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LoTR:LEGO Originals 106

kiddailey writes "What do you get when you combine standard Lego bricks with Lord of the Rings? A really cool version of Bag End that would make any LOTR and Lego geek as happy as Smeagol with a stomach full of fisheses. If only I could be so creative... or have so much spare time. Be sure to check out his whole gallery of cool lego builds."
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LoTR:LEGO Originals

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  • Huh? (Score:3, Funny)

    by Anonymous Coward on Sunday September 15, 2002 @05:53PM (#4262280)
    Geeks in space? Methinks the halfling's weed has clouded your mind!
  • More cool Lego stuff (Score:5, Interesting)

    by djn ( 118825 ) on Sunday September 15, 2002 @05:58PM (#4262300) Homepage
    A few weeks ago I stumbled across this [thereverend.com] great site.
    Lego Bible stories! Even for non-religious types, the cool photography and often hilarious captions make for hours of entertainment.
  • I clicked on the link, to see it, figuring that it wouldn't hurt it TOO bad this early. Nope. Well, the first row of pictures loaded up fine, but then it started getting slower and slower . . .I could almost feel the heat of the server melting on my face. The last two pictures have now died. And google has no cache, even if it would help. Sigh.
  • by Cyno01 ( 573917 ) <Cyno01@hotmail.com> on Sunday September 15, 2002 @06:01PM (#4262317) Homepage
    These are mostly Harry Potter bricks.
  • Hehe (Score:1, Funny)

    by Anonymous Coward
    No-one even wants to touch this topic with their identity unmasked. :)
  • by jukal ( 523582 ) on Sunday September 15, 2002 @06:08PM (#4262347) Journal
    if you still liked playing with LEGOS and it was a computer case made out of legos [directron.com] by Paul Rea : "I then got the idea to make the entire case out of LEGOS. I had originally intended to make the drives on stilts of LEGOS but that did not work out as well as I had hoped. Over that first month I thought of several concepts and finally decided to build the case you now see in the attached photographs" - this won the mod contest [directron.com] organized by directron.com.
  • Try here [ericharshbarger.org]. Too bad HE hasn't built a LOTR set...although I figure some Slashdot reader has the money to commission such a project. Well...maybe not.
  • Someone should get this guy together with some stop-motion animators. I'd love to see a feature length Legos: LOTR production.
  • by Kaz Riprock ( 590115 ) on Sunday September 15, 2002 @06:31PM (#4262445)
    These are cool....but this [malagraphixia.com] is cooler.
  • Age groups 4-10... I'm going down for this one :)

    No, seriously, I loved legos when I was small, and I still have a passion for them, but I am however sick of all the hype around LoTR, seems the second generation Tolkien or whomever owns the right sold out about as much as Geroge Lucas did, but this is getting offtopic, so I'll end this here.

    Btw, Mindworks rule! :)
    • Note, "the sold out" part doesn't mean this case (I don't think you can buy these can you? (If you can, then this counts as well)), but in general all of LoTR stuff that is in every store I enter, that's the source of my frustration... And now I'm even more off-topic, so I definitely better end this here.
      • The thing with LOTR is that a lot us read, you know, the books. Now years later it's a popular movie and everyone's all ooh ooh Legolas, oooh LOTR is da bomb and shit. And we're like hello? it's been a book series since like the 1950s. Can you even read?

        I did really enjoy the movie though.

        • I agree totally, I read the books seven years ago.
          What has really gotten to me, more than all the hype is what I heard after seeing the movie:

          1. I pity all of those who read the books, wasted their time on that, instead of just waiting for the movie.

          2 [about the movie, from the row behind]. Typical Hollywood ending, always leaving it open for a sequal.

          The last was actually more funny than annoying, they're the kind of people I'd like to throw a book at though.
  • Right, taking all bets as to how much longer this server will stand up to the /.'ing.
  • Hey! (Score:2, Funny)

    by Twintop ( 579924 )
    Lego my Eggo! Erm, wait, wrong product. LEGO my Halfling's Weed!
  • Now I have seen everthing. A pissed off Lego God. What gives with the angry eyebrows in the Genesis series?

  • by remf ( 546124 )
    This must be a new use of the word "cool" with which I am not yet familiar. I also revel in my own geek-hood...but holy shite....
    • Now I guess you can add prick to your resume.
      • OMIGOD...you, like, totally burned me dude! Now spit the cock out or your mouth and build me some lego shit...
        • LEGOs aren't my hobby. Go read another thread if you can't appreciate the work the guy did.
          • I appreciate his efforts just fine. I just stated that this is a bit extreme...and last I checked, I could comment on anything I wanted. If you don't like my comments, you're free not to respond to them.
  • It's a mobile crane (yeah it sounds dull, but it's really well done - check it out)

    background: Liebherr LG1550 [legotrucks.com]

    just pics: crane pics [brickshelf.com]

    • Ah yes...I'm a prick cause I have neither the time nor the money to waste on such projects...sorry...forgot about that...thpppt... Now build yourself a life partner.
      • No, you're a prick because you ripping on someone's hobby mr. go-play-with-your-legos-cuz-i'm-doing-nuclear-phys ics-in-my-bathtub.
        • I never once made and detrimental comment reguarding this man's hobby. I suppose the greater question would be, why are you so damn defensive about it? I express my opinion, which was "Holy Shite" and all of a sudden I'm a prick?!? (And I doubt it was all of a sudden as it's a position that I have been nurturing for years) I can make comments about that and I'm sure that people would make the same comments about some of my hobbies. I think what he did was fairly cool. But, I also feel that what he did borders on the extreme of fan dom...just like learning the elvish language is fairly extreme...IMO. Then again..somewhere I have buried a copy of the Klingon dictionary...so I speak from experience and understanding. And once again...if I post something you don't like...please feel free to go fuck yourself instead of reply.
          • I never once made and detrimental comment reguarding this man's hobby.

