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Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Trailer 210

tetsuo13 writes "Bandai Entertainment Inc. in conjunction with Production I.G. has acquisition of the home video and broadcast rights in North America for the highly anticipated anime television series - Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. Created by Production I.G., original story by Masamune Shirow, directed by Kenji Kamiya, and music by Yoko Kanno Stand Alone Complex is the television series sequel to the animated film that redefined Japanese animation, Ghost in the Shell. A trailer was released a few short days ago for those that just can't wait!! Get it here (45 MB download)."
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Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Trailer

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  • For those who can't wait, they will have to wait several more days to be able to download the 45 mb trailer.
  • The story's not two minutes old, and the trailer is already missing.

    The fastest slashdotting ever?

    (And on an unrelated topic, will Apple report that their G4 can slashdot faster than light?)
  • The link didn't work a wee ago.
  • I hope it subtitled (Score:4, Interesting)

    by evilned ( 146392 ) on Sunday September 01, 2002 @12:26PM (#4180657) Homepage
    Ghost in the Shell was the anime movie that made me realize how evil english dubs can be. The movie made no sense at all with the english dubbed version, it just seemed like a visual treat, with some sort of philosophical substance that I wasnt getting However, when I finally got a chance to watch it in japanese with subtitles, it finally made sense, it still wasnt philosophically meaty, but I didnt feel that the movie was just an excuse to draw the major naked. Either way, the animation was brilliant, and since the series will prolly be on DVD, I can have my subtitles and japanese voices.
    • by Dixie_Flatline ( 5077 ) <vincent DOT jan DOT goh AT gmail DOT com> on Sunday September 01, 2002 @12:39PM (#4180706) Homepage
      As I recall, actually, the movie was ORIGINALLY produced in English, and later dubbed into Japanese. I've seen both versions, and they're both pretty inpenetrable. Make no mistake, though. I loved it, and I love Masamune Shirow.

      As for the Major being naked, if you read the comic, she spends a lot more time naked there. (Well, sorta. There are some deleted scenes.)
      • This is really for all of you replying to this thread! WRONG WRONG WRONG.

        Sorry got caught up in all the "no, YOUR wrong" going back and forth.

        Everything that I've read about GitS says that it was a simultaneous release for Japan/Brit/USA. Reviewers talked about how ambitious it was to do such a thing given that every other movie in the world does staged releases based on geography.
      • You could also say that she wasn't naked.

        I'm unsure if the missing genitals in the movie were censorship or that she simply doesn't need genitals.

        In the (uncensored) comic she had sex in cyberspace, on a sailboat, in a tropical setting, with 2 other women :)
      • This is simply not true. The Ghost in the Shell (Koukaku Kidoutai) manga was written in Japanese, then translated into English, with some pages deleted which contained some virtual reality lesbian sex. The English version of the manga probably DID come out before the Japanese version of the movie, but the Japanese version of the movie came out before the English version. In the United States, the English verison of the movie was released to theatres. The VHS home video release may have been English-only. I don't remember. I'm pretty sure the English laserdisc version had the Japanese language track, though. Most people didn't get to see the subtitled version until the DVD release. Of course, this is all very ironic, since the movie takes place mostly in Hong Kong.

        You may be thinking of the recent "Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust". That film was originally written for and dubbed in English. The Japanese release was the English dub with Japanese subtitles. There were plans to do a Japanese dub, but I don't know if that ever happened or not. It isn't really important either way.

        • Actually i have a subtitled VHS of it here. Watched it once, was more than enough of it for me. I personally loved the manga but greatly disliked the movie. I am not really sure if it was just the fact that the movie made little or no sense, or if it had something to do with the guys artwork (I am not really a fan of the movies art style, don't get me wrong though the art was good, just not my style).
        • actually GITS was origianlly produced in english. there was a japanese dub created early on but the original was in english
          actually it was one of the few animes where the english version was better then the japanese one. i've watched both and foudn the japanese to be sadly quite a let down, i usually watch anime in japanese and am easily irritated by poor dubs but i've only watched GITS in japanese once, after seeing it once i decided to watch it in english from that point on.
        • Nobody will dispute the release order of the manga. Masamune Shirow primarily works in Japanese, and has to go through Studio Proteus and Dark Horse to have his stuff translated into English.

