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Comment This election you cannot be (Score 1) 799

You can't be pro hillary without being anti trump and vice versa you can't be anti hillary and not being pro trump. The way the election are in the US, if you are anti-one you are automatically supporting the other. All you can do, is see which one you think is worst for the US, and vote for the other, thus supporting him/her. The only other solution is abstaining, which unfortunately nobody look at.

Comment Market value is not for TODAY value only (Score 1) 428

Market value also represent the earning potential future. Which is why despite being very profitable a company which announce less profit for the future despite still being positive will drop in value, and a company which lose money but has a potential gigantic future market will still be highly valued. Heck look at amazon. So aprt of the action value is representing the value of its assets but aprt of it is a gamble on nwhat it will earn in the future.

Comment Remove their license (Score 1) 428

"How would you make the uber drivers go into an area they don't want to go into, if it isn't by offering them more money?? Armed police?"

In germany taxi can be driven by anyone there is no medaillon, insurance is special but open to eve4rybody havign a taxi driving license. But you have to answer yes to all taxi call, even if it means going to an area you don't want to AND failure to comply can lead to license removal.

Comment One up (Score 5, Insightful) 539

It isn't even that people pretend have special knowledge , but that they use it to impose their will and opinion on other. "I don't like abortion, none shall have one" , "I don't like gay marriage , no gay shall get a marriage license" etc...etc... Frankly everybody can have a wrong view on the universe for all I care, and think the moon is made of cheese and the milk jug answer their prayer , but once they try to change laws or impose their religious opinion on others, that is when they step too far.

Comment It is still free (Score 1) 220

It is not a government imposed censure, but a company which decided on their private turf to censure it (as an aside I think personally that that argument misses that some speech will be censored by most if not all private company and the effect is as good as government censorship).

In the very end this is a private entity which can do whatever on their turf, including censoring swear word, sex stuff, certain political parties, or heck any instagram not starting by a vowel.

Comment pipe dream (Score 1) 209

"The actual escape energy from Earth is 62.5 MJ/kg = 17.375 kWh/kg = $1/kg at wholesale electric rates, about what I pay for potatoes. We just have been terribly inefficient about how we get to space." that's the price of fossil fuel. Which don't cut it for launch in space. If you got an efficient process to go up in space at those price I am sure you can tell NASA, ESA, Elon musk and many other, they will be interested. Hint : there isn't any or we would be jumping on it.

Comment Not the same environment (Score 1) 209

The moon has dust storm, space not so much. So solar cell which are fine rated for twenty years may not do so well on the moon surface. So that means you need to add dusters to your panoply of robot. And satellite are engineered to have a finite life : and we so then can decay them safely once they don't have enough propellant anymore. And then the "abundant" resource still have the problem they must be refined in low gravity, and then sent back (yeah the usual "use them to build more stuff in orbit" has no relevance. In the very end you want to send back stuff down earth because that is what bring money. And until we found a way to have human living long in space, then keep stuff up there and build thing bring nothing). So I doubt the plan has leg today (and I doubt it will have any leg in the life time of my descendant which will have more serious problem on the surface with AGW, water source, and possibly fuel).

Comment Yes (Score 1) 314

"Whatever they do is doomed to failure. " I disagree : an example of easiest policy is that after a number of strike of refusing a black sounding name or whatever person to imemdiately relist and offer , then you get delisted and black listed from air bnb. Then implement a certain percentage of probe. Results : racist are not compelled, but if they want to keep being listed they have to or risk being out. Now whether airbnb WANTS to implement such a plicy is different.

Comment As usual the attacks should not work (Score 5, Insightful) 116

"a fake Adobe Flash update installer pops up, prompting the user to click install. Once the user downloads the fake update, he or she is infected with the spyware."

The problem as usual is that people are not educated in security. Anybody being a minimum of paranoid would refuse to install a plugin like that froma random web page. Heck flash would probably not work from a random web page.

Comment Because you only factor ariane 5 and NÂ launc (Score 1) 239


In reality the people working on the Ariane family have a far longer experience at launching a sat, and THAT count for a lot. SpaceX may have quite a few launches, but nothing on the historical track records various space agencies have. Number of launch is not everything.

Comment A life without steak ? (Score 3, Informative) 190

Look you can be vegan or whatever if you want, but I think I'll take the risk and eat my juicy barbecued steak. As for the methane : it contribute only roughly 25% of the warming that CO2 does. The reason are simple : the half life of methane in the atmosphere is short and the quantity of methane are 1/200 of those of CO2. And then enteric fermentation is barely above 16% of total methane emission (all farm animals counted, not only cows). Coal mining , oil drilling and treatment is above that , about 19%. Then there are other sources, rice cultivation (12%), waste treatment and landfill (12%), burning of biomass (9%) look up wiki if you wish for more details and more importantly : the sources of citations. Sure we should keep in check, as long as we don't concentrate on "cow" and follow other venue , like reducing coal and oil CO2/Methane emissions.

Comment xkcd is funny but does not always present reality (Score 4, Funny) 254

Think about it, our modern world mostly exists because of the huge automation processes going on.

I concur with the GP, if a problem is being repeated, then I seek solution on how to automate it. Over the year i automated a lot of stuff from testing, to revenue accounting. I also learned to always foresee additional cost equal to the initial development, over the next ten year, as debugging or maintenance, and when somebody ask me to automate stuff I ask them to sign it off with the knowledge and understanding of that maintenance cost.

Comment If true fuck them (Score 4, Insightful) 227

Look I know my local economy would suffer a lot (I live in germany) but there is a limit. This seem to be outright fraud, just after another scandal ? That reek of corporate corruption to the highest level. And no excuse : after a first software cheat was found, an audit should have uncovered any further cheats. This can only have had the tacit or implicit high level complicity.

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