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Pirate Party Wins At Least One European Parliament Seat 674

reeeh2000 writes "According to TorrentFreak, with half of polling stations now closed in Sweden, the Pirate Party has at least one guaranteed seat in the EU Parliament. Currently, the party is sitting with 7% of the vote. Depending on how the remaining districts voted, the Pirate Party could win another seat, for a total of two." Reader lordholm adds a link to an article about exit polls in Sweden (link in Swedish) indicating that the Pirate Party will score two seats, writing "According to the polls, the pirate party is the largest party in the 18-30 year age category of voters. The final counting of votes (including around a million postal votes) will not be done until later next week."

Comment Re:Let me be the first one to say it ... (Score 1) 1870

Well, the truth is that ThePirateBay never did copy other people's work, it was the people seeding and leeching the torrent that did so, and broke the law, even in Sweden.

That is the essence in this case, thepiratebay folks are only maintaining a site which indexes and presents user content (ie torrents), no where along the line do they infringe on someone's copyright. The scary part is that you can easily draw parallels, and perhaps eventually cite precedence, from thepiratebay to for example google or even ISPs, as they both contribute to illegal downloads. The latter will likely be the next group up for court, which is already happening in Denmark and Norway.


Submission + - Don't overlook command line processing

An anonymous reader writes: Command-line processing is historically one of the most ignored areas in software development. Just about any relatively complicated software has dozens of available command-line options. The GNU tool gperf is a "perfect" hash function that, for a given set of user-provided strings, generates C/C++ code for a hash table, a hash function, and a lookup function. This article provides a reference for a good discussion on how to use gperf for effective command-line processing, and on command-line processing techniques in general.

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