          However, all news that I heard in the past, when leading up to the release, and by googling around, it appears that it enjoyed a simultaneous release in Britain, the US, and Japan. This means that if English production wasn't formost on the list, it was a serious consideration for release. However, I can easily believe that the show was animated with English voice acting in mind. For once, the cadence of speech and synching with the characters doesn't seem brutally out of place or rushed.

          Personally, I wish the GitS-mania would dissipate so Shirow could finish up Appleseed, which I've always felt was the better story. I suppose GitS appeals more strongly to geeks and hackers, but Appleseed has more human characters (even Briareos is more human than Motoko, it seems!) and a better fleshed out universe. But I digress...

    • I'm a big anime fan. I consider the dubbing on DVD's a kind of bonus. I usally watch the first run in japanese with subtitles. Then the second time I watch in english dub with subtitles. It's often a blast to see how differnent the two versions are.
  • This story found its way into yesterdays story on the animatrix. The link was dead in that story as well. And the site itself does not have a link to the trailer....

    read into that what you will
  • Ghost is one of the best films I've seen, Anime or otherwise. And given that it doesn't suffer from Dragonball GT syndrome (aka its actually written by Masamune Shirow), I'm looking forward to the series. Any info on number of eps, seiyuu, etc? Gotta know how many DVDs to budget when they're released...
  • Learn Japanese (Score:5, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward on Sunday September 01, 2002 @12:31PM (#4180672)
    I know this will get modded as a troll, or flamebait or whatever, and I don't care.

    Basically, if you want to watch Anime in it's native form, you have to learn Japanse. Not only because the English translations are less accurate than running the whole script through Google's automatic translator, then displaying the ASCII text on an EBCDIC machine *without* any translation, but because generally, you have to be able to understand Japanese culture to fully appreciate a lot of the finer points, (that's one huge reason *why* the English versions are edited so heavily - the original would not appeal to a large percentage of the English-speaking audience, (apparently)).

    Even if you don't bother to learn the Japanese language very well, (which I could understand, because it's not something to be done overnight), at least learn *some*, and read up about life in Japan. There is an excellent book published by, I think, Kodansha, which is in Japanese and English, which basically tells you everything you would ever need to know about life in Japan. Imagine it as the Japanese-culture equivillent to *nix manual pages, and that's it. It's excellent. Unfortunately, I cannot remember the name of the book, and I am too lazy to walk 1 yard over to the bookshelf to look, but just search on Google for it, and I'm sure you'll find it.
    • Re:Learn Japanese (Score:5, Insightful)

      by ErMaC ( 131019 ) <ermac@er m a c s t u d i o s .org> on Sunday September 01, 2002 @01:21PM (#4180834) Homepage
      OK Since I'm currently in Japan, currently speak Japanese, and am an insane anime fan (please don't slashdot my homepage) I can sort of speak on this subject with at least some sense that I know what I'm talking about.

      I will agree that learning Japanese will benefit your enjoyment and understanding of Japanese, especially of Japanese culture. You can tell who these people are when they laugh at the scene in TenchiMuyo OVA ep1 where Aeka sneezes right after Ryoko talks (those who've seen it know what I'm talking about). Cultural nuances like that will fall on deaf... eyes, unless you provide liner notes or something. Also there are plenty of things in Japanese which just do not translate. There is no good way to translate the fact that certain people in Scyed talk in Keigo all the time. There is no good way to translate the pun in Puni Puni Poemi involving 80 gram breasts (and it's a brilliant pun).

