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Comment Re:Good enough (Score 1) 471

If I had mod points and if you could spell I'd mod you up.

Win 2000 was more stable, really just Windows 5 a step up from Windows NT 4.

Windows ME was an abomination, the worst of both worlds.

Windows XP was really just a step up from Windows 2000, turning off themes and a few other trivial changes brought it right back to what users were comfortable from Win2k. Better Games support as you say.

Windows 7 is by all accounts more stable but even after you make tweaks it is still another set of differences and just generally a bunch of pain in the ass minor changes for little extra gain.

Microsoft is increasingly facing diminshing returns, older versions remain a bigger challenge to them than Linux. Same as it ever was.

Comment More like a recompile [was Re:About time] (Score 1) 114

A developer got it to compile successfully, on different hardware. There are no intereface changes and the article makes it clear they are more targeting tablets anyway than mobile devices with really small specialised interefaces. It is techincally a "port" but that is misleading and suggests a lot more than has really happened.

Comment Re:Large removable disk on the low end, tape highe (Score 1) 397

WinRAR? PAR? Seriously. It would also be tediously slow and be a micromanaging solution that only covers the files but fails to consider the need to also keep a working backup image of the system and a properly licensed version of InDesign to ensure he can still reopen the files.

Tapes make sense especially since they can easily be couriered for offsite backup. A well thought out disaster recovery plan must include offsite backup.

The submitter mentions 60GB InDesign files and sounds like a small profession or high end amatuer, so the extra cost of a RAID setup sounds like it would be a sensible investment.

Copying to new media sounds sensible but is not exactly the right answer, the correct solution is not only to make backups but to also to check that you are able to restore from backup.

Comment Whole screen click was Blackberry not Nokia (Score 1) 172

> I saw this one Nokia phone that had a feature that Apple didn't come up with, which was to make the whole display a button that was clickable, so touching was one kind of input, and that was separate from clicking. I thought that was pretty cool.

BlackBerry Storm: The Novelty Wears Off Fast,8599,1860717,00.html

the first smartphone with a clickable touchscreen. I even enjoyed the few minutes I spent playing ...
But after 24 hours of actually testing the new BlackBerry side by side with its main competition ... the novelty quickly wore off. I hate the click screen, and none of the handful of people I let try it had anything nice to say about it either.


Don't Stop File-Sharing, Says Former Pink Floyd Manager 243

Barence writes "The former manager of Pink Floyd has labelled attempts to clamp down on music file-sharing as a 'waste of time.' 'Not only are they a waste of time, they make the law offensive. They are comparable to prohibition in the US in the 1920s,' said Peter Jenner, who's now the emeritus president of the International Music Managers' Forum. 'It's absurd to expect ordinary members of the public to think about what they're allowed to do [with CDs, digital downloads, etc]... and then ask themselves whether it's legal or not.' The comments come as Britain's biggest ISP, BT, said it was confident that Britain's Digital Economy Act — which could result in file-sharers losing their internet connection — would be overturned in the courts, because it doesn't comply with European laws on privacy."

Submission + - Google Tests Multiple Account Login (

tekgoblin writes: Wouldn't it be great if you could log into all of your Google accounts at the same time if you have multiple? Well it seems that Google may be implementing a way to do this in the near future. Right now it can be done with scripts such as a Greasemonkey script, but that isnt as easy as Google doing it for us. The people over at Google Operating System have had users submit a screenshot of what looks like a beta test for multiple account login. It appears that it will be available for Calendar, Code, Docs, Gmail, Reader, and Sites for the test but surely it will be across all Google apps when its released.

Submission + - Google Re-enabled Chinese Censorship ( 3

hackingbear writes: Google has rather quietly re-enabled search result censoring, as evident in this search query for June 4 incident. The search returns censored results not quite related to the incident and the censorship foot note is displayed. The same query returned uncensored results a few hours after Google made its China announcement. (I tested it.) According to news reports from Hong Kong and oversea Chinese media (here is the Google translation,) Google are negotiating with the Chinese government which so far has not taken any real actions but just made some standard general statements on the matter. Has Google backed down? It could be just Google's negotiation tactic, but it also casts a doubt on their stance and motive.

Submission + - Windows 7 Hard Drive and SSD Performance Analyzed (

bigwophh writes: "Despite the fact that it is based on many of the same core elements a Vista, Microsoft claims Windows 7 is a different sort of animal and that it should be looked at in a fresh new light, especially in terms of performance. With that in mind, this article looks at how various types of disks perform under Windows 7, both of the traditional platter based variety and newer solid state disks. Disk performance between Vista and Win7 is compared using a hard drive and an SSD. SSD performance with and without TRIM enabled is tested. And application performance is tested on a variety of drives. Looking at the performance data, it seems MS has succeeded in improving Windows 7 disk performance, particularly with regard to solid state drives."

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