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Pentium 4 2.8Ghz Review 186

Alex Behrens writes "Hardware-Unlimited, part of the 3D-Unlimited Network, has posted a review of the Pentium 4 2.8Ghz! The review includes all the latest benchmarks and information about the final Pentium 4 processor before we hit the 3Ghz mark. Check it out!"
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Pentium 4 2.8Ghz Review

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  • omg april fools! (that's all I can say).

    omg! april fools!
  • This has to be a new record for redundant articles []...
    • actually, i think we had faster one day last summer. I forget the topic, but today we had three intervening articles between the two Pentium 4 articles. Last summer there was something separated by like two or so. And then something similar happened the following day.
    • by billbaggins ( 156118 ) on Monday August 26, 2002 @11:52AM (#4141405)
      SLASHDOT (AP) -- In response to what is being described as a "severe shortage" in the global karma pool, CmdrTaco and other Slashdot administrators are taking the unprecedented step of deliberately posting duplicate, pointless, and just-plain-stupid stories, with a goal of encouraging slashdotizens to increase their output of "Redundant", "Flamebait", and "Troll" posts.

      "It's about all we can do right now," CmdrTaco said in an interview Monday morning. "We're hoping to get a new shipment of karma in within the next few days, but until then we're gonna have to just keep posting trollbait." Mr. Taco refused to comment on rumors that the low-quality postings were in any way related to the recent spate of coffee-machine breakdowns at slashdot.

      Stay tuned for further developments.

      • This just in...

        Sources are reporting that a recent attempt to slow the depletion of the karma pool at Slashdot have proven unsuccessful. Internal audits leaked to this station have revealed that, in fact, karma utilization has risen in the past hours.

        One person close to the Slashdot team has stated: "We thought that the moderators would realize that the posts would be perfect fodder for modding down. Unfortunately, we were wrong."

        In addition to many people modding comments highlighting the duplicate postings up, there have been unconfirmed reports of cross-posting of ideas getting modded up. If these reports are true, it is still to be seen whether this represents a duplication of ideas or an intentional abuse of the system.
      • Since it seems that Slashdot editors aren't perfect either, how about reinstating M1 and M2 privs to those of us who lost their privs in the Great Censored Thread fiasco?
  • editors weren't happy with the discussion in the previous thread(s).
  • by brejc8 ( 223089 ) on Monday August 26, 2002 @10:25AM (#4140779) Homepage Journal
    It was only a few ours that I heard intel were releasing a errrmm.. 2.8GHz chip
    • Yea, how did they get one so fast, reviewed it, et al, when it just was released. Damn, and people say I sit hitting refresh on ./ too much.
      How about camping at the chip store or waiting for the UPS man all night just to get the chip and test it to see if it's really faster than the 2.6 ghz. OF course it's gonna be faster. When was the last time that you saw a nonoverclocked chip of slower speed beat the newer one?
  • I'd better invest my money for having more RAM and faster system bus. Why would I need ~3Ghz for software development and information/document management?
    • So the geeky chicks will come over your house to play with your computer?
      • Personally, I think that the most of PC users care more about information/document management rather than computer games. And also I think that Intel creates CPU for the most average computer users.

        Geeks should buy Mac - much better for geeks :)

      • My geeky chick (less geeky than many, but she's getting better) might be typical in this: she isn't so much interested in CPU speeds, but she does like to play with my hard drive.

        Not that I mind, either -- I actually consider myself quite lucky!

  • Patience (Score:5, Insightful)

    by chill ( 34294 ) on Monday August 26, 2002 @10:26AM (#4140790) Journal
    Reviews of hardware come from pretty much the same half-dozen review sites every time. How about this idea?

    When a review of a "new release" hits one site, wait 24 hours for all of them to release reviews then link it in one article?

    You could even time it, considering many of the sites do "previews" that say something along the lines of "the NDA will expire on XX/YY, until then..." Sort of gives you a clue when the full review is coming out.

  • In other news, Hardware-Unlimited, part of the 3D-Unlimited Network, posted a review of the Pentium 4 2.8Ghz! The review includes all the latest benchmarks and information about the final Pentium 4 processor before we hit the 3Ghz mark. Check it out!
  • remember that slashdot editors need to get stoned once in a while too. just don't be too harsh on them.

    thanks for posting that second story. it was an inspiring event. we really need a second thread to discuss the challenges faced by the intel marketing department.
  • by shird ( 566377 ) on Monday August 26, 2002 @10:26AM (#4140797) Homepage Journal
    Slashdot jumped the shark when;

    (a) When they switched to a "pay for no ads" service
    (b) When they posted a dupe story within a six hour period
    (c) When they started displaying those huge ads
    (d) When they started showing MS ads in those banners
    • by jdcook ( 96434 )
      You forgot (e) CowboyNeal
    • To have "jumped the shark" pretty much means to have "gone to hell" - based on a Happy Days show where Fonzie waterski-jumped a shark. The show was pretty much game over from then on. More definition [] and I'll also bet the above poster reads Boondocks [].
      • wow!

