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Comment Please, Avast, continue! (Score 3, Interesting) 197

Please, continue this research and expand it to every airport! And make it a permanent thing!

Seriously: Avast is a "security" company that sells security to those feeling "insecure". So it's in their best interest to keep that feeling, seeing threats where there are none. In this case... why should a public WiFi network be more trustworthy than any other network in the middle of the big Internet? You should be doing SSL/TLS, SSH, etc. by now everywhere and that's it.

Comment Ask anyone what did the jews thought about Poland (Score 2) 228

I'm the grandson of Polish jews that came to Argentina. Everybody knows, I've heard that from my family a dozen times, that the Poles were mostly antisemitic, they happily joined the nazis and they even happily stole the property of the escaping jews. I've heard that some people coming here at the time burned their Polish papers because of that. And now this museum is focused in some chauvinist correction than in remembering the real horrors of the time.

Comment Re:This must be an ad for something! (Score 4, Informative) 253

I've read the linked news. The 8000 convenience stores is a fake number. They say that somebody intended to partner with an existing paying network (for paying cell phone prepaid schemes). I assure you there are no 8000 stores here selling bitcoin. I bet there aren't 8000 people here knowing about bitcoin either. =)

Comment Re:A decade behind the rest (Score 5, Informative) 77

No. OpenStreetMap is more a data backend and its website is more oriented toward mappers than to regular users (although that is slowly changing). Routing services using OSM have been available for quite some time. OpenStreetMap is already ahead Google in many places where Google has broken and partial information.

Comment Sad (Score 5, Insightful) 165

I'm form Argentina and it saddens me that this post comments will fall among these categories:

  • Peple saying "don't cry for me XXX".
  • Argentines explaining that Argentina is the worst country, worse than the worst.
  • Uninformed right-wing people talking about Cuba, communism.

Even the summary is wrong! That 35% is not a tax, just a pre-payment of the income tax that you can recover.

All hope is lost.

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