      However, that's absolutely no basis to say that learning Japanese is a necessary requirement for watching Anime. A good subtitler (like I am, I'd like to believe) will spend a whole lot of time to get things just right, and to communicate as much information as possible in the most natural way with losing as little from the original as possible. A good subtitling job can usually provide 95% of the meaning, tone, and nuance of the original. There are plenty of ways to translate things which give you a very good idea of what's going on, and to say that watching raw is necessary is just rediculous.

      Would I not watch film just because I'm not familiar with Goddard's New Wave editing technique? No - that's silly. Would I not drive a car if I didn't know what the inner workings of my timing belt were? No.

      Would I not use a computer if I didn't know the source code for my operating system by heart? No.

      That's analogous to what you're saying. Even if you cannot get the complete 100% picture doesn't mean you can't enjoy it, grow from it, and then from that maybe decide it would be a good idea put in the effort to find out what that bit you're missing is.

      Various other responses:
      To the obvious troll. Jesus man, you'd learn C just so you could hack your operating system? Get a life!

      About the mention of vocabulary in Anime: That's a bunch of bullocks. Anime's vocabulary, style, and everything else about its speech is generally on par with Japanese people. Take a look at American television. Does everyone there talk in really funky accents and use huge amounts of slang? No. Could you imagine Dan Rather saying "Next in dis hizzouz we be hitting up our home skillit down in Tehran for a breaking news up-dizzate!" Japanese television has people talking in just that - Japanese. Anime is no exception. In fact Anime is closer to the actual way Japanese people talk since most (almost all) of the time, it's fiction, and therefore the characters in it are suppose to be talking like real people, as opposed to the newscaster whose pronunciation has to be immaculate before they let him or her infront of the camera.
      • A good subtitling job can usually provide 95% of the meaning, tone, and nuance of the original. There are plenty of ways to translate things which give you a very good idea of what's going on, and to say that watching raw is necessary is just rediculous.

        For an extreme example of this, pick up the ADV Excel Saga DVD and flip on the Menchi notes. They point out most of the hard-to-spot (and occasionally very high-speed) visual gags and explain a bunch of the jokes. Even when it takes several paragraphs to do so. (You just have to either pause or read really, really fast. ;) ) A lot of fansubbers will do the same thing, although its rare for a commercial sub to point them out unless (like Excel Saga) they're the entire point of the show.

        Oh, and what Tenchi episode were you talking about again? Aeyka doesn't even appear in Ep1 - I think the bit you refer to is in Ep2 or 3. And that's easy to pick up with even a bit of understanding of Japanese culture. (And it is indeed amusing)

      • Oh my God, it's Justin Ermac! Hey man, I love all your AMV's, they're by far the best stuff out there. Keep up the good work!
      • Re:Learn Japanese (Score:3, Informative)

        by Have Blue ( 616 )
        There is a ((slightly) more) acceptable compromise featured on the Excel Saga DVDs. ADV calls them "vid-notes", and what they are is pop-up-video-style notes that explain the nuances that got left out. When Excel pulls some gag that makes absolutely NO sense in English I can at least read the note that says "This is a hilarious pun in Japanese" and know what I'm missing.
    • You must be one of those arseholes who demands people post in raw or subtitled only in a.b.m.anime. I hate you people.

      I watch quite a bit of anime. Clearly I appreciate it. A decent dub lets me concentrate on the ART and ANIMATION, which is what I like about anime.

      I even took a bit of japanese in college, and I honestly don't think it adds anything to my understanding or appreciation (because I don't remember a lick), which get along quite fine in english, thanks.

    • Was the book Japan: Profile of a Nation [amazon.ca]? It is indeed published by Kodansha and appears to be close to what you described.

