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Comment Custom Canal Phones (Score 1) 698

I can't imagine that the labor costs even remotely justify even the cash price for these. I just got custom remolding for some canalphones for around $200 dollars. And I know damned well there isn't more than $500 worth of electronics in most hearing aids.

Comment Bad for Permanent Residents too (Score 4, Interesting) 1040

My wife has permanent residency here in the US and I am a citizen . We used to be able to go through border control together and she was treated quite well. Now, she has to be fingerprinted (the fact that her fingerprints are already on file with immigration, has been through the interview process for permanent residency seem to make no difference).

I have permanent residency in her country, Singapore, as well. When we enter or exit Singapore, its quick and easy. Even before I had PR status, it was easier to get in and out of the country as a tourist than it was to get in and out of the US as a citizen. Land of the Free, my ass.

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