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Everybody Loves the Wii 185

1up is reporting on Ubisoft's enthusiastic adoption of the Wii platform. They'd previously only had two titles announced for the system (Red Steel and a Rayman game), but now claim to have seven different titles in production. From the article: "Ubisoft North America President Laurent Detoc ... praised the Wii several times during the panel, stating that he expects it to have 'a large audience and market.' He also stated that he personally felt that in a time when fewer and fewer games appeal to him, the Wii offers plenty of enjoyment. 'The first time I picked up that sucker I couldn't stop playing it.'" Ars Technica is also reporting that EA is gung-ho about the system. From that article: "EA not only indicated that they are taking the Wii and DS seriously, but the company also hinted that they will follow Nintendo's guidance and release games at or near the $49.99 price point. Nintendo has urged developers and publishers to respect the $49.99 price point, believing that it reflects a value advantage over other consoles. EA did not offer a firm commitment to that pricing, contrary to reports elsewhere."
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Everybody Loves the Wii

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  • by Ohreally_factor ( 593551 ) on Wednesday August 02, 2006 @01:59PM (#15833520) Journal
    I just had a really sick idea for a game that would take full advantage of the Wiimote: Nintendo Bukkake 2006!

    I'll leave the terrible details to your imagination.
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    by account_deleted ( 4530225 ) on Wednesday August 02, 2006 @02:01PM (#15833534)
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    • by sterno ( 16320 ) on Wednesday August 02, 2006 @02:42PM (#15833929) Homepage
      The reality is that Nintendo's in an excellent position. They have a solid cash cow in the portable market and if the Wii was a total flop, it wouldn't kill them. Even if the Wii sucked they could reasonably plan to keep the market share they currently have with the Game Cube. This gives them the freedom to get a little bit experimental with the Wii and take a risk and this is why the Wii looks like it might be a winner. The Wii offers a unique experience and is cheap enough that owning one in addition to a PS3 or 360 isn't unreasonable.

      For similar reasons, Microsoft is in a good position because they have piles of cash and big time cash cows in office software and operating systems. They can afford to lose a lot of money on the 360, so, once again, they aren't under a lot of pressure. Their approach is less risky though just evolving the platform a bit and more closely integrating the Live system into the unit.

      Sony on the other hand is in a terrible position because the PS3 is basically the hopes and dreams of the entire company right now. They've been struggling for a while now, losing market share to cheap competitors in other realms of electronics. They are trying to use the PS3 to tie a lot of things together, a new high def video format, a new hardware platform, etc. If the PS3 flops, Sony is in a world of hurt. Even if it's moderately successful they may still be hurting depending on how much they lose per unit and how easily they can make those losses up on the back end.

      Sony may pull things off but they are doubly cursed by high expectations and an almost desperate need for this to work out.
      • by rAiNsT0rm ( 877553 ) on Wednesday August 02, 2006 @04:45PM (#15834863) Homepage
        Well, if it counts for anything I left Sony after 4+ years simply because I am 100% certain that they will be out of business or bought out in the next two years.

        The sheer number of blunders and bad business decisions is mind boggling. Take their CRT TV's. They built a multi-million dollar CRT factory in Pennsylvania and employed tons of people as well as an actual glass plant next door to make the glass for the CRT's... all while LCD's and HD and Plasma were already hitting the market. They have since basically shut those plants down and lost metric fuck-tons of money in the process. Amazingly this is only one example of litterally hundreds I could go over.

        I have ZERO faith in the PS3 (and many developers and employees share my feelings). I have ZERO faith in Sony. I am also someone who believes in their convictions and left the company as a result. Not in any fanboy way at all, but I sincerely hope that Sony goes down for the count. There are few companies who deserve it more.

        I am always amazed how anyone can be a technology fan or even an open source fan and continue to back Sony. Hell, Microsoft looks like a little naked white angel Natalie Portman in comparison.

        I'm really hoping the Wii does well and changes the course of gaming away from the advertising/hollywood direction it is going. It is about the last hope to revitalize gaming and return it back to "fun" instead of "money."
  • by andrewman327 ( 635952 ) on Wednesday August 02, 2006 @02:01PM (#15833537) Homepage Journal
    From TFA: "On the same panel, Midway President David Zucker stated that his company has six titles in development for the Wii."

    So we have games for the system. Now the question comes down to price points, marketing, and, oh yeah, features!

    • Price points have already been confirmed to be reasonable: no more than $250 for the console, no more than $50 for the games.

      Marketing is already taken care of. Go to any gaming forum (or just check previos slashdot threads) and witness the general excitement and anticipation for the Wii. This kind of attitude will trickle down to the average gaming public.

