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Comment Difference (Score 1) 311

Power tool, steam engine and the like were created long before the applications expanded to industry, e.g. , but there is nothing of the sort being there NOW for automation. Further, past improvement are not a prediction for future improvement. There is an excellent chance with the automation we see that there will be NO replacement. Secondly , tapes are not a good examples as they are format shifting, they do not curb consumption, and only the various music and film industry pretended it would cause their industries damage, and I think it was mostly to get copyright prolongation , and frankly the plan worked.

The more important point, is that if we have now robot to automate the "dumb" jobs, then there is no new "dumb" job which cannot be automated. And that is where your reasoning break down. They may be new educated job, but the one requiring no training no education, will not come back. Think about it. Why would you use a person if automation has gone so far to replace the older jobs ? Only if the new stuff cannot be done by automation and that exclude the same category of job automated. Therefor such job will not come back.

Comment That is strange (Score 1) 952

I already thought it did not apply to foreigner, in fact I remember it because of exchange PNR problem : the EU wanted reassurance on the data privacy because the privacy act did not apply to foreigner... ? What's different now ??

The tensions between Washington and Brussels are mainly caused by a lesser level of data protection in the US, especially since foreigners do not benefit from the US Privacy Act of 1974.

Comment Re:You don't know how hormones work, do you? (Score 2) 397

"There are people who have too much or too little of what makes us one or the other sex. " I think you are confusing transgender and intersex. Basically intersex means you do not fit the exact definition of XX female/XY male, e.g. a female XXY (Klinefelter). Transgender on the other hand , is properly defined by the GP, and people in such case really have gender disphoria, and is a category in the DMS V.

The issue is certainly confused by the fact that in some case, male were operated at birth and had gender reassignment, are sometimes called colloquially transgender, when properly it would be intersex, as they are missing (often) the psychological gender disphoria. One of the most well known example was a kid which had his penis removed at birth (botched circumcision) was tried to be raised as a female, but never felt like it and finally suicided at about 40 (John/Joan case - David Reimer).

Comment actually a good metric (Score 4, Insightful) 286

A language is thriving or dying by the number of inexperienced developper trying to learn it. If no inexperienced cev learn it... it is dying. See the experienced dev of today were the noob of yesterday. If everybody is learning c# or java it is a pretty good indication of what the future of c, c++ will be. For reference see cobol. But rejoice , a dying or less used language means that for us the kldr gen, assured contracts works.

Comment It is the CTer which corrupted the term (Score 1) 124

Who corrupted the term ? CTer and later mass media and culture which forever associated it with UFO==alien, when in reality all skeptic usually point out it just means anything you see in the sky which you cannot identify readily. The acronym does not help either (unknown flying object which indicate something flying e.g. which also indicate usually intelligence and direction, rather than unknown floating/falling object or similar which would not indicate necessarily such - especially knowing that most UFO can be analyzed as weather phenomenon , celestial objects or even hoaxed turkey baster hanging on a line). Basically if you want to point the finger , it is not at "less intelligent" person, but CTer and later culture as a whole.

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