            Except where you said the headline blurb was an unfamiliar use of "cool" and it's a waste of time and money I guess.

            You don't seem to think I have the same right to comment that you do.

    • These are two different versions of the same crane - by two different people. Dennis did his in much larger scale than mine. You can find more info about mine here [lugnet.com].
  • by Tokerat ( 150341 ) on Sunday September 15, 2002 @08:26PM (#4262928) Journal

    ...to "Legolas"
  • by Nathdot ( 465087 ) on Sunday September 15, 2002 @08:46PM (#4263031)
    The following links are a necessity when a lego story is posted on /.

    brick testament [thereverend.com]
    lego pr0n [corrupt.net] :)
  • Also check out Brick Tales [ozbricks.net], which has a lot of the trilogy storyboarded in Legos -- more than just locations.
  • LEGOS does not exist, LEGO and LEGO blocks and pieces of lego do exist - etc etc etc... The last article on /. said legos - it grates me like fingernails on a blackboard......
  • by jdbo ( 35629 ) on Sunday September 15, 2002 @10:13PM (#4263378)
    ...can be found here [ozbricks.net].

    I actually prefer this approach, because although some of the character design details aren't as well executed as in the posted article (this guy is using more generic legos), he's going much further overall, re-creating the story with approprately composed and lit photographs. Kick-ass!

    Also, the humorous element of using legos is more apparent - the Moria "Watcher in the Water" is one of the funniest single images I saw on the web this year (yeah, I'm a Tolkien geek _and_ a lego geek. Watch out, ladies!)

    BTW, this is part of a larger collection of fun lego pages, here's [ozbricks.net] the main directory.

  • hm.. i thought that doorknobs on hobbit holes were in the center of the door... ;)
  • this is actually quite cool...I wonder if he'd build me a transforming Veritech VF-1S if I sent him the LEGO. Nice work man!
  • Feeling old... (Score:2, Insightful)

    by pVoid ( 607584 )
    Hey, is it just me, or have Lego's gotten ever so 'gimmickey'.

    I remember when I was a kid, getting a non cubic shaped lego out of the box was one of the biggest joys of my life.

    Now all I see is parrots and sharks with only one 'lego hole' to attach them with. It takes away from all the interoperability of it...

    Oh well... that's just a trend these days I guess.
  • If you like this, check out the Brick Testament [bricktestament.com] (http://www.bricktestament.com)
  • Hey I made a set of LOTR lego figures once.. complete with LEGO-lass, the scottish elf girl.
  • What happened to this fab model?

    Since David W Thomas Jr's site seems to have disappeared all you can get is a peek here:
    http://www.jqnweb.com/index.php?itemid=128& catid=8
  • necessary link (Score:3, Informative)

    by shd99004 ( 317968 ) on Monday September 16, 2002 @11:11AM (#4265899) Homepage
    Check this one out:
    Monthy Python Lego Movie [lego.com]
  • It's probably just me. Don't get me wrong, I think both LOTR and Legos are fantasic. Surely both are examples of the highest art in both fiction and toymaking. I am not sure I like them together too much. It's the marketing aspect. It is a way for the marketers of LOTR to embed their mimes into an otherwise benign carrier in order to influence the behavior of the young so as to access the contents of the parents wallets. I wonder if the end-state of the information age is such that every conceivable object or bundle of information is packed with marketing memes designed to influence the buying behavior of the mass consumer market. It has been commonplace for many years to do product-placements in visual media, in which marketers pay money to have their message displayed within film or television show. How long before the marketing becomes the message? How long before advertisers start secretly paying scriptwriters, authors, and songwriters to create works containing the marketing message? Or has it already happened?
  • hey, I've never been slash dotted before, I didn't even know this place existed! Anyways, just to clear up a few misperceptions, Lego does not make any type of tolkien related product. These are recombinations from existing parts from almost every Lego theme, from town to space to pirate etc. So the commercialisation of Tolkiens world does not include lego bricks (they are currently cramming harry potter down peoples throats!) Also, for those of you who feel that maybe this generation of fans is in someway inferior to those who grew up watching those abominable 1970's cartoon specials on TV, you are correct, I grew up watching those things, and boy can I say they built character! Something a casual movie watcher will be sorely lacking! If you are wondering about my loyalty to book over movie, you'll notice that there are almost more creations from The Two Towers (which will be released later this year)my favorite two books in the Novel! thanks for all of the web hits, and comments! - "Nerd of the Rings"
  • Each step more desperate than the last.

    First we have an adult male (I think that's a fairly safe bet) with an unhealthy obsession with Tolkein.

    Second, this person also still plays with Lego.

    Third, he makes a hobbit hole out of Lego.

    Next, he photographs it for his website.

    Someone stumbles across said site, and thinks "Wow that's really cool! The guys on Slashdot will love this!" and he sends it in.

    One of the Slashdot editors thinks "Wow! That is *so* cool! I'll put it on the front page!"

    I spend five minutes of my life, that I can never have back, pointing this out.

    This, people, is why computer geeks get laughed at.
    • "This, people, is why computer geeks get laughed at."

      because someone does what they enjoy, or that you'll waste 5 minutes of your life pointing out how you think its wrong, even though it won't change anything?

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