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Comment Re:As an engineer, I want to know... (Score 1) 1321

Agreed. The numbers are showing that Republicans generally get about the same turnout and numbers from the past several election cycles, including 2016. It's HRC that failed to turn out her own base (but she still got more votes than all previous presidential candidates in US history except Obama).

Comment Re:So... (Score 1) 1321

My acquaintances mostly went for HRC or write-in Sanders, with a few vocally supporting Trump.

Remember at the beginning of this campaign, when Trump publicly said that McCain was a loser because he was captured as a POW? And the Republicans collectively shrugged their shoulders? At that point, I had a feeling the Republicans would all come home to Trump at the end.

Nobody does military hero worshipping (real or fake) like the Republicans, and if Trump can get away with saying something like this...

Comment Re:Economics (Score 1) 377

The Corolla and the Prius aren't really comparable vehicles. While they are both certainly "penalty boxes" from a car enthusiast's standpoint, the Prius is definitely a step up in quality and comfort. It also has extra hauling capabilities as a hatchback versus the Corolla sedan.

Comment Re:Any realistic data on battery replacement? (Score 2) 377

Anecdotes say that NYC taxi drivers, with all their stop-and-go cyclings of the batteries, are going 350k-500k miles and some are just beginning to need replacements. Average consumers are seeing usually a minimum of 150k or so from online anecdotes, though most people don't keep cars that long anyhow.

And there are third party outfits that do replacements for $2000 now.

Comment Re:Punch actual numbers into this calculator (Score 1) 482

But for people who enjoy driving Euro cars, leasing is really the financially responsible option.

A typical German lux sedan that gets leased is the 3-series/C-class/A4. They lease for around $300-$400/month. For a 3 year lease with a typical $3000 down, the cash outlay is about $13000. If you had bought the car outright, the depreciation during the same 3 year period would be greater than $13000.

The manufacturers subsidizes the leases, and you get to dump the cars before the warranty expires (keeping a Euro car past warranty can often be an expensive proposition).

Comment Re:This is why (Score 1) 264

[Anecdote] One of my first jobs out of school was working with a bunch of self-taught developers of which none of them except one person had a STEM degree. Econ, environmental studies, theater, political science. The product they wrote ended up being very popular in that particular market niche and took a healthy slice from the dominant player in that market. I've never encountered another workplace setup like that ever again.

Comment Re:What society really needs to do (Score 1) 518

There's a perfectly good explanation for it. Most immigration (in the UK as well as many Western nations) will be from Asia and Africa. Most people in these countries do not own cars and use public transport as they are predominantly city dwellers. Coupled with the fact that most immigration occurs when the test taker is past the minimum age of getting a driver's license - it's understandable that test takers from Asia and Africa are at a disadvantage.

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