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Sony Joins the Offensive Against Pre-Owned Games 461

BanjoTed writes "In a move to counter sales of pre-owned games, EA recently revealed DLC perks for those who buy new copies of Mass Effect 2 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Now, PlayStation platform holder Sony has jumped on the bandwagon with similar plans for the PSP's SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 3. '[Players] will need to register their game online before they are able to access the multiplayer component of the title. UMD copies will use a redeemable code while the digital version will authenticate automatically in the background. Furthermore ... anyone buying a pre-owned copy of the game will be forced to cough up $20 to obtain a code to play online."

Comment Re:Ugh, 90s style fighting (Score 1) 83

Correlation != Causation

Street fighter 3 never had a chance in America. Arcades were already dead in America when it released. The only console it was released when it was semi fresh was the dream cast after the dream cast was decided upon to be a failure. It was later rereleased on the ps2 but that was after the game was years old already. Most never even knew it existed.

Street fighter 4 sells due to nostalgia. Street fighter 4 is popular because it is the first street fighter game that many people have played since the release of Street fighter 2. They never played street fighter 3 (or the alpha series for a large part) to be able to judge it.

Comment Re:Ugh, 90s style fighting (Score 1) 83

To me that is like saying "who needs cartoons when we have film." They are two different mediums use to produce two different kinds of products. I would much rather have a sprite representing a cartoony character than a 3d model with shading effects try and represent a cartoony character. It just looks better.

Sprites and 2d games are not dead technologies. There are things that look better in sprites then in 3d. When dealing with things that are supposed to look like a cartoon or be very stylized, sprites have an incredible edge over 3d. If you want something to look realistic, then 3d has an edge.

Of course I am only of those crazy people who think street fighter 3 is better then street fighter 4 in just about every way. including graphics.

Comment Re:When did comic books become legitimate? (Score 1) 214

I disagree. there is something special about games that movies don't have. Although the story is unfolding in a 3rd person fashion there is a direct connection between the main character and yourself. Games like the longest journey have a unique quality that having the player control the actions of April Ryan allows them to more fully understand and relate with the character. It add a larger feeling of ownership and makes that things that happen to the character feel more personal. because they aren't just happening to the game character in a way they are happening to you as well.

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