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Comment Hah. (Score 2) 226

Especially funny considering my Touchpad could not natively (i.e., at all) be configured to print to the network-enabled printer on my home network. I suppose it's possible that a third-party driver would be needed, but one would think that a) they would try and package all possible driver downloads or b) would allow you to search the internet for them or c) allow user to upload driver manually, but none of those is apparently possible.

Ah well, I haven't booted into WebOS in weeks, anyway, and the new Cyanogen Alpha 3 is terrific.

Comment Important note about nvidia/rpmfusion and F16 (Score 1) 125

If you use nvidia drivers with Fedora -- or at very least, do so with the aid of rpmfusion -- you may want to hold off on upgrading to F16.

To see if you should wait, run the following command:

nvidia-settings -q AccelerateTrapezoids

If you get nothing returned (or more accurately, two CRLFs), you will probably want to hold off on upgrading F15 -> F16. Looks like there is a bug in the nvidia drivers which can cause some pretty severe performance degradation.

Specifically, any card that can't handle trapezoid acceleration will suffer due to this regression. And to put it in perspective, my GT240, which is not ancient doesn't support this. So it's pretty bad.

More details: http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=166698

It /is/ apparently fixed in the 290.06 driver - but that's not in rpmfusion yet.

Comment Would've like to see historic distributions here. (Score 1) 113

I think there's plenty to be critical about this map, but I'm not going to take it seriously enough to blast it.

However, it woulda been neat to see some representations of linux distributions/efforts that have disappeared along the way -- maybe as piles of rubble or something. Midori Linux, anyone? Perhaps a dot in Linus Bay...

Comment Re:LibreOffice is painful to pronounce. (Score 1) 500

This is true. American corporations can be ridiculously fickle.

Knew someone who worked at a large PTO firm who tried to introduce Gimp as a free software option for doing quick cleanup work of trademark specimens. At the time (not sure if they still do) the GIMP website had a big writeup about the state of (copyright? trademark? patent? I forget) law hosted somewhere on site and listed from the front page.

That's all it was. A writeup. Perhaps slightly strongly-stated, but nothing absurd. It had nothing to do with GIMP.

Regardless, the PTO firm decided it would be too much of a risk to allow the use of GIMP in their office, given their business/clientele.

Comment Re:LibreOffice is painful to pronounce. (Score 1) 500

You completely missed what he said.

It won't see much adoption by offices in the U.S

It's a valid assessment/opinion even if you don't agree with the interpretation of the term 'Libre'.

You may not find yourself at ease with the idea that the term might be unappealing to some any the US, just as some of those blowhards might find the term unappealing because of perceived associations.

But that doesn't make his statement any less relevant, and doesn't make it a troll.

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