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Journal Journal: Safari Vs. Chimera

So, exactly what is the deal? Safari, based on KHTML, or Chimera, based on Mozilla's Geko Engine. Which do you prefer? Which would you rather have in the long run, or would you rather have both? Personally I'm sad to see Chimera ditching so soon, it is technically superior to Safari (easpecially at this stage in it's beta). My website which renders completely correct in all different manner of browser, be it IE or Netscape/Mozilla-offspring, on just about any OS (tested on Linux, Windows, and Mac OS, both 9 and X) will not render correctly in Safari, which chokes on the heavy style sheets.

Oh what to do?
Internet Explorer

Journal Journal: Bug in Internet Explorer 5.x for MacOS

Houston, we have a problem...

There is a HUGE bug in Microsoft Internet Explorer for Mac, versions 5.0 and above, which not only renders it non-standards compliant, but may effectively break usage of certain web pages for Mac users.

It seems that when using multiple <BUTTON> tags in a <FORM>, IE will not POST the NAME or VALUE of the <BUTTON> to the server, rendering a menu based on <BUTTON>s useless. This bug only appears in the MacOS versions of IE, both for the Classic and X enviroments, from versions 5 through the most recent X incarnation 5.1.3, released with MacOS X 10.1.3. IE6 running on XP and Win98 SE where tested and found to be compliant. Likewise, Netscape and Mozilla for MacOS and Windows worked just fine. Other browsers (such as Opera, Konqueror, and iCab, for example) where not tested.

I have sent a bug report to Microsoft but have not recieved a response yet.

One can only be left to wonder how many websites this breaks for Mac users runnign Explorer. Netscape is slow on my machine and it renders pages ugly as sin. IE is responsive and quick (except with tables...ugh) which is why i prefer it, even though it comes from Redmond. Seeing as it is included with every copy of MacOS X, it might be nice for it to at least be HTML 4.0/HTTP1.1 compliant.


Journal Journal: QYFB 3

Alright, anyone who reads this be aware:

QYFB is now the official acronym for Quit Your Fuckin' Bitching. Anyone who whines on /. or anywhere else excessively is to be QYFB'd. This is not to say, however, anyone shall be denied the right to complain. Free Speech is the 1st Ammendment and certainly applies, and people therefore have the right to express their opinions on what is right, wrong, and just plain ridiculous with the world. But when an individual bitches to the point of near trolling they must be informed of their error. Especially on /., where such activity is rampant.

This was brought to my attention after the April 1st fiasco where no one would even bother to laugh or joke along, as if 65,000 other posters wern't going on about "OMFG TACO YOU NOT FUNNY AND YER WIFE SUX"

User Journal

Journal Journal: Wisdom Teeth Suck

I just had my wisdom teeth out. It sucked ass.

I'm not interesting.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Hey i remembered this thing

Hey I remembered about this thing. Cool. I dunno what to write., I just drank a beer while taking a shower, it was great. Whatever. Leave me messages so i can feel like I have friends.
User Journal

Journal Journal: What the hell is this for?

My permanent record? Why would i keep a journal on Slashdot? people want to know interesting things about me? Hah.

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