      From the description on Amazon, it also appears to be a condensed version of their large encyclopedia: Japan: An Illustrated Encyclopedia [amazon.ca], which is an order of magnitude more expensive.
      • This is the book. (Score:2, Informative)

        by Anonymous Coward
        No, the book is 'Japan At A Glance':

        Here [amazon.com]

        My copy was a gift from a Japanese friend, (dunno why I mentioned that :-) ).

        I guess I should really have mentioned it in the original post.
    • Don't you think that's a little strong? I mean, a lot of the higher quality Anime's have strong character and plotting, but not knowing every nuance of Japanese culture can't detract that much from the over all feeling.

      I mean, I might miss a few little things, but I don't really think you need to know Japanese to appreciate Jin Roh or Akira. Even something set in contemporary Japan like Initial D comes across the language barrier. Anyone who loves cars would love that anime.

      Maybe it would help more for the romance stuff like Oh My goddess and Tenchi Muyo, but who cares about that sissy crap :P
  • by tuxedo-steve ( 33545 ) on Sunday September 01, 2002 @12:32PM (#4180679)
    Okay. A link to a file which will no doubt be extremely popular has just been posted on the front page, and it's 45 fricking megabytes. The /. effect on a news site or whatever is one thing; being totally inconsiderate to the poor sod who's hosting that file is quite another.

    Save it for the P2P nets, kids. This is a real good example of where we should be using them legitimately.
  • Oh, it's standalone...so 15-20MB of the trailer is the embedded QuickTime binaries? Oh wait...
  • by Raul654 ( 453029 ) on Sunday September 01, 2002 @12:35PM (#4180691) Homepage
    As if a hundred sysadmins were cried out in great pain, and were suddenly silenced.
  • Found it (Score:4, Informative)

    by MagPulse ( 316 ) on Sunday September 01, 2002 @12:36PM (#4180696)
    Click the link below the trailer header: http://www.sa.sakura.ne.jp/~straydog/oshii/gits-sa c/index.html [sakura.ne.jp]
  • by jukal ( 523582 ) on Sunday September 01, 2002 @12:39PM (#4180709) Journal
    [jukal@host jukal]$ /bin/bash
    [jukal@host jukal]$ *BOOOOO!*

    ...worst joke ever?

  • Ancient link? (Score:2, Informative)

    by clubin ( 542806 )
    That link has been dead since the 31st, at least. Is news moderation that slow around here or did the poster forget to check the link.
  • Anyone with bandwidth care to mirror it?
  • Instead of complaining, let's figure out a solution; does anyone know where else this can be found?
  • dude... (Score:3, Funny)

    by complex ( 18458 ) <complexNO@SPAMsplit.org> on Sunday September 01, 2002 @12:53PM (#4180750) Homepage
    i have a deep-seated fear of being alone. being made to stand alone for any amount of time is pure absolute torture. i hold cowboyneal responsible.

  • For crying out loud!
    A direct link to 45MB on the front page of Slashdot, how irresponsible is that.

    It is already gone, anyone got a link?

    I am still trying to get the Xmen 2 trailer that was pulled after it got slashdotted a few weeks back!

  • Ok.. just a few posts ago, there was a big uproar over MIT using some cobbled-together image from the Raditz comic. However, right here we have this little anime icon which I'm betting comes freom a source other than the editor's own drawing talents used on the very site that decried that such use in the MIT story.

    Anyone care to explain the diff to me?
  • This one is only 34.7 and can be found at: http://www.sa.sakura.ne.jp/~straydog/oshii/gits-sa c/gits-sac-trailer.mpeg I'm getting decent speed.
  • Moved (Score:2, Informative)

    by dpaton.net ( 199423 )
    the trailer is now HERE [sakura.ne.jp]

    I'll try to post a USA mirror in a little while.

  • I have Ghost in the Shell... on VHS and DVD. It's an interesting movie. Not really great compared to some of my old Nexus Studio subs when I was running an anime club, but it's pretty good.

