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Comment Comics, radio drama, role playing, etc. (Score 2) 268

I've had to pare down my podcast listening since I don't drive as much as I used to and usually don't get into listening at home. I have a few categories that I listen to a couple of podcasts each in. These should all be easily found in any podcast directory.
War Rocket Ajax
Jay and Miles X-plain the X-Men
I also used to listen to Life Leave Me Alone but their feed address changed and I haven't gotten around to catching back up yet.

Welcome to Night Vale
Thrilling Adventure Hour

Role Playing:
Campaign (Getting into this last year is the reason I'm behind on everything else except for WRA and Jay and Miles)
Adventure Zone (just starting this one, seems good and I hear it gets better)

Making (I'm way behind on both of these, hopefully they're still updating):
Making It
Darbin Orvar

Misc: My Brother, My Brother, and Me

Comment Flamebait on the front page? (Score 5, Insightful) 1044

I have to wonder why Slashdot ran that submission from an anonymous coward (sorry, reader). The Wired article Timothy mentioned in passing looks like it has a stronger grasp on reality but that submission is what people will actually read. Do we need to start moderating the editors or as the GG/Puppies contingent gotten so strong here that it's a lost cause?

Comment Mixed results with ex-military coworkers (Score 1) 299

I've had mixed results with this. I have worked with several Marines in the past and all were decent as basic techs. Most of them went into management or non-technical areas in IT and another quit to become a cop. One of my current coworkers was a Navy tech and she is pretty darn good as well. On the other hand, I've worked with two people who came from IT in the Air Force and they are two of the worst techs I have worked with, unable to keep composure under the slightest amount of pressure. I've wondered if that is a result of that branch's culture.

Comment Moore expected the rights back long ago (Score 4, Interesting) 130

To everyone who sees nothing wrong with this, please remember the DC was supposed to return the rights to Watchmen back to Moore when the collection went out of print. Moore was the victim of the story's popularity, though, as it was one of the first graphic novels to sell enough to remain in print for a long time. I imaging Warner and DC have no intention of allowing it to be out of print at all now, following the letter of the contact but violating the spirit of the agreement.

Comment Re:Borders Played a Pivotal Role in My Career (Score 1) 443

Speaking as someone who worked for Borders for several years and continued to have my store be a big part of my life, any good Borders employee would be happy to read your story. We never minded anyone reading stacks of books, even taking notes, as long as they put their own books away. If they'd gone on providing the selection and taking care of the needs of customers like you, they wouldn't be in this situation and costing several of my friends their jobs. Thank you for sharing. Your story actually made me happier today.

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