      Features. Gee, it only plays games from every Nintendo console, the Genesis, and the TurboGrafx and it has free online play. Would you like it to
      • Don't forget Progressive Scan output, and at least Dolby Prologic surround sound.

        Also that it can communicate with the DS, and send DS demos to it. That's just another cherry on top, but something I'll get some use out of.

        • Don't forget Progressive Scan output, and at least Dolby Prologic surround sound.
          I should hope so, every console since the Dreamcast has supported those features.

          I don't think it would be too much to ask that they guarante every game will support at least dolby digital 5.1, and 480p in 16:9. With the occasional 720p and 1080i titles where the developers feel it's appropriate.
          • by Anonymous Coward
            Man ...
            Aeonflux on Blu-Ray is so much better then Blade-Runner was on VHS ...
            The video/sound quality really makes up for the terrible content ...
          • With the occasional 720p and 1080i titles where the developers feel it's appropriate.

            According to Nintendo, there will be no 720p or 1080i titles. They've stated multiple times, and in no uncertain terms, that the Wii will not have HD output.
            • Good!! The game companies can focus on making the games FUN instead of 2% more realistic looking...
              • You act like at EA meetings, you have a bunch of guys in suits saying, "well, this game could be more fun, but we really need to tighten up the graphics more." Haven't you ever played a game in higher-than-VGA resolution that you considered fun?

                I really can't see myself playing a four-player game in split screen, looking at my 320x240 quadrant, thinking, "this is as good as it needs to be."
              • 2% my ass. The difference between HD and SD is night and day. I watched the World Cup in HD for the first time this summer, and it was incredible. You could actually pick out player's faces when they were on the far side of the field, without straining to hear the announcer to figure out who had the ball. Don't think the increased fidelity isn't going to translate to gaming.

                Moreover, your tradeoff is imaginary. 3D is inherently a vector graphics format --- you don't need to do any more artistic work to take
                • You're wrong about two separate things in that comment.

                  While you're correct that 3D is a vector format and no more work is needed to take advantage of greater picture resolution, you forget several things. At higher resolutions, you need higher polygon count models, or the models begin to look blocky. The Wii can use those exact same models, it just doesn't require them. More important than polygons, though, is the textures. You have to design completely new textures, textures which would need to be m

      • I know that it promises these things and that they sound wonderful. What I meant to say is that all that is left is watching what actually happens in this round of the console wars.
  • Hands down this should be the most loved game console for the price point (unlike other game consoles with a 3X price point). What's needed now is a good Star Wars game with some serious lightsaber action to keep the kids off the sofa.
    • Man, I sure hope that IF Lucas Arts does release a lightsaber game that the commercials show the Star Wars Kid with a couple of Wiimotes in his hands... That would sell systems right there. That's money.
  • Maybe not everybody (Score:5, Interesting)

    by Emmo213 ( 974512 ) on Wednesday August 02, 2006 @02:16PM (#15833685)
    An interesting article, especially since yesterday I read some developers think it's underpowered. http://www.kotaku.com/gaming/nintendo/free-radical -wii-cant-handle-our-game-190723.php [kotaku.com] FTR, I'm looking forward to it.
    • by hal2814 ( 725639 )
      No, not "some developers." A developer as in the singular tense is all you've linked to here.
    • by ianscot ( 591483 ) on Wednesday August 02, 2006 @02:31PM (#15833822)

      Developers whose idea of a better game is bigger pixel counts will surely want to develop for the PS3 or the 360 -- at least until they realize how much more it costs to develop for those systems [gamespot.com], that is. That's another aspect to the "GameCube II" angle your link derided.

      "[The Wii] wasn't a whole new programming environment," Farrell said. "So we had a lot of tools and tech that work in that environment. So those costs--and again, I hate these broad generalizations--but they could be as little as a third of the high-end next-gen titles... Maybe the range is a quarter to a half."

    • I for one am saddened that yet another goddamn FPS won't be making it to the Wii.

      Oh wait, no I'm not. You can go back to your playing with your X360 now.

    • by masklinn ( 823351 ) <.slashdot.org. .at. .masklinn.net.> on Wednesday August 02, 2006 @04:41PM (#15834838)

      Fun thing is how Capcom still somehow managed to release a (graphically) magnificient Resident Evil 4 on Gamecube...

      I thing the truth is much closer to "we can't be bothered to optimize the game for each of the 3 consoles, so we're counting on raw power to make up for it, and the Wii has a lower raw unused power".