    The question I have is, how did Ghost in the Shell redefine anime? There's nothing really that breath-taking.
    • I wouldn't say it necessarily redefined anime but it did bring back the story aspect. After Akira all I can remember is being subjected to was demon raping anime. If there was anything better then that, I sure as heck didn't run across it. When GitS came out along with Ninja Scroll in the same year (or close to it) it brought a whole new wave of American interest in Japanese animation. It reminded us that cartoons don't have to be just for kids or evil pornographic crap. Not to mention at the time it was released (94 or 95?) we were just getting into the tech boom, anything tech related was being gobbled up and we all know that Hot Cyborg Chicks Sell. God knows Iv picked up several shirts, wall scrolls, resin statues and figures all made because of Major Motoko Kusanagi.
  • It's the moment you've been waiting for! The outskirts of Neo-Toyko is attacked by Slashdot! Can Taco reactivate the Meta-Mod in time to save Neo-Toyko? Meanwhile, a stranger waits in the shadows!

    Next time on SLASHDOT Z!
  • Well, Heck.. (Score:3, Informative)

    by billatq ( 544019 ) on Sunday September 01, 2002 @02:32PM (#4181094)

    .. I can't think of a better use of college bandwidth :)

    All of them here [tamu.edu]

    I have 3 versions that I've mirrored:
    A 34.8 MB mpeg [tamu.edu]

    16.2 MB wmv [tamu.edu]

    and a 2.4 MB wmv [tamu.edu]

    Enjoy ;)

  • Mirrored DivX 7MB (Score:3, Informative)

    by Ken@WearableTech ( 107340 ) <{moc.rjsmailliwnek} {ta} {nek}> on Sunday September 01, 2002 @02:41PM (#4181123) Homepage Journal
    I've re-encoded it with DivX and halfed the screen size. It's just under 7 MB and mirrored it here [neuralrain.com]
  • Ok the show had some very slick animation, and had a pretty good story that could easily be the basis of a show. But to say it "redefined" anime is silly. I can think of a lot of other anime that were a lot more "redefining" qualities to them than that: Neon Genesis Evangelion, Cowboy Bebop, Serial Experiments Lain, Gundam, Ah! Megami-sama, Akira, Tenchi Muyo!, and others. Anyone else have some more worthy contenders? Intelligent responses please :)
    • Right... It's another case of a submitter passing off his opinion as fact. A bit annoying, personally. Of your choices, I'd definitely agree with Akira and Gundam, maybe Eva, but it has too much of that "Boy finds robot fights evil invaders for college credits" stuff for me. And Shinji just has to be the most hatable character alive in anime :p YMMV. Just to put things in perspective, I'm not a huge fan of Gundam either, but there's no denying it's giant robot influence on the genre. I guess GitS tries to be the Gibson of anime (which I suspect is why some hold it up as revolutionary), but it hardly redefines anything.
      • You know, I didn't mind Shinji. At first, yes he's annoying. Everyone like "just get into the damn thing and blow stuff up!", but that's not really the point of the character. That's Asuka's angle. Shinji probably would do his part to save the world if he had a reason for doing it other than his father wants him to do it. And that it's the ONLY thing his father wants him for. He's a messed up kid really, which was what made the series likable for me. It caught me off guard, I was expecting the kind of "woo hoo! I watched Gundam as a kid and now I get to beat aliens up in a big mecha!" character we've seen ad nauseum in other anime.
  • Got to love University Connections.
    34.8 MB MPEG [www.etv.cx]
    I really want to see If the server can handle the load :)
  • Ghost in the shell redefined animation? Hardly. Masamune Shiro's manga was better than the actual movie. Both Patlabor the second movie (which came out before, thus "redefining animation") and GitS were done by the same animator and both had the same plodding "trying to dive deep into philosophy" bit, ultimately doing themselves a disservice. Not to mention the manga has this funky 3-way lesbian scene... For something to redefine a genre, it has to change the way you look at it substantially so... I can't see GitS doing that, honestly.
  • The mpeg file is gone... See? We need web caches... It's stupid to have this file crossing the ocean thousands of times. Besides not using web caches [mnot.net] causes that those who cannot afford bandwidth costs cannot put content in the web... Caches now! [vancouver-webpages.com].
  • there is always animeFM :)

    http://www.anime.fm/download/gits-sac-trailer.mpeg [anime.fm]