        I just saw that episode the other day, they broadcast the show in sweden every morning 8-9 on Kanal 5...

        but I cant remember defining the expression of jumping the shark..

        You do mean the episode where Fonz gets challenged by a beachboy, the first contest is a tie, and to break the tie they jump over the shark, and the competitor bails out just before the ramp?
      • To have "jumped the shark" pretty much means to have "gone to hell"

        Mmmm, not quite. The point at which something has jummped the shark is that precise moment where you know that the 'golden days' are over. You know that from that point, it's all downhill.

        There's a good web site about jumping the shark as applied to TV shows here [].
      • More precisely, when a show "jumps the shark" it means that the series is in a death spiral. Jumping the shark referrs to an exciting plot development that (hopefully) bails it out from bad ratings. Sorta like a "very special episode" but those happen while a show is popular. Wow! My first post :)
  • Redundancy (Score:5, Interesting)

    by fizban ( 58094 ) <> on Monday August 26, 2002 @10:27AM (#4140799) Homepage
    I can understand if Slashdot needs to flaunt its redundant, fail-proof system of posting, but jeez, we only need to see the redundant systems when the primary ones fail... Stop the double posting, already!

    The whole problem here is that Taco doesn't read his own site anymore. He just assumes that whatever he posts coudln't possibly have been put up already by anyone else. If you disagree with me, just look back at all the redundant posts in the past and you'll notice that the second poster is always the supreme leader himself...
    • This means that complaining does not help, since he does not read the site, much less the comments...
      This means that complaining does not help, since he does not read the site, much less the comments...
      This means that complaining does not help, since he does not read the site, much less the comments...

      (I was hoping that redundent comments could be a remedy, but I guess it just results in spam :( )
  • Ghz != GHz (Score:2, Informative)

    by brejc8 ( 223089 )
    GHz is the correct.
    One of the got it right.
  • by n-baxley ( 103975 ) <nate AT baxleys DOT org> on Monday August 26, 2002 @10:27AM (#4140806) Homepage Journal
    It seems to me that processor speeds have relly shot up in the last 6 months. Before, there was always a nice tie between the advances in processor speed and the extra needs of Windows. This arrangment worked well for both parties in that everyone felt they had to have both to be right with the world. Has Intel (and AMD) now said to heck with MS we're going to put all the speed we can into our machines? Or, are we seeing a MHz race between Intel and AMD? With a viable competitor, Intel can no longer trickle out improvments at their own pace, they have to deal with someone else matching and exceeding their pace. What does this bode for the future of processors?
    • The cpu race is as competitive as it has even been - AMD makes great product, Intel has been forced to keep up. Intel has done a good job of really tweaking out the p4 to continually boost raw mhz, as well as little tweaks here and there. Currently intel is probably ahead because it appears they can push the p4 a lot further than amd can the athlon cores

      Windows hasn't dramatically required much more CPU - ram has been more critical. You can run both nt 4 and 2k (and I think xp) on as little as a pentium 133- but nt 4 will run decently with 64mb ram, whereas 128mb ram is a more comfortable minimum for win2k.
  • by kvn299 ( 472563 ) on Monday August 26, 2002 @10:28AM (#4140807)
    They forgot the exclamation !! points in the first one!!!!
  • by Mupp252 ( 263650 ) on Monday August 26, 2002 @10:29AM (#4140830)
    You mean Intel has a 2.8 GHz processor out? Sorry, I'm a little slow.
  • Taco says, "Yeah, I thought the 'news for nerds' stuff is too old. I'm thinking 'Geeks Inside'.".
  • by Cyclone66 ( 217347 ) on Monday August 26, 2002 @10:31AM (#4140842) Homepage Journal
    Clearly they used a Pentium 4 (jingle) to double post this quick!
  • How many reviews of the same product does /. need in the same day? Just curious.

    These really should have been combined into one post.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Monday August 26, 2002 @10:32AM (#4140851)
    Today, Intel proudly announced their new dual Pentium 2.8GHz processors.
  • More reviews (Score:5, Informative)

    by MagPulse ( 316 ) on Monday August 26, 2002 @10:35AM (#4140877)
    Even more than from my post in the last story...
    • [H]ard|OCP [] Intel Pentium 4 @ 2.80GHz : Intel is breaking out the big guns with their sights set directly on the competition. Will the 2.80GHz Northwood be enough for Intel to hold onto the performance crown?
    • Anandtech [] Intel's Pentium 4 2.80GHz - Moving to the Head of the Class
    • Tom's Hardware [] Speed Isn't Everything: P4/2800 Meets Athlon XP 2600+
    • Ace's Hardware [] Faster Still: The 2.8 GHz Pentium 4
    • FiringSquad [] Intel Pentium 4 2.8GHz Review
    • [] Intel Pentium 4 2.8GHz Review
    • [] Intel "Northwood" 2.80GHz Pentium 4 Processor using .13 Technology
    • Tech Report [] Intel's Pentium 4 2.8GHz processor - Two billion eight-hundred thousand hertz
    • Hot Hardware [] The Pentium 4 2.8GHz Processor - Intel ups the anti once again
    • xbit labs [] Intel Pentium 4 2.8GHz against Athlon XP 2600+
    • VR Zone [] Intel Fastest Pentium 4 2.8Ghz Review
    • HardcoreWare [] A Thorn in AMD's Hide
    • Lost Circuits [] Pentium4 2.8 GHz - Another Hit And Run
    • In other words - read one per day, and you'll have P4 2.8 GHz reviews for two weeks.
    • Tech Report: Intel's Pentium 4 2.8GHz processor - Two billion eight-hundred thousand hertz
      That's amusing. Tech Report reviewed a probably older version of the processor. 2.0008GHz doesn't sound nearly as good as 2.8GHz. ^^
  • My NEC V-25 is running just fine thanx. None of that heat-sunk glycol-cooled Pentium crap for me.
  • News (Score:1, Redundant)

    by roguerez ( 319598 )
    Call this a news site? I miss the Pentium 4 2.8 GHz annoucement!
  • i miss read the heading. i thought they had come out with a fster chip.

    i need to get some sleep.
  • check out [] before you post a story.
  • by crumbz ( 41803 ) <<remove_spam>jus ... am>gmail DOT com> on Monday August 26, 2002 @10:46AM (#4140959) Homepage
    Umm...the article makes a rather curious statement about Moore's Law.

    12 months ago - 2.0GHZ
    Now - 2.8GHz
    Fairly soon - 3.0 GHZ

    Where is Moore's Law? How does fairly soon translate to 4GH?

    • Moore's law says nothing about frequency, only density of transistors.
    • Ps, please note that the Moore's Law referes to the doubling of the transistor count for every said period; And _NOT_ the increase of the number of ticks per second (Hz).. This is a common mistake, but an important difference

      (look at it this way, if you doubled the number of transistors on a P4, you could theoreticly do twice the amount of actions per clock tick.. so it's theoreticly twice as fast without increasing the amount of Hz)
  • basic math (Score:2, Informative)

    by jrennie ( 79374 )

    Just started reading the review and noticed this paragraph:

    It's been nearly one year to the day since we first eyed the Pentium 4 running at 2.0Ghz, which debuted on August 27, 2001, and today we are testing the new Pentium 4 2.8Ghz. According to Moore's law, Intel is ahead of the schedule to double processing power every 18 months and if all goes according to plan we should be toying with a processor above to the 3Ghz mark before long.

    Sorry for my ignorance, but when did 3GHz become twice as fast as 2GHz? According to 2.0GHz and 2.8GHz point estimates, Intel should hit 4.0GHz about a year from now (2.8*(2.8/2.0)=3.92). A little slower than Moore's law predicts...


    • isn't moore's law supposed to slow itself as time goes on? ie - at first speed doubled every 6 months, then that became 12. nowadays it's 18. Are we approaching every 24 months? Also, at some point Moore's law will be non-existant as physical limits will be reached (ie, the speed of light). At that point, Intel will have to focus on (gasp!) actual throughput instead of a GHz number.
      • (doing my own research, imagine that!)

        moore's law [] indeed slows as time marches forward. when he originally came up with it in the mid-1960's, it was speed doubles every 12 months. Today, it's roughly 18. Maybe this getting to 3.0 GHz from 2.0 in 18 months is evidence of Moore's law stretching itself to something longer than 18 months.
        • or that moore's law only had to do with the number of processors, and isn't a law, just a statement about the state of the growth of things at the time. Moore's law is more of a self-fulfilling prophecy than anything.
    • Moore's law only applies to the number of transistors, not the actual clock speed as a result of the number of transistors.

      And as we all know, processor clock speed does not mean a faster processor.
    • Actually, Intel should hit 4GHz in about 6 or 8 months, right on schedule with Moore's "law". The Processor Mhz "jmups" will get bigger and bigger.
  • someone submitted this to two different departments, the "need-for-speed" department and the "more-mhz-equals-more-happy" department. After all, we all know that different areas of a company dont ever know what each other are doing, just look at Sony!!
  • c'mon folks, this info is important...
    i mean, just look at the kind of info we get from page 5 [] of the linked review:

    The video card is still throttling the higher resolutions...
    blah blah blah...
    We are also nearing 300 frames per second at the lowest resolutions...
    blah blah blah, wait for it, because the paragraph ends...
    meaning that the Pentium 4 running at 2.8Ghz is really fast.

    i mean c'mon folks, could you make it through the day without this kind of insightful, probing journalism?

    i expect this kind of devastating information to be important to us on slashdot! ;-P
  • 42.8 Ghz?!? Holy crap!

    Oh... wait... never mind.
  • Is is so hard for the editors to have a policy of checking with the other editors before posting an article? I fail to see the difficulty here.
  • Huh? I still have two Pentium 3 850mhz computers...
    What ? They broke 1 ghz?
    They have 2.0 ghz?
    Huh? A 2.8ghz?!?!?! Where have I been?

    You would think they way they do these benchmarks that you really need 200+ FPS in Quake 3 at 1600*1200@32 with everything to the max.
    I still have a 486 running Linux around here to use as a beast for some things.
    • Seriously, where have you been for the last 25 years. How is it you didn't notice that the Hz in the latest Intel processors double about every 18 months? So what if you have two 850MHz chips.
      • I was joking about how hard it was to keep up with the new chips that are coming out. I know that the processor power will be able to be fully used someday soon, but for now it's just marketing for the most part. I mean most people's 2.0ghz machines that they buy at Walmart run about the same speed as the 500mhz ones that they bought a few years ago, but now they put Weatherbug, Bonzi Buddy, IM, etc.. on it and slow it down so much. People think 'oh that's faster, I should buy that' When really all they have to do is optimize their system.

        Example: On dorm last year, I had my little mear P3 850 with a TNT2 Ultra 32mb. Yea, it sucks but I am a musician, not a gamer so I don't really care. Well, anyway, alot of people had 'new' computers that were supposed to be so fast and good. Well most of them came with 128mb memory. A few had 256, but they had to ask for it 'special'. In all seriousness, the amount of memory should double every 18 months as well, or at least ever 24 months. Anyway, Their computers ran like crap. They didn't have newer drivers, they didn't set up their systems right, they ran WinME, and they still thought that they got a good deal. When really they should have spent 1/3rd of what they did, gotten an older system, and kept it clean and optimized. I saw people get between 300-700 on 3dMark 2001. WTF is that? My system was beating most by 3-5x that! After I sat down with some of their systems and worked on them a bit I was able to improve them, but not totally.

        They were sold on chip speed, nothing else. They thought that the fastest chip would mean the fastest computer. All those crap OEM compenents, cheap video, cheap mobo, cheap memory. I would rather have an old system that's good, than a new one that sucks.

        Think for a second, what if, they stopped increasing the chip speed. Then what would happen? 2 things. Programmers would have to get efficiant with things that they are slack on (MSFT OSes), and computer sales would actually start looking at other stuff. No longer would they sell systems with 64mb or 128mb of memory. 512-1gb would be standard. Good system boards and cases would be defacto. Good powersupplies. Good cooling.
        Selling on processor is like selling a car based on HP only. Remember that there is Torque too, and HP/Weight ratio, as well as handling, stability, acceleration, top speed, gearing, etc... And some people want it to be comfortable to ride in and efficiant too!!
        Sorry if the joke wasn't apparent.
    • Yeah, I'm not so sure that consumer systems really need to be faster than 300 MHz, maybe 600 MHz at max. If you're a gamer, programmer, or power user, then, yeah, you'll want to have as much processing power as possible. For a long time, my dad was sadled with a 450 MHz Pentium II, which slowed down his compiles monstrously. After much complaining, the company finally bought him a new Pentium 4. Unfortunately, I think it was a low-end Pentium 4, but it's still lightyears better than his ancient Pentium II. I would have pushed for a dual Xeon, myself.

      I just recently bought a Tyan Tiger MPX and two 1.2 GHz Athlon MPs. I didn't want to spend the big bucks on 1.5 or 1.6 GHz Athlon MPs, since I'd probably see very little speed improvement over the incremental speed bumps -- not to mention saving myself over $100 on each processor.
  • Has anyone else noticed that while you can pick up a 2.8Ghz Pentium on pricewatch [], the Athlon 2400 and 2600 are nowhere to be seen? Anyone know where they are actually selling these things?
    • They aren't. AMD made a paper release: they claimed the chip had been released to try to one-up Intel, but they won't be ready to put it into production until sometime next month; this is the exact same trick Intel used to pull when it was P3 vs. Athlon (of course, the zealots who used to whine a bitch then are notably quiet now).

      Of course, most rational people ignore such 'releases' as marketