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Comment Re:Did KDE survive KDE3-KDE4? (Score 1) 515

Ha, I don't come here that much anymore, but this snippet reminded me of my old Linux days:

>Yeah, that's not the KDE SC's fault, that's nepomuk / akanodi / strigi / phonon / your graphics. Except only KDE depended on those shitty back-ends in the first place.

I experienced the same treatment with Graphic cards, WinModems, and ALSA audio config. I "exited" the desktop Linux world about 10 years ago and man, I really don't miss that.

Comment Re:More specific (Score 1) 155

Sounds like it is GraphViz.

It is a bummer that such a nice project is in a state like that. I would recommend a lot to make a fork in GitHub so that the source code has more visibility.

Also, someone touched a very good point. A lot of young people are now focusing on Web technologies (like JS). Are you aware of vis.jz ? (a port of GraphViz engine to JavaScript) We use it were I work now to very quickly visualize graphs.

I really like the Dot language, and after tinkering with several JS graphing programs, I concluded that GraphViz layout algorithm is the best (for big graphs, pretty much all the others showed crap, while GV shows a decent image).

Comment Re:PDF is problematic by design (Score 1) 193

The best solution I found to read PDF (in my PRS-950) is to crop their margin with BRISS and read them full-screen on the ebook-reader. When the font is still too small, I can do landscape reading... unfortunately, due to the PRS-900 form, a page is broken in 3 (the PRS-650 breaks it in two, which IMO is better). Or with BRISS it is also possible to split pages in two segments, but I don't like that as much.

Comment Re:I agree (Score 1) 312

I /kind of/ agree:

I prefer reading books in eBook format. I've got a Sony reader in which I can read all kind of books (including BRISS'd PDFs).

However, I prefer buying dead-tree books. Because as things stand now "buying" an eBook is not actually "buying" but just renting for a really high price.

Comment Re:Correction (Score 1) 127

I don't really want to get into details here because it gets really technical,

This is Slashdot. What else is Slashdot good for, if not "really technical"?

You are 10 years late to that slashdot who liked to discuss technical stories such as deCSS, Sony Rootkit and Fyodor's nmap.

Comment Re:Sega did it (Score 1) 335

Dont be so sure. Back in the day when I played videogames there was a very strong Sony vs Nintendo rivalry. Specially in the SNES vs Genesis generation I remember some Sega people saying that the SNES was not truly 16bit (but super-charged 12 bits). The thing is, Sega fans would laugh at the thought of a Sonic game in a Nintendo console... fast forward 15 years, and it is the *only* place where you can get a Sega game.

I can imagine than in 5 to 10 years, all the Nintendo franchises (Zelda, Mario, Metroid, etc) will be part of either Microsoft or Sony's console. The latter would be very funny (or sad, depending on how you see it) as in the beginning Sony's gaming technology was supposed to work for Nintendo.

Comment Re:rather have money (Score 2) 524

So much bullshit, at least for the UK.

I lived there for 4 years and I used the NHS quite frequently and on all levels (from GP to hospital specialists and doing several kinds of analysis).

If anything, what is horrible with the NHS is the GPs, because you only get 15 minutes (counted by the second) and that's it. GPs do not seem to care, and you are just a number.

But once you get to the specialist and hospital, everything changes. First, everything is free, so you do not have to worry. Second, the specialists in the hospitals seem to really care, and you know that they are going to make all analysis necessary to find your problem. And you don't have to care about the cost.

I miss that system, really.

Comment Take it to ycombinator (Score 1) 205

I recommend you take this question to It is a forum were lots of entrepreneurs meet and discuss. Most likely, in Slanshot you will only get responses undervaluing your job/algorithm, saying how many ways it sucks and how you could achieve the same with current X or Y (including virtualdub) open source technologies.

Good luck!

Comment Re:Qt Creator. (Score 1) 97

I always liked DevCPP and later Code::Blocks. KDevelop seemed very buggy as it crashed very often, and it also felt very resource hungry (and you needed a lot of clicks to start a project or program.

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