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Al Gore Goes "Open Source" 330

Mike@ABC writes "Can a web site be open source? Al Gore says so, and the man did create the Internet, after all. Gore is looking for people to contribute code for his presidential campaign site. The page says: "This is your web site -- IT'S OPEN SOURCE -- and I want you to help us build it." " They even have a cute little "Gore 2000 Logo" for officially approved "Gore 2000 Merchandise". And Tipper has her own section! Funniest thing I've seen all morning. I wonder if this will meet the open source requirements.
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Al Gore Goes "Open Source"

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  • by Anonymous Coward
    ...sleazy politicians try to co-opt your buzzwords.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    Everybody may be bashing him but I think we should give him some credit for trying to make Open Source go mainstream. No, he didn't invent the internet but he did help popularize it. And he's probably trying to do the same thing now.
    Nothing wrong with that.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    Here's how one line of Al's page 'looks' to
    vision impaired persons:
    Not very nice, Al, honey.

    Anonymous Coward
  • in a while. For one thing, ALL web sites are open source (though I guess they could be obfuscated). For another thing, look at what it says. It says, basically, "Look at the source to this webpage and mail us suggestions. We'll incorporate the best ideas!" This is sad. What website doesn't say that. This is just an excuse to ride the bangwagon. I used to like Al Gore, but if he keeps whoring our precious computer society, I will quickly change my mine.
  • Last time I heard, RMS was describing himself politically as an anarchist, I think...
  • what if, bill gates asked him to do that to get some friend as president and then eradicate everything that make sense on earth? or maybe i m being too paranoid...anyway i dont live in the US :)

  • No, I don't think so. Not according to the "Open Source" definition from the OSI anyway.
  • Thanks for the "Open Source" web page Al, but how about "open source" government?

    • No more back room deals in congress.
    • Everything above board, all campaign contributions and their sources must be fully reported.
    • No more lobbyists.

    It really chaps my hide when these political weasels think we're supposed to kiss their rings because they throw around a buzzword or two. Does this guy have a clue? Doesn't he realize that only a relative handful of people even understand what "Open Source" is, and that we few see right through the blatant misuse of the term? Has this guy ever touched a keyboard outside of a few grade school photo ops?

  • That graphic at the top of the page doesn't have a caption, how about this one: "Presidental hopeful Al Gore stockpiles mud for the upcoming election campaign"
  • Hmm I'm not a native speaker either but isn't that some slang for "a streetgirl"?
  • Posted by Futron:

    I know its been said already, but vote Libertarion.
    It DOES count. In Min. they had two looser canditates (I.e. Presidential race '99 :) and Jesse Ventura ended up winning.
    Democrat==No money for you, I.E. Communism/Socialism
    Republican==Say good things (somewhat) and then vote with the democrates.
    Libertarion==Vote for Less taxes (I.e. 10% of curren t taxes. Vote for less buricratic laws (Laws are like computer code, the more you have the more they screw up) Etc.

  • by gavinhall ( 33 )
    Posted by caitin:

    I'm amazed that there is a politician that knows the term "open-source" regardless of whether they know what it means or not.
  • Posted by Buffy the Overflow Slayer:

    Just checked out his website long enough to see
    that Mr. Open Sore uses IIS as his server. So
    much for an interest in Open Source software.


    If the Titanic was filled with lawyers, it would
    not have been a disaster.
  • Posted by Akira410:


    AL GORE IS GOD! :-)

    Ok this is getting VERY funny! :-0

  • Posted by proteusrage:

    'kept crashing all the time, though... ah, well.
  • If the content of a website is under an OSD-compliant license, then that license must grant the freedom to use text and images from that website to create a satirical version.

    Point 1 gives me the freedom to redistribute. Point 3 allows me to create derived versions and redistribute those. And points 6 and 7 explicitly forbid any attempt to disallow mocking or satirical versions!

    So, let's see those "Gore2K Problem" websites now!
  • It's always nice to see how well democracy really works. Anyone can make a total ass of him/herself in public at any time, using any medium. Open source indeed! Maybe we should all email Al "Father of the Internet" Gore a clue? I wonder if he reads /.?
  • This is a good idea actually. Especially if it can get some media coverage. Point out that he is not only running the site on close-source proprietary software, but that he seems to meet virtually none of the requirements of Open Source software. Those that he does meet seem almost accidental. Al and his lawyers need to be educated with a really big clue-stick.

  • Gore's had a reputation for randomly spraying tech buzzwords for some time. Check out what the entire graduating class at MIT [] did to him in 1996 in retribution :)
  • Actually, you can do that anyway - it would be parody, which is an exception to the copyright laws. Last campaign someone made a hilariously funny parody of Dole's site, using his design and graphics.
  • I tried that *before* I asked the question, and it doesn't do anything. If you read the option carefully, it appears to be giving you the option to override the choice of font, not the choice of size.
  • Is there any way to override these in Netscape? I can't read his damn page until I save it as html, and edit out the "size=1" parts of all the font tags. Why do so many people use these damn things - don't they realize that some of us like to have high resolution screens?
  • From []

    • Site being probed:
      Web Server: Microsoft-IIS/4.0
      Operating System: Ascend Pipeline Firmware 4.6 (by
      Page Retrieval Time: 5.19 seconds
      Connect time: 0.47
      Wait time: 0.92
      Data Recv time: 3.80
      Other: 0.00
      Size of page: 18259 bytes
  • You all make good points, but sorry. They did "HELP" make it a buzzword. I guess I kinda forgot that I am speaking to people who have been dealing with and interested in the internet for years... Turn your mind around and think (Drop to the "steriotypical" blue collar workers level) like joe public who just finished watching Clinton and Gore praising technology on 20/20 and heard something about their bank putting up a website. That is when Good ol Bill and IBM got on the bandwagon with a million commercials/ads (ie. the goofy little unich guys jabbering about the web with subtitles). As for the Internet -not- being the Information Superhighway, BAH. Sorry my friends, they are one in the same in the eyes of joe public. Sorry for not using the EXACT term; it hadn't come to mind at the time of my original post. As for a BuzzWord being a bad thing. I think not. All it takes is for the important people (programmers/commercial software companies) to hop on the Open Source bandwagon. Joe Public doesn't really matter too much on that one because they will always have their precompiled binaries for WP or Word or whatever they need as that need will never go away (I pitty some of my clients attempting to figure out why make install didn't work properly for them on the first try, and I pitty the poor tech on the other end of the line even more for having to try explaining to this poor schmuck why they need to open up the makefile and put a quote in a statement somewhere). My point being; Open Source isn't for the mainstream audience that seem to require that little "log onto internet" button that Compaq seems to be putting on their cases as of late. Its for you, me and "joe programmer" who can figure out for themselves that the program's author forgot to put a quote in a statement somewhere in the makefile (thus fixing it and then recompiling).


    "It compiled? The startup screen came up? SHIP IT!" - Bill Gates

  • Give the guy a break...he really has been supporting the internet for a long, long time and he is on our side. This "open source" thing is a tiny little note in a very large site of quite reasonable politics.

  • From a special section for kids in their privacy policy...

    8. Be a good online citizen and do not do anything that hurts other people or is against the law.

    Using the Open Source trademark without permission to promote something that violates their guidelines is clearly illegal, no?

    Laugh at the site while you can, kids... i'm sure the cease-and-desist order is being Fed-Ex'd now.

    You know what REALLY sucks, though? I'd *love* to have a candidate who both understands and promotes Open Source ideals! And i think it's a safe bet that as soon as someone gets the remotest clue there, this page will come down and no mention of it will be made again. No public apology, for sure! Instead, how about a nice page apologizing for not understanding what they got into, a link to, and a more reasonable promotion policy?

  • "We must harness the powerful new
    forces of technology, and use them to
    strengthen our oldest values -- to
    promote freedom, to educate our
    children, and to lift our families and our
    nations up."

    - Al Gore

    Well, Al... i DO use open source, this powerful new force of technology, to promote freedom, and to educate my children. And i do so love to hear my five year old son say he want to boot out of Windows and "play gnome" instead. :}
  • No, the "Open Source" crap is still there. I flushed my cache and restarted Netscape, and still get it.
  • Well, funnier than a spelling/grammer (f)lame anyway, I imagine!!! ;)

    Old Fart!!! Of tha SENIOR DADS!!!!!

  • Open? Nah. You can use the website, but to get anything out of Gore, you will have to PAY him lotsa contributions. How much will it cost to get his encryption and other close minded policies turned 180 degrees around?
  • Some of you all just don't get a good April 1 joke.

    Sure it's a bit late, but this puts Segfault/UF
    to shame...
  • It seays that there are looking for
    C programers and stuff but I certenly
    cant't find the source to there CGI
    programs; are thay soposed to be open
  • This is actually somewhat interesting. It marks the first time I'm aware of that a presidential candidate has actively courted the hard-core geek community. Of *course* he comes off as inept and clueless to those in the know, but seriously, this is significant. This represents the first inkling that the net community might have some (not much, but some) actual bargaining power on the national political stage. Presumably, this is because Al wants to burnish his carefully crafted image as Father of All Things Digital.

    Please don't think I'm going Jon Katzian on you; the amount of political power that all of the Net's geeks have by virtue of Al's aspirations is approximately equal to that of one local chapter of the American Association for the Advancement of Retired Persons (AARP). But still, that's better than nothing.

    So, if Al want's some high-level geek endorsements, let's talk turkey. For starters, can we count on a presidential veto the next time something as awful as the orginal CDA comes down the pike? Joe Random Slashdotter is not about to pursue a deal like that, but some of our Exalted Leaders might very well be sitting down at the table with His Goreship before this is all out.

    If/when that happens, just remember not to be so thrilled at your own newfound importance that you sell the farm without getting anything real in return. He's still a politician, after all. I know plenty of gays, for example, who are still smarting about how they were taken in by Clinton in '92, endorsing him in return for a promise to end anti-gay discrimination in the military, only to get the shaft when that turned out to require something akin to actual backbone on the part of the Commander in Chief.

  • It's sort of ironic for a U.S. political candidate to use the euphemism designed to avoid talk about freedom.


  • Why would we *want* to /. their website? You could be hurting them, because no one else gets to see the site, or you could be helping them when they release the number of visits they had (and they will release the number of visits they had if it sounds good).

  • I, for one, would really like to see the whole ESR/RMS/Bruce Perens-go-round on this. What it looks like to me (of course, IANAL) is that a politician, a public figure, is openly abusing a registered trademark belonging to the Open Source Initiative for his own personal and political gain. His web page definately misrepresents the Open Source mark and clearly does not follow the Open Source definition. Specifically, it categorically violates clauses 1, 3, 6, 8, and 9, as listed at

    I'd really like to see the OSI really run him up poop creek for this one. First the internet, now Open Source. What else is Al Gore going to try to take credit for? Inventing the concept of a public sewer system? The Wheel?

    Leapfrog, the disgruntled.

    PS: I can tell ya who I'm NOT voting for. Let's all write in Malda for Prez!

  • Promptly after inventing Open Source, Al Gore announces that you can 'help' him...

    one catch, though... it's pronounced:

    "Oopen Suorce"

    (Now, if you invented the internet, wouldn't you be able to say how the compononents are pronounced? Can you say rooter?)
  • The HTML `source' mentions a "screensaver" contest for the Linux "software". I don't think he knows Linux is an operating system, and that he's sponsoring a contest to write a Linux screensaver for Windows.

    The site is hosted on a Microsoft IIS server. Ironic? Hypocritical? Surreal?

    "Officially licensed" Gore2000 gear? I guess his image and likeness aren't under an open license. Oh, and he's using the closed source Softcart.exe to hawk his goods.

    This site is so bad as to almost certainly be an elaborately conceived parody. If not, it's another slap in the face of every intelligent citizen on the Internet. I pray to happy hairy Jesus that this man is not the Democratic candidate for President in 2000.
  • by vkulkarn ( 4494 )
    But you can't get to all of the cgi/asp/php3/etc... code that goes into the web page... if it was truely opensource, you could get to all of that...

    just my $0.02...
  • Naw - Gore will beat him to it.

    Gore = Democrat(Quayle); /*Conversion algorithm.*/

    Whoops - forgot AL's GOt NO Rithm..
  • Maybe ESR, et al, should sue Gore for
    trademark violation?? ;-)

  • I remember how damn happy I was to read a few years ago that one of those Gore daughters got herself In a bit of trouble for drinking at a party. She was 16 I think, underage in the US.

    Ya know, if you can't take care of your own....

  • That'll never happen, because the people he is trying to appeal to (people not exactly in the know) are the ones who feel the internet is "scary"

    "Well yes, we would like to get on the net, but my friend's sister's brother-in-law signed on to Netscape (don't you love when people think Netscape is an ISP?) and all these porn ads popped up out of nowhere! Please Al Gore, wise leader of the internet information revolution super open source highway, help us get on the bridge to the 21st century!"

    And there are a lot more of them than there are of us. Don't buy into this. He just wants to use us and abuse us (As Clinton did w/ gays).


  • How do you spell "Rhymes"?

  • Vice Presidents have a long history of saying incredibly stupid things, having them broadcast our to the public, and generally alienating themselves from the community.

    RMS should do fine.

    - Darchmare
    - Axis Mutatis,
  • Open Source can only apply reasonably to code (like the code used to make his site pretty, using comments, etc).

    On the other hand, the open content license [] could apply to the material on this site, but I seriously doubt that Gore would want to do that.

  • If it's open source, then surely you can!
  • You seem to think his motives are honorable. I tend to think he knows that "Open Source" is a buzzword and will get him extra publicity. What does he know or care about the open source philosophy? Nada. Soliciting volunteers is fine. Everybody does it and it's to be expected. What agravates me is that he is asking people to submit 10 email addresses when they sign up to volunteer. I sure hope none of my "friends" do me the favor. Steve
  • Actually he didn't make the "Internet" a buzzword. His buzzword was "Information SuperHighway" which wasn't talking about the Internet at all. It was some mythical network that the government would build that never happened.

    And, he used "Information SuperHighway" as a buzzword AFTER the Internet had started getting momentum. It doesn't mean that he did ONE thing to actually popularize it.

    Just because I yell "Look at the parade" as it starts to go by, doesn't mean that I organized the parade, or brought lots of people in to watch.

    Lots of other people were yelling, too. And most people came because their neighbor told them about it.

  • Er, couple of things.

    1) Slashdot has an extensive back end to handle user accounts and manage articles. Gore's site is pretty static. In other words, there's no actual code to open source, except HTML and JavaScript.

    2) The "Internet" (not 'ARPAnet' late '60s early '70s) throughout most of the period that Gore may have even known about it, was always private, ran on AT&T phone lines (Later mostly MCI and Sprint), just paid for by the Universities (some using US government funds) and large companies associated with those universities. The US government, especially Congress, had very little to do with any changes that have come about to make the Internet "commercial".

    It was the hard working people in the IETF and at various universities and companies around the world that used the Internet were the ones that made the Internet what it is. We find it useful because they made it useful for their research projects and communications. When companies started using the Internet for

    All Congress has done is footed the bill for many of the US universities (many of which, BTW, were working on US defence projects), and not got in the way by imposing online taxes.

    Please note that when Gore was a legislator, a commercial Internet was NEVER even thought of, since that would require people to have computers and networking, which was a rare item in the 80's.

    I'm getting really tired of Al Gore taking credit for things he did not do. Let's vote the IETF members in Congress!

  • Did everyone notice the bit about the "GoreGear" merchandise?

    Isn't "GoreGear" where people get the masks, knifed-gloves, and whatnot they wear in slasher flicks?

    "Hi, I'm Jamie Lee Curtis. When I'm being chased by ax-wielding maniacs, I make sure that I am dressed to kill in my 'GoreGear'. Shirts, slacks, bandages, they have it all!"

  • David Farber [], while being very well respected in his field, is also on the board of directors of Democrats Online, which apparently no longer is actually online. I don't think that you could consider him as "unbiased".
  • According to the definition from the page,

    Take a look at our source code. Send us your ideas on how to improve it, and build a better campaign web site. The Gore 2000 Volunteer Source Code Project wants to hear from you today!

    To get involved with the Gore 2000 Volunteer Source Code Project, e-mail us at:

    I could take a look at the "source code" for and send them suggestion. Does that mean that I'm participating in an open source project? Perhaps we can get it endorsed by Billy and Al "The Father of the Internet" Gore.

    Wow, it takes a special kind of moron to pull off something like this...

  • PLEASEEEEEE post somewhere AAAANY replies!!!! I believe alot of people would like to hear what they have to say.

    Thank you
  • Funny, I got a JavaScript error as soon as the site started up.
  • That chick in the front has a nasty camel toe.
  • Netscape did that, not those shifty liars
  • Okay, I actually kinda like the guy, even if he does manage to look like he has a stick up his hiney most of the time. He DID write a pretty good book on the environment, and I thought his "Virtual Earth", "EarthCam" or whatever the heck he called it called it was pretty cool. He's not quite my ideal candidate, but he's NOT Son-O-Bush or Jack Kemp by a longshot (half a clue is better than none, I say), he's from my state of residence, and he even invited my grandma to his annual barbeque this year. ;-) Besides, let's say I wrote him a fancy-pants DHTML/Flash/Java front end for his site and he actually used the thing -- [warning: gratuitous political jab ahead] -- I doubt the Republicans would be able to do anything with my code, anyhow. At least he's making some attempt to get into the spirit of the thing, isn't he? Although I sincerely hope Tipper won't have any more bright ideas about what lyrics musicians should and should not be using... If you want to nitpick, yeah he should probably call it a Community Source or Open Content Initiative or something like that. But what the heck? Political campaigns aren't meant to be taken all that seriously anyhow -- why do you think they call their organizations "parties"?
  • Funny, lynx says it's running on Microsoft-IIS/4.0.

    That's open source now?
  • Since it's open source, I've made the following improvements to the code, and I'm redistributing them under the GPL:


    A special message for Open Source Software enthusiasts:

    We are very interested in wooing high tech voters
    like those Linux geeks with strange appeals to
    their love of Open Source software such as Linux.
    For starters, we are conducting a Gore 2000 Linux
    Screen Saver design competition among volunteers
    to see who can build the best Gore 2000 Linux
    screen savers. Just be sure that you use Visual
    C++ to write your program, because I'm still
    trying to recover from "DLL Hell."

    send an e-mail to:

    This document is to be as WIDELY DISSEMINATED under the OPEN SOURCE philosophy as POSSIBLE!

    Apologies if this has been sent to the wrong e-mail address. If you want to get off our list, tough fu**** luck.

  • Lovely, a few years from now Gore will feal justified in taking credit for open source. You think Stallman's pissed now, wait 'till this happens. By the way, does ESR know about this yet? I'm wondering if this site fits the Open SOurce Definition ;).
  • I just can't figure out what "Algore" is up to nowadays.

    At the rate he's going, he's going to be literally laughed out of the election with those increasingly clueless remarks.

    Whatever it is, I nearly fell out of my chair when I read the article. (^_^)

  • Everything I have ever seen about gore is sad.

    Even more so, that people ever considered him worthy of election for anything.

    History, if we dont learn from it, we live thru it again and again and again.
  • Gore through word sounds like hes the Nerd Canidate of choice...But anyone with two halfs a brain will then read his words and track record..

    --support of tipper gores PMRC crusade

    --vocal and legislative support of Crypto Controls

    --vocal and legislative support of Internet Controls

    --vocal and legislative support of Censorship in the school and in the general media

    His stance on the environment have provento be more sham than not. In his time as both legislator and VP he has done way more harm than good, has viilated most of the statements of purpose he laid out in his book, and proves himself to talk out of all three orifces at once.

    Think of his actions ...and his baggage...and who is going to vote for him?

  • If I get the time, I'm going to create my own version of the site and change every instance of "Tipper" to "Nipple", myself.

    P.S. Note sent to and Oy. --Tom

  • Long live the GOSL!

    Oh lord. Let's not give this man any ideas. He seems to be searching around blindly for them.

    I consider myself a democrat, but Gore makes me sick.


  • If he's so interested in Linux, then why is he running a Microsoft web server?

    $ perl -e 'print "GET / HTTP/1.0\n\n";' | nc -v -v 80 | & head -12
    Warning: inverse host lookup failed for Unknown host [] 80 (http) open
    HTTP/1.1 200 OK
    Server: Microsoft-IIS/4.0
    Date: Wed, 07 Apr 1999 19:35:33 GMT
    Content-Type: text/html
    Accept-Ranges: bytes
    Last-Modified: Tue, 06 Apr 1999 20:37:37 GMT
    ETag: "863f984e6d80be1:c93"
    Content-Length: 18259
  • You can always vote for a third party as a protest vote. If there are enough protest votes, they might even win, or at least give the others a bit of a shake. I'll be voting Libertarian [].

    I would vote for the most qualified squirrel, but not are running at present.

    Alan R. Light
    Monroe, NC

  • From his site at

    While fighting to expand Internet access, he has led the Administration's efforts to give parents, schools, and communities effective tools to protect children from inappropriate content on-line.
    This would appear to imply support of the CDA on his part.

    On the other hand, his much-derided Information Superhighway comment was what got me back on the Internet. (I had been on the ArpaNet as a teen in the late 70s). I figured that, if a politician was aware of the net, it was probably at a takeoff point. Although I personally didn't make quite the right moves to benefit from that fact, it did get me here on time to grab the domain before anyone else :-)


  • Bore.

  • ...not when Network Solutions is enouraging people to "Consider securing your dot net and dot org Web Addresses as well."

    Unfortunately, they stopped paying attention to the proper way to do things long ago.
  • I don't vote, I don't want to hear the crap about how my vote counts, I know it does, but guess what, I find that most of the people that are on the ballot are not worthy of being in any office.

    Your vote counts! Less and less. It used to be that your leaders were chosen for you in smoke-filled rooms (i.e. by Fat Cats with big stogies hashing out the spoils of power). Now they're chosen for you in smoke-free rooms.

    It's really funny to see all these threads whenever /. articles mention politics. You'd think that there was some sort of American college football game going on -- this is what politics and political discourse has been reduced to. Go State! Go Tech! Fsck you! Fsck you!

    But that's a pretty fair description of what goes on in the larger world. The Vince Lombardi ethos (Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing) has taken over in a big way. So all these candidates are out there, trying to cash in some chips to raise money and attract more Fat Cats; I saw John McCain kiss major ass a while back, speaking at a South Carolina GOP gathering. That sort of spoils his appeal, doesn't it? He's supposed to be a think-for-himself non-kisser of asses, even GOP ones.

    People like Gore, Elizabeth Dole, and George W Bush (the current frontrunners) have been preparing this run for years and years. When I first heard Bush utter the words "compassionate conservative" a year ago, I knew he'd already been reading his focus group data.

    Politics is a business these days. No more, no less. The goal is to gain and keep power at all costs. Fight fight fight! Win win win! Go State! Lie if you have to, especially on TV; it isn't really a lie if you can get a lot of people to believe it. Bend the law if you must. These people aren't real leaders or public servants; the only people our elected representatives really represent are their major campaign donors and the party bosses (the groups are pretty much interchangeable these days). There are still a few exceptions, but none of them are running for president.

    Your vote counts, but you have to do a lot of time-consuming homework. And a lot of time-consuming watchdogging -- people in power live their power trips 24/7. Who has the time to keep up with that? Most Americans choose not to. They get the government they deserve.


  • AFAIK, the LP [] is the only US Political party that not only has a clear stance on technology and cryptology, but also thier own RC5 team.

    Has this changed?

    At least the LP [] is running Apache, even if it is on Solaris...

    Politics as usual, Democrats try "feel good" stuff, which is all talk with nothing behind it, Republicans don't rate except with the silent majority, so not as much "foot in mouth" syndrome, and the Libertarian Party firmly lives up to it's promises, and therefore goes ignored, because no one knows how to deal with politicians that do and believe what they say...

  • Gore didn't invent the internet... true... can you deny that he helped make the internet what it is now? No. The Gore and Clinton campaigns made the Internet a BUZZWORD. If he keeps up this Open Source stuff, he may help contribute to it becoming a BUZZWORD. If he can do that, it can only be good for us. So don't put it down -yet-.

  • So apparently he's running IIS. And he asked for contributions of Open Source and Linux stuff. Hell then, somebody make him get God - ie install Linux/Apache for him. Splash the penguin discreetly all over his site. Millions of people who don't /. will see it.

    And instead of that, all I see is derision. He's trying, now if only you could think of the opportunities.
  • Is he really trying to popularize "Open Source"?

    Or is he trying to just use this to help further his political career by appealing to a voting block & make himself look like he's hip & on the cutting edge?
  • On another note, if AG's website IS open source, I guess I can copy it, modify it, and put it up at my
    own website. Any guesses how long it will take before a lawyer calls about copyright violations?

    Maybe we should do that to prove a point

  • Or better yet, they will get the impression that they are on to something with this "Open Source Thang" and start to push even sillier things. This will be good for the entertainment value.

    Or it could be bad because they will need to buy more MS IIS servers to handle an additional 20 hits/hour, and give Gates more money.
  • Drop the rhetoric already.

    When people outside of our community hear the term "Free Software" they generally think "Zero cost" software, not Freedom. Open Source is an attempt to clear up that confusion, which you should know since you were a part of it.
  • This is an ASP site - only the output is available.
  • Seems that is all that most people think of it.

    Could everyone *please* stop trying to jump on the boat to get more publicity?

  • You are using the definitions from The trademark to Open Source is controlled by another entity entirely.

    RMS may be able to add the no revocation clause, and we respect him for it, but it doesn't affect the use of the term Open Source.

  • If it's truly open-source then Al wouldn't mind at all if George Bush, Pat Buchanan, and Steve Forbes liberally [sic] borrowed from it, would he? It would just fine and dandy if Elizabeth Dole stole the winning screen saver and modified it.

    And I can't wait to see what Jesse Ventura and Harry Browne come up with...
  • Even if they don't it seems like this could be a grand time to pulloff a huge practical joke.

    I can see this screensaver with pictures of Al and nice little anecdotes ("Did you know that Al invented the internet? Well he did when he was in college in ...At the age of 21..") And then about 3 months before the election, a date switch flips and the anecdotes change ("Did you know that Al molested his daughters? Well he did and continues to do so.")

  • One should never slap someone down for sticking their neck out. Not even politicians with their head up their ass. So he's not clear on the concept of .... At least he's trying.

    And for those who don't like his attempt to solicit volunteers (perhaps I shouldn't use the term solicit w.r.t. politicians:); I've yet to see any election campaign succeed without them.

    ya well
  • After viewing the site, I came right back to post a witty comment on Mr. Gore's attempt to "connect" with the open source community...

    ...and found that at least 47 people had beat me to it.

    I'm glad to see there ARE still people who know nonsense when they see it. It's made my day (no joke).

    On another note, if AG's website IS open source, I guess I can copy it, modify it, and put it up at my own website. Any guesses how long it will take before a lawyer calls about copyright violations?
  • It's GNU/AlGore2000. Get it right! :)
  • by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday April 07, 1999 @11:47AM (#1945406)
    'cause he doesn't have any algorithm!

    Come on folks, if we try hard enough, we should be able to /. the Veeps web site!
  • by Aaron M. Renn ( 539 ) <> on Wednesday April 07, 1999 @11:54AM (#1945407) Homepage
    His server is running Microsoft IIS I notice. Also, news reports have it that when he debuted his site is had a place for kids to type in their home address in violation in privacy laws which require parental permission first. He claimed his site wasn't subject to those laws (was there "no controlling legal authority"?) but he took down the page anyway.
  • At the url : ( /getinvolved/vol_mail_list.html) [] . Al wants you to spam your friends. This is infuriating! Spam in the name of politics is still spam. grr. Can you say the "anti-spam" vote.

    Couple spam, censorship and trademark violations and what do you get? Al Gore.

    Chris DiBona

    Grant Chair, Linux Int.

  • by Derek ( 1525 ) on Wednesday April 07, 1999 @11:58AM (#1945409) Journal
    Did you check out the link (directly under the OPEN SOURCE paragraph) about the legal issues. etinvolved/legal_notice.html []

    It seemed pretty strict with the requirements and there was a really interesting little quote that said, "If Gore 2000 selects your material for use on our website we will contact you with further legal requirements. "

    It may be "Open Source", but I doubt it meets the requirements for " Free Software []" (as mentioned earlier today [].)
  • by Orion ( 3967 ) on Wednesday April 07, 1999 @11:49AM (#1945410)
    Do they meet the specifications of the Open Source Definition? Perhaps Bruce Perens, Richard Stallman, and Eric Raymond better check this out. We wouldn't want people claiming Open Source falsely!

    Of course, one of them is probably a democrat, another a republican, and what do you wanna bet Stallman is an independent? Perhaps it would be better to ignore the whole thing and crawl under a rock, while listening to my Captial Steps CDs (I wouldn't want to be totally apolitical)
  • by eponymous cohort ( 8637 ) on Wednesday April 07, 1999 @12:20PM (#1945411)
    Then I could take all the code, post it on another website, and change the text a little, to make it an anti-Gore2000 website.

    Somehow, I don't think he would be amused.
  • by A Big Gnu Thrush ( 12795 ) on Wednesday April 07, 1999 @12:01PM (#1945412)
    And you thought Apple's liscence was restrictive. Email us your changes along with your name, email address, and current employer, and if we like them, they immediately become the property of AlGore 2000. No payment will be provided for the confiscation of code, but if you ask nice, they may give you an autographed photo of Tipper.

    Long live the GOSL!

    How many days until Gore takes credit for Open Source? Any chance he invented Perl, too?
  • by AJWM ( 19027 ) on Wednesday April 07, 1999 @02:13PM (#1945413) Homepage
    Aren't all web sites open source? I mean, right there on the top row of my browser window, I've got this "View->Document Source" pulldown.

    I guess it never did anything before?

    (And yes, I know that's not what "Open Source" really means. But that button has probably been responsible for more self-taught HTML programmers than any single book.)
  • by for(;;); ( 21766 ) on Wednesday April 07, 1999 @11:44AM (#1945414)
    From the source of his web page:

    &lt!-------Attention Open Source Enthusiasts!--------------------

    A special message for Open Source Software enthusiasts: We are
    very interested in developing content that takes advantage of Open
    Source software such as Linux. For starters, we are conducting a
    Gore 2000 Linux Screen Saver design competition among volunteers
    to see who can build the best Gore 2000 Linux screen savers. If
    you would like to submit a Gore 2000 Linux screen saver for
    consideration, or if you have ideas for this project, please
    send an e-mail to:

    Watch this space for more Open Source ideas and
    volunteer opportunities.

    -------------------------------------------------- ------------&gt

  • by nelsonrn ( 2165 ) on Wednesday April 07, 1999 @01:28PM (#1945415) Homepage
    I sent them my standard spanking letter.

    Yes, Open Source is a trademark.

    Yes, they're violating it. The OSD requires no discrimination against persons or groups, and yet they refuse to accept contributions from businesses. The OSD requires that the code (and documentation) be freely copyable, and yet NO copyright permissions are granted in their HTML.

    Yes, they'll stop or we'll die trying.
    -russ nelson, OSI board member in charge of misuse
  • by jpranevich ( 15801 ) on Wednesday April 07, 1999 @12:09PM (#1945416) Homepage

    This is definately one of the funniest things that I've seen all week. Some days, I really think Al Gore would be better off working the Funny Bone chain than the Presidental campaign circuit. But that's just me.

    So, let's take a look at this web site and see how it ranks as open source? That could be fun...

    The Freedom to run the program for any purpose.
    Hmm. Can we use his website as something other than what it is intended? Can we in fact copy his web page source and make a similar page decrying his ideals and misunderstanding of the world? We can certainly try... I wonder what his lawyers would say? Please note that his copyright statement on that page does explicitly state that they reserve all rights and do not grant any particular license for alternate usage.

    The Freedom to stucy how it works.
    Well, we can do that. But that's the beauty behind the web: you can always do that.

    The Freedom to redistribute copies.
    This is a toughie. International law does saw that it is always legal to cache copies of web pages in your browser (or other means) in order to view a page. But that does not apply to print media and the definition of open source does not include any specific qualifications for what means source may be distributed. (Even if it is silly to print out all that code.) Again I point to the fact that they suggest that all rights are reserved.

    The Freedom to improve code and release it to the public.
    Well, Al Gore certainly wants you to improve his code. But take a look, his implied license states only that you may submit your changes to him (his employees). This violates the spirit of free software by not allowing your changes to be circulated without the consent of a third party. If no part of this farse is wrong but this one, this would truly be funny. The free software guidelines explicitly state: "If you do publish your changes, you should not be required to notify anyone in particular, or in any particular way." I can't see a more blatant misuse of the "Open Source" trademark than a person or organization who breaks this most important of rules.

    Irrevocable Freedoms
    The free software guidelines states that software that is distributed free may not have cluuses or otherwise which would cause you to have your license revoked without cause. We can not explicitly state whether AL Gore violates this practice but we can point out that we don't even know the full text of the source license until after we submit changes: If Gore 2000 selects your material for use on our website we will contact you with further legal requirements.

    All in all, I highly recommend that everyone send mail to Gore 2000 explining to them this misuse of the "Open Source" trademark. A good place to start would be [mailto] or [mailto].

    This kind of blatant misuse of the open source philosophy should not go, in my opinion, without the thundering reminders of many many voting-age open sourceists in the email boxes of those who seek to rape our most sacred of ideologies. Joe

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