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Comment manager POV on node (Score 1) 341

I've managed a team that spent more than one day just isolating where a bug was occurring. If you don't have expert-level developers (expensive!!), be very afraid. Every once in a while a nasty bug will pop up that takes 5-10 days to finally fix. Development on large codebases is very slow due to poor modularization/code structure from the start, which I have sadly never seen done right.

If you have a greenfield situation, and really want to use node, make sure your first developer is top-notch, not only in coding skill but in coding structure. Hopefully it can be designed so that its tendencies are not to become a giant hairball -- but it still might anyway.

Comment stop using cruise ships, start cloudsteading (Score 1) 157

People *do* care about privacy. 86% have taken some steps to clean up digital footprints. There's other stats that show the interest, but there's some serious overtones of impotence -- that there's just not that much anyone can do about it -- we all need all these super valuable cloud services so we must lock ourselves in to big vendors, who then might abuse our trust (or get hacked themselves, being a rich target).

But Greenwald is absolutely right, we must provide for our own safety, we cannot ever delegate the ultimate responsibility for that, and yet, does this mean that we must throw in with mega-corps, to trust with our freedom?

I think there is another way. is something I've been working on for the better part of 2014. Cloudstead is a free & open (AGPL'd) cloud operating system, designed to free you and me and everyone from dependence on the mega-cloud services. And more generally, to start owning more your cloud apps instead of renting everything and paying the landlord with your privacy, your cash or both.

A lot of common apps have been commoditized; excellent open source versions are available. Cloudstead's default setup includes email, calendar, and file sharing but it can run any app -- php, rails, java, python, you name it. Lots of integrated features -- single sign on, app-wide search, address book, automated backup/restore, this is a cohesive cloud OS, not a hodgepodge of apps. And it's totally portable: it can move itself from one place to another, from a public cloud (ec2) to private hardware (your datacenter or office), or if you're getting really paranoid, onto a USB stick (bring it live later, somewhere else, when you feel safe). A cloudstead really is your cloud and will do only your bidding.

Cloudstead is currently in beta testing. If you would like a cloudstead to take for a spin and see how easy it is to own your cloud, please send me an email: jonathan (shift two sym)

recent demo:

Any/all feedback is appreciated.


Submission + - Private clouds for everyone! (

hardcorejon writes: Some predict massive, shared public clouds will decline in the long-term. On the one hand, consumers might be losing trust with breach after breach in the news. On the other hand, many of the functions they perform (email, files, etc) are not hard for individuals to do themselves, we merely lack the software that makes it easy enough. That's changing.

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