    I already posted this link but it got burried in replies up above. I also probably should have mirrored the MPEG from the beginning. Anyway, go easy on my server please ^^;
  • Yoko Kanno (think Anime's John Williams) is doing the music for Stand Alone Complex. This is a huge surprise, because AFAIK, this is the first music she has done for a studio that is owned by someone other then Bandai.

    (Some of her music includes Bebop, Escaflowne, Macross Plus, Arjuna, etc).
    This is a great thing, as she has been sorely underused as of late.
    • I totally agree. I had the great fortune to be near the front of the stage at Anime Expo in 1999 when Yoko Kanno did a live concert. Simply amazing. Got to ask her a few questions too :P

      But I agree on her talent, her music is diverse, beautiful, and has depth. New listeners should listen to "Sora" (Escaflowne), "Voices", "Idol Talk", and "Wanna be an Angel" from Macross Plus for good starters.

      She also did the music for the Magnetic Rose episode in Memories, which was also haunting and beautiful.
  • Seriously.

    Shirow is a brilliant designer and visual artist, but he is one of the worst damn story tellers I have ever, EVER read.

    A classic case of putting the world-building ahead of the characters. The world is there to contain the characters, and the characters are there to convey the human message to the audience. When each is strong, when there is enough insight and compassion put into each, truly great story telling can take place. That isn't the case with Shirow.

    Shirow gets an 'A' for graphic design, a 'B+' for world building, but lacks the compassion to be a great story teller. Now, you can see evidence of compassion. His earlier stories had some moments. But for some mysterious reason, he has chosen not to develop and apply this aspect of himself in his stories. He's moved away from learning about people, and directed himself into such devoid areas as porn, where human insight plays second fiddle, (if any fiddle at all), to glossy surface nonsense. Certainly, this is not necessarily evil or bad, but it is an almost contemptible decision considering what Shirow might have done with his talents.

    Imagine if Miyazaki had decided to pursue porn? Any moron can draw a naked girl. Why waste real minds on such trivia?

    The result is that disquieting & detached feeling throughout Shirow's work. Everything he draws seems to generate that dance-club atmosphere, where the beautiful swell in their powers, while everybody else goes home feeling sad & lonely. The consumers and the eaten. (There is such an energetic transfer in those kinds of environments.) And since Shirow long ago stopped impressing me with his socio-political junk philosophy, particularly because I think it is quite impossible, and indeed pointless, to attempt any deep cultural understanding without a solid grasp of human compassion, I find his work to be virtually worthless as anything other than an exercise in clever visual design.

    Furthermore. . . And this one stands out for me, one of Shirow's main strongholds of dramatic focus is flawed!

    He's a big, big fan of that dark, heart-achy, 'Bladerunner-like Feeling', brands of which are so popular among fashion magazines, goths and and any number of post-industrial approaches to art. --That, "I don't quite understand it, but it makes me feel like there's something out there which is kind of cool, and kind of sexy and kind of. . , I don't know, but I desperately want to touch it whatever it is, even though it makes my heart ache, and I know it's basically impossible to achieve whatever it demands. . . You know what I mean?" --A feeling which exactly none of the photographers and the artists and the fashion victims, etc., seem to understand the nature of on any level other than that of the surface experience. Which makes them little better than mindless worshipers who carry the torch forward for the rest of us to follow without knowing where or why.

    Essentially, Shirow doesn't know what the hell he's doing.

    But, ooh. His pictures are soooo cool.


    -Fantastic Lad

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