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Comment Re:Damn! (Score 1) 150

I can only assume that griefing has crossed their minds and they have some mechanism of coping with it. I am extremely excited about this game but when I read the bit about events scaling...They're talking about how they've solved the problem of kill-stealing but is PvP interaction enabled in public areas? If ten people are "participating" in an event but two or three of them are attacking the other players, that's a problem. Heck, if ten people are participating and two or three are just hanging around doing nothing to make the event scale harder for the remaining players, that's a problem. I can only hope and trust that this possibility is obvious enough that there was some consideration of it in the development of these interactions.

At Pax East, they commented further on this. Kill-stealing is solved because everyone who participates gets full credit and full reward for doing so. They also said that if 10 people are fighting and 2-3 are standing there, the AI is smart enough not to count them in its scaling calculations (they can even plink the enemy a bit to "act" interested...but still not count because they aren't meeting the level necessary to be considered "active" participants). From what they said at the convention panel, it does truly appear like all of these things have been taken into consideration.

Comment Doesn't surprise me (Score 2, Interesting) 185

Given how rudimentary and just plain awful Kodak's interface was for their WiFi picture frames from 2 years ago when I bought a few for the family to share the same albums with each other across the nation, this story doesn't surprise me in the least.

I mean, who lets the frame go on the internet and builds in a timer for when to turn the frame off and on at night...but then when it comes back on it ONLY goes to its own internal memory and NOT the last gallery you were viewing via the WiFi?? Every morning you have to reconnect it to the internet galleries...and its ability to cache the pics from the internet is so poor that it will often claim it has an "error" and...REVERT BACK TO INTERNAL MEMORY! It's next to impossible to use it to view galleries on the internet...that can ONLY be on their website...AND that they're now CHARGING you to keep "active"!

So, no, it doesn't surprise me at all that they could screw even this basic security up.

Comment Ultimate Evil (Score 1) 527

Isn't something of "pure evil" going to ultimately not be evil?

Wouldn't that be the ultimate evil act against someone who is searching for an A.I. that is pure evil?

To give him something that is not evil at all in return for his efforts.

Comment Re:Slap in the face, perhaps not. (Score 1) 789

You are spot on with the MMS and Tethering delays. That, alone, is enough reason to indict AT&T for asshatery more than any lack of upgrade pricing on 3G to 3GS.

You're squeezing us so hard because of your exclusivity, AT&T, but not keeping up with the hardware/software developer. You might just find more of us finding our way between your clenched fingers because of it. I've held off on jailbreaking my phone, but I could be using MMS and tethering TODAY if I wanted to, AT&T. Of course, then, I wouldn't have to be forced into being your customer, either. Consider your expediency in meeting the developer's abilities wisely.

Comment Re:Jenny McCarthy (Score 1) 1056

No, unlike the neurons in your head, they do work...en masse and never to 100% of all strains of the virus for which they immunize.

Anyone who has gotten an MMR shot, including myself, are immunized against the Mumps virus with Genotype A (Jeryl Lynn strain). In 2006, Iowa recently had a big (relatively speaking) Mumps outbreak that was sourced to Genotype G. Even MMR-immunized people were susceptible (albeit to a much lesser likelihood than the non-immunized).

If not immunizing your kids were to get out of hand and less than 75-86% of the U.S. were immunized against genotype A, it would infect enough people that it could change into a new genotype and infect even the immunized by getting around the vaccine, the same way genotype G is already able to do.

Being vague in how you define a vaccine "working" isn't insightful and does nothing but shroud reality.

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