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Submission + - Don't be fooled by Opera browser claim of 150% battery life (

richi writes: The Opera Web browser has a new 'power-saving' feature. Opera claims you can get 'up to' 50% more battery life — but is that likely? Uh, NO!

Yes, the actual software tweaks will make a difference, but the tests Opera's quoting are skewed, unscientific, and compare apples to oranges. But what do you expect from a company that's trying to get bought by a Chinese consortium for more than $1.2 billion?

Comment Re:huh ? (Score 1) 32

The same reason you don't type everything -- signing is (much) faster, easier, requires less education/skill, much more accessible to people with disabilities...

Having said that, it's interesting to see how *everybody*, including the hearing/speaking, are typing more and more to communicate -- even in person. As hearing society changes, so does deaf society.

Comment Re:Do it in Kanji [Re:I hate hieroglyphics] (Score 1) 194

"Simple. When you're in Germany, write it it German. If you're in China, write it in Chinese."

And when you're in India, with its many official languages? Or Belgium, with its three? Or the United States of America, which has no official language?

Or when helping the hundreds of millions of illiterates to not poison themselves?

Comment A telling line (Score 1) 431

"He does do a lot of experiments. A lot of them I don't fully understand, but I'm certain he's not making bombs," said the suspect's father, Allen Mason"

Oh? How are you so certain? You just said you don't know what he's doing. Ergo, you don't know what he's doing.

I know, I know... Slashdotters will all side with the "experimenter", because geek. But it sounds like the police are acting based on evidence, while the defense is acting based on blind faith. In such cases, I side with evidence.

Comment Re:Big difference (Score 1) 110

That's only true for the largest companies -- and even they won't be able to predict what they'll run out of.

Consider video/moviemaking. The big ones have "runners" to get what's needed. This service replaces them -- probably at a lower cost. But most production teams are too small to have a dedicated runner, so this service is a godsend.

Comment Proven by Esperanto (Score 1) 274

This is actually one of the main benefits of Esperanto, a regular, constructed language that's much easier to learn than a "national" language.

Students who first study Esperanto and then go on to study another language learn the second language better than those who studied only the second language -- even if they had less time to learn it.

The science:

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