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Comment Re:what (Score 2, Interesting) 234

My math teacher would prohibit us from using our own calculators on tests. He had a set of calculators that he kept for when we had tests, and he would hand them out--blanked--and we had to write our own programs on them in the 30mins before the test. His thought was if you could memorize your program to type it out before the test, you deserved to use it on the test. However, most of the students used the extra time to just do the test manually because it really wasen't smart to spend the time on typing out a program you would use maybe 3 times on a test.

Of course I got around that little restriction. I made a small PIC along with a 512KB EEPROM that would load all my programs onto the calculator through the link port that was the size of a matchbox. I could connect it, upload all my programs, and then use them on the tests. It had switches that would let me load the TI83 loadout (the calculators that he supplied) and my TI89 which I used on a daily basis. God, I loved that calc. I would still have it if not for the great coffee incident of 1999... Rest in Peace, TI89. You've done good, now it is time to rest.

Comment Re:Go STEAM yourself ... (Score 1) 176

Steam isn't that bad, as it keeps all my games in one place forever and I never have to worry about finding the disks later when I want to play for 15mins and then get over the nostalgia I was feeling before.

If Steam goes down and away forever? Then oh noes I have to search for 30 seconds to get the game I bought and paid for on Newsgroups.

What is bad about Steam is that there is no built-in torrent support to make the damn games download faster. That should be a GD requirement for any of these online-based apps where 2-4gb of data has to be downloaded before I can play. If you check the servers for my Key, then what does it matter if I download it from somewhere else?

Hell, even APT-P2P showed that was possible.


Plug-In Hybrids Aren't Coming, They're Here 495

Wired is running a story about the small but vocal, and growing, number of people who aren't waiting for automakers to deliver plug-in hybrids. They're shelling out big money to have already thrifty cars converted into full-on plug-in hybrids capable of triple-digit fuel economy. "The conversions aren't cheap, and top-of-the-line kits with lithium-ion batteries can set you back as much as $35,000. Even a kit with lead-acid batteries — the type under the hood of the car you drive now — starts at five grand. That explains why most converted plug-ins are in the motor pools of places like Southern California Edison... No more than 150 or so belong to people like [extreme skiing champion Alison] Gannett, who had her $30,000 Ford Escape converted in December. Yes, that's right. The conversion cost more than the truck."

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