now the videos will no longer play, even though the MLB FAQ says that a license is only obtained once and will not need to be re-obtained. The blogger who is reporting this contacted MLB technical support, only to be told there are no refunds due to this problem."
Internet Explorer

Submission + - AntiVirus Products fail to find Simple IE malware (beskerming.com) 4

SkiifGeek writes: "Didier Stevens recently took a closer look at some Internet Explorer malware that he had uncovered and found that most antivirus products that it was tested against (courtesy of VirusTotals) failed to identify the malware through one of the most basic and straight forward obfuscation techniques — the null-byte. With enough null-bytes between each character of code, it is possible to fool all antivirus products (though additional software will trap it), yet Internet Explorer was quite happy to render the code.

Whose responsibility is it to fix this behaviour? Both the antivirus / antimalware companies and Microsoft's IE team have something to answer for."

United States

Submission + - Anti-science people cannot use technology?

VincenzoRomano writes: I'm wondering whether the low and slow penetration of technology in the USA can be explained with anti-science behaviours and beliefs like creationism.
To cut short a quite longer story, almost all current technology has been thought, designed and built thanks to the Science and its scientifc method.
If you refuse the latter, maybe, you are not willing nor can use the former. Unless you are going to selectively negate the science, which in my opinion makes even less sense.
Are the USA headed towards a technology regression era?
What'd be the Slashdotters opinion?

Submission + - Microsoft is Screwing Up Live on Vista

mikemuch writes: "Jason Cross backs up an argument that Microsoft is talking the talk but not walking the walk in saying it considers the PC gaming platform just as important as its Xbox consoles. Cross's screed on ExtremeTech focuses mostly on the OS vendor's Live Anywhere initiative, which is supposed to let gamers connect and play whether they're using a PC, a console, or a mobile device. He points out that zero game publishers aside from Microsoft itself have joined the program and even the Microsoft games are stale compared with what they're releasing for Xbox 360. What's worse is that they're charging for capabilities that have up to now been free — like voice chat and multiplayer achievements."

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