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Comment Re:Honest question: what is the best... (Score 1) 104

Yeah, weirdly the least compatible Windows tablet was created by Microsoft themselves. The original Surface ran the more proprietary "Windows RT" which did not support the full Windows runtime.

That said, it is yet unknown what restrictions the upcoming "Cloud Edition" of Windows 10 will have. A leaked build seems to indicate this will at least optionally lock a device to the app store only, but it is unclear what types of devices this will be targeted at and whether that limitation can be disabled.

Comment Re:Honest question: what is the best... (Score 1) 104

Like I said, it depends largely on what your requirements are. We live in an age where a serviceable notebook computer can be had for $200 and a $50 Fire or Nook is actually a pretty solid choice for basic tasks.

With Windows you also have a far more standardized architecture, with updates being provided directly by the software vendor rather than needing to be customized by each manufacturer. Upgrading the little Stream 7 tablet that I picked up for $49 a couple years back to Windows 10 worked fine. Hardly a speed demon, but still usable.

I wouldn't necessarily recommend going extreme budget, but I also wouldn't recommend against it for someone with modest needs.

Comment Re:And now a Rant from all the Vista Supporters... (Score 1) 167

There is a difference between market segmentation and what retail outlets choose to carry. Microsoft's own internal roadmaps reflect that a consumer edition was planned and scrapped.

You give one very likely explanation of why they would include DirectX in Windows 2000 (and before it Windows NT, for that matter) - as a workstation platform for developers.

Comment Re:And now a Rant from all the Vista Supporters... (Score 1) 167

Just because some vendors sold into the consumer market does not mean it was released /for/ the consumer market. I can go out and buy an F-750 as a daily driver, too, but that does not reflect on Ford's market segmentation.

There was a consumer version planned at one point, called Microsoft Neptune, but that was canned after one alpha release.

Comment Re:Microsoft disables Windows on AMD Ryzen process (Score 1) 173

Windows 7 hit end of mainstream support over two years ago, in 2015. Windows 8 will still be in mainstream support until January, but Microsoft announced they would not be supporting next generation hardware on the upcoming architectures over a year ago, largely due to driver support issues.

I'm sure that fueling adoption of Windows 10 is part of their motivation for the policy, but it is likely that the chip makers were not particularly interested in supporting one platform that has less than three years of extended support left and another that is nearing extended support and never achieved broad uptake in the first place.

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