    • That FPS games just flat out suck to play on consoles because of the controllers, while the Wii looks set to change that with its new controller. So the 360 and the PS3 can have their deluge of beautiful looking HDTV FPS games that you can't play for more than 15 minutes because they're uncontrollable. I'll stick to the beautiful looking standard definition FPS games that are a blast to play and super immersive that come out on the Wii.

      I'm not planning to get an HDTV any time soon anyway, and I've played PS
    • With any vaguely modern games box, there simply isn't any such thing as underpowered. Power defines the scope and prettiness of the game, but good games are possible within all modern power limits.

      Also, I suspect a lower-powered box may be a win in some areas - it could broaden the range of game studios having a chance, take away some of the distracting focus on polishing the SFX. If your game is never going to match the 360 on pixel prettiness, it will have to compete on something else. Like eg: being more
  • by yeoua ( 86835 ) on Wednesday August 02, 2006 @02:25PM (#15833765)
    The Wii seems to appeal more to the people who actually game because of the games. The PS3 and XBOX360 seem to appeal to people who game because of the image (however yes, there is some good stuff there, but they are selling an image in addition to the games). Just look at all the new "gamers" who jumped on the Halo bandwagon who tout it as the best fps ever, when PC gamers have been fragging each other for years already with games that are better than Halo.

    So yes, everyone who loves gaming loves the Wii (well... almost everyone), because it's bringing us back to our roots with the old school Nintendo stuff. All the people who play because it's the in thing to do right now, well... they probably don't want to look silly flailing around, so they'll go with the other options.

    Me... I'll get the Wii first, the XBOX360 soon after it's price drop, and the PS3 when it gets a price drop in a year or two.

    • Ha, are you seriously suggesting that people play video games because it makes them look cool? Like buying Abercrombie shit?

      "people who game because of the image" - the image?! What image? That of a fat, nerdy, anti-social geek with Cheetos slime all over his fingers?

      • Well, it's not that hard of a sell anymore. Video games aren't just for the hardcore, the geeky, and the gamers. You'd be amazed how often non-geeks, and even anti-geeks, talk about the various video games. It's cool to own an XBox or a PS2. Real men can school their friends in Burnout. It's a simple matter of marketing. Games like FF and Zelda are still for geeks, but as soon as you mention console FPS & racers, or MMOs, and you're getting into the realm of the gamer cool. I know a guy who owns some ra
      • I think the image he is talking about is the image that is making Xzibit put an Xbox 360 and a plasma screen tv in over half the cars he "pimps" and such.

        Look at any of that type of show right now you see the Xbox 360 showing up everywhere. MTV and the like have grabbed it as one of the new in things and has blown it up into a status item.
    • Seems to me that people who like PS3 and Xbox like gaming the way it is, not that they're just "trying to look cool".
      • "like gaming the way it is"? as in "like crappy near-updates of something that's already been done hundreds of times"? Holly hell, and there I was thinking that gaming was "liking fun and original games to actually... well... have fun..."
        • Not every game is only a crappy patch of a game getting released every year. "gaming the way it is" means gaming using a controller, not a remote. Gaming using buttons, not motion sensing. Gaming with a compelling story, high production values, and controls that are not overly simplified. I like gaming the way it has been since the days of the NES, and Wii is not going to "revive" that spirit, it is going to change and threten to kill it with something that I and others aren't interested in.
          • Not every game is only a crappy patch of a game getting released every year. "gaming the way it is" means gaming using a controller, not a remote. Gaming using buttons, not motion sensing.

            Ok so that would be "gaming with buttons but not a stylus", "gaming with buttons but no vibration", "gaming with buttons but no analog pad", or "gaming with buttons but no more than 8 and god forbid you could use a free-movement controller like a mouse". Sorry mate, but your "gaming the way it is" is dead already, that'

          • Gaming with a compelling story, high production values, and controls that are not overly simplified. I like gaming the way it has been since the days of the NES

            Somehow, most people agree that "the days of the NES" was the "good ol' days", and that the first Mario side scroller was awesome (for its time, but still very good by retro standards). Let's see what it had, shall we?

            • Compelling story : Big dragon kidnapped princess, italian plumber must save princess
            • High production values... what the heck does
            • Games on NES that had compelling stories, and relatively high production values for their time: Dragon Warrior 2 - 4, for example. SMB is just a bad example.

              I'm not a fan of FFX either, and in fact I stopped playing it after saying "why am I playing this movie". I was, in fact, referring to games like Metal Gear Solid 2. Most Wii games seem to take a general concept involving the controller and then shove a game around it. This is contraty to most good games, where the gameplay and story are developed in
  • by yakhan451 ( 841816 ) on Wednesday August 02, 2006 @02:26PM (#15833777)
    I'm looking forward to the Wii and playing around with the games. If the Wiimote turns out to be a decent pointing device, I'm also interested in how it may effect human-computer interaction on other machines.

