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Comment Re:Is other news... (Score 1) 165

I've noticed a growing portion of slashdot articles are basically flamebait/choir preaching or things that are otherwise designed to cause maximum bandwagoning and outrage in the comments.

The stories might technically be relevant or "stuff that matters", but it's really starting to get blatantly obvious.

You must be new here! ;)

Comment Re:Correlation between Antibiotics and Obesity? (Score 1) 256

On a hunch I decided to see if there's a correlation between obesity and antibiotics (which are known to kill both the good and bad types of gut bacteria)

Here's a map showing antibiotic prescribing rates.

Here's a map showing obesity rates:

Correlation is not causation, but in my unprofessional opinion, these maps look eerily similar.

I blame it on lightning.


Comment Yes Please! (Score 4, Interesting) 69

But Netflix also said it's working on a way to give users control over how much bandwidth they wish to use to access the service.

For the love of God please implement this. There is no reason for my kids to eat hundreds of gigs of data so that they can watch Power Rangers Dino Thunder in full 1080P on their Kindles. The Disney Jr app has this feature and you can't tell that Doc McStuffins is on the lowest bandwidth setting.

Comment Re:Technology Paradox (Score 1) 226

Silicon valley is not the center of the universe.

I was born and raised in Silicon Valley. This is my home. People are always surprised that there are natives still left in the area.

I am one of the few native Nashvillians. People are always surprised there are natives still here as well. They always want to know where I am "from".

Sounds like you have achieved the American Dream to me, contentment.

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