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Comment Mr. Gates, I Sincerely Apologize (Score 2, Interesting) 864

OK, I was a Mac developer for ten years or so and I completely bought into the "Microsoft is Evil" bandwagon. But I have to say, boy was I ever wrong. First, companies like Blackwell and Haliburton showed us what evil really is. Then Mr. Jobs shows us that while Apple was a great and brilliant underdog, they are absolutely atrocious market leaders.

As much as I loathed Microsoft, they always competed on pure technical innovation, not on lawyers. First Apple sued Microsoft and now they are suing HTC. The patents are questionable and the new lawsuit won't protect iPhones any more than the old one did Macs. But the suit is classic FUD. Accept when Steve says it he is a true believer.

Just to spell it out, Open means you can run Flash on it. Open means you can have a keyboard if you want. Open means you can use a different carrier if you want. Open means you can have tethering and real multitasking if you want. Open means you can compile it yourself.

Remember the old toaster Mac? How can he keep making the same mistakes over and over. No user exapandibility doesn't make a better user experience. No true multi-tasking also doesn't improve the use experience. Being locked into AT&T doesn't improve the user experience. Not being able to use it in South America doesn't improve the user experience.

I'm not too big to admit I was wrong. Mr. Gates, and all of Microsoft, I apologize.


Google Wins European Trademark Victory 39

adeelarshad82 writes "A European court has ruled in Google's favor, saying that allowing advertising customers to use the names of other companies as search keywords does not represent a trademark violation. The court also went on to say that Google's AdWords program is protected by a European law governing Internet hosting services. Google's main line of defense was claiming that companies that want to extend trademark law to keywords are really interested in 'controlling and restricting the amount of information that users may see in response to their searches.' The decision is the first in a series of decisions from the court about how trademark rights can be used to restrict information available to users. Google is currently battling several trademark keyword cases in the US, including a case against Rosetta Stone, Inc."

Comment Re:HP (Score 1) 557

I got fed up with HOP after having a few inkjets last less than a year. They also seem to be one of the worst companies for predatory ink pricing. I just bought a new printer, and decided on a color laser. I went Lexmark. They are a good, engineering focussed company. The cost per print is a lot lower than HP. And they work for both Macs and Windows. Reviews say the print quality is high and I haven't been disappointed.

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