    I foresee the same sort of cutting-edgers (heh, ricers) who are playing with Compiz and XGL, hacking together a way to connect to the Wiimote and then tinkering with some wii-gestures to help interact with the desktop.

    o Rotate the wand like a steering wheel to flip between tasks or virtual desktops.
    o Point to the taskbar and lift it like a dumbell to trigger your Expose' clone.
    o Jab a window to minimize it. Twist the 'knife' in and pull down to close the program.
    o Amarok hanging again? Give it a few whacks with your 'club' to kill the process.

    Goofy, I know. But if this wiimote takes off, maybe we'll see clones of this type of technology and, in time, see some more fun and intuitive metaphores for HCI.
    • But why would you want to? None of those things are more intuitive than boxes to click or context menus, and all of them would take more time and more CPU power to detect. In other words- completely useless, like 99.9% of the stuff people talk about as WIMP replacements.
    • by FleaPlus ( 6935 ) * on Wednesday August 02, 2006 @03:14PM (#15834234) Journal
      I'm looking forward to the Wii and playing around with the games. If the Wiimote turns out to be a decent pointing device, I'm also interested in how it may effect human-computer interaction on other machines.

      Apparently the Wii Remote is going to operate using Bluetooth. Hopefully Nintendo won't try to obfuscate the protocol (if they're making a profit on the hardware itself, they won't have any reason to), and it'll be fairly easy to interface with.
      • From what I understand, the infrared is going to give the "pointer/mouse" capability (communicating with the locator bar that you set up under the TV), with bluetooth handling everything else (buttons, gyroscope, accelerometer, etc).
        • From what I understand, the infrared is going to give the "pointer/mouse" capability (communicating with the locator bar that you set up under the TV), with bluetooth handling everything else (buttons, gyroscope, accelerometer, etc).

          Where did you get that info from? According to the wiki article [wikipedia.org]: "The controller communicates wirelessly with the console via short-range Bluetooth radio, with which it is possible to operate up to 4 controllers as far as 10 meters (approx. 33 ft.) from the console."

          Of course, i
      • Apparently the Wii Remote is going to operate using Bluetooth.

        It's unclear whether it uses bluetooth to communicate with the locator bar, or with the console itself. Either way, to get all the data from it, you'll probably need to hook the bar up to your computer, too.

  • by WillAffleckUW ( 858324 ) on Wednesday August 02, 2006 @02:29PM (#15833801) Homepage Journal
    you know that I love the Wii!

    Seriously, if you look at the Nintendo Wii game announcement page you see such a wide variety of gaming genres, designed to appeal to people who don't just want sports and FPS games, but also casual gamers, women and girls, and a heck of a lot of cross-releases of games that are normallly only available in Japan and China, but are now available for English (US/UK/EU) players as well.

    What's not to love about the Wii?

    Plus, it doesn't have that annoying choice of do I get Blu-Ray or HD-DVD so that I can wait until 2008 when I actually end up buying a $300 HDTV set and decide for myself which player I'll get for $100.
  • by msuzio ( 3104 ) on Wednesday August 02, 2006 @02:29PM (#15833802) Homepage
    "'The first time I picked up that sucker I couldn't stop playing it.'"

    I've always felt that way about my wee also... ;-)
  • Brilliant! (Score:5, Insightful)

    by posterlogo ( 943853 ) on Wednesday August 02, 2006 @02:39PM (#15833905)
    Remember back when it was still called the Revolution and relegated to be the interesting-but-not-that-cool little cousin of the XBox360/PS3? It really is amazing how the news reports, and developer/previewer feedback have done a 180! (Take that 360). I recall Nintendo constantly stating with their chill/laid back attitude that they were staying out of the console wars and aiming for a fun, friendly product for everyone, rather than just testosterone filled fan boys. Don't get me wrong, I wish I could get all three consoles, but with the great price point and developer support, not to mention the cool Wiimote, Nintendo has really changed my attitude towards them.
  • How many games for the EA Kings under the mountains?

    Or are they Mortal Combat men doomed to spew out mostly sports and FPS games we could get on any console, admittedly with cool Wii wand effects that make them much more fun to play?
  • My Friend Is Working On A Wii Game
    (Score:-1, Troll)
    by Anonymous Coward on Multiple Wii/Nintendo Related posts.
    One of my friends is currently working on a Wii game. I remember him being really excited about the system earlier this year and he was eager to get off the 360 game he was on and move on to something that is going to be fun and sell. What is strange is now that he has been doing Wii stuff for a while I asked him about a month ago how things were going and was he loving the Wii. His response was "eh
  • -1, Emotional (Score:5, Interesting)

    by weasello ( 881450 ) <weasel@nOSpAM.greensheep.ca> on Wednesday August 02, 2006 @04:36PM (#15834813) Homepage
    Is it sad that I got this huge wave of ... I don't know the feeling ... Pride? Overwhelming joy? It kind of feels like the feeling I got when a girl first said they liked me on IRC.

    The overwhelming (almost literally.. *sniffle*) support for the Wii has really bolstered my hopes for Nintendo and I'm sure they'll do much better this time around. Watching companies cast aside their previous habits and adopt full-on support for the Wii is incredible.

    And I picture it visually in my head - Ubi has 2 games in development, and everyone in the office goes down and checks out a beta. They all enjoy it so much and they all want in on the project. BAM, 7 more games in development.

    For this fanboi, it puts a real big smile on my face.
  • by xenocide2 ( 231786 ) on Wednesday August 02, 2006 @04:46PM (#15834877) Homepage
    Free Radical notwithstanding, can anyone afford not to say the Wii is radically different, entertaining and perfect? Obviously there's the risk of missing out on the next greatest platform, and maybe there it is flawless. But I have no way of telling who's afraid to expose the emporer and who's discussing the honest truth. And aside from EA stating they didn't like the Wii some time ago (and have since retracted, wisely), I don't see how this qualifies as news anymore.

    I guess what I'm saying is that this is less news than it is "good publicity," and I'd much rather hear about the former than the latter.
  • From TFA (Score:4, Insightful)

    by Don_dumb ( 927108 ) on Wednesday August 02, 2006 @05:16PM (#15835101)
    he personally felt that in a time when fewer and fewer games appeal to him
    So I am not the only one to think this then.
    I go into a games shop or look at gamespot and see nothing I really want to play, perhaps HL2:Ep1 but I am not bothered enough to buy it. Oblivion and Call Of Duty 2 both appeal to me, but my PC wont play those games and I am just not going to update. Give me something original that doesn't drink my wallet for graphics cards, lets hope the Wii provides that answer, the controller may be a gimick but hopefuly it may stimulate some fresh gaming experiences.
    • At least you are just bored, the new titles make me sick. :-)

      I find more and more games are locking me out as they move to more First Person Perspective (FPP) paradigms that make me motion sick (spare me your cures, been there done that).I have been a gamer since Arcade Lunar Lander, but now they are leaving me behind with 3d FPP everything.

      I am a fan of Bioware and Black Ilse games. I have BG1,BG2,PT,NWN. But their next game Dragon Age, is going to FPP for exploration, which completely rules out the game f
      • As I am also a big fan of the Balders Gate series, perhaps a lack of real RPG games is the issue? The SW:KOTOR games were enjoyable, but short and I really didn't want to replay. (They also showed that you could write much better stories in the SW worlds than EpI-III, by using completely different eras than EpIV-VI)
        Yes, I really dont see why everything has to be FPP, I always remembered people saying that BG2 didn't look that great, but I thought the graphics looked fine.
        I guess the industry has decided to
        • Tomb raider is if anything, even worse. KOTOR is also unplayable for me. Racing games are a bit of an issues, but I haven't played any for a while.

          NWN represents a more modern game engine (still uses a 3d engine) than BG/BG2 that causes me zero problems. So they can still use a 3d engine and not make me sick. The difference is putting control of the camera in my hands instead of tracking every move of the onscreen characters. Overhead views are good. FPP or Third Person Perspective behind the character kill
  • Ah, Ubisoft: the people using the StarForce copyprotection system? No, thanks. I'm not touching any of your games.
    Electronic Arts? The company buying good gaming companies, bringing out a trashy Version 2 of their game, and then letting them die? No, thanks.

    What particularly poor companies to show as examples eager to do something.
    • Denial: "There is no way I'm buying something called Wii!"
    • Anger: "What in the hell were they thinking? The marketing for the Revolution was already in place!"
    • Bargaining: "Just let me have Super Smash Bros. Eleventy-billion, OK? Or maybe just a good Mario Kart?"
    • Depression: "Why did they let the marketing department come up with the name... Oh [deity] I can't let my friends know I'm buying one... They will make fun of me forever!"
    • Acceptance: "Fine... Whatever. Just so long as the games are fun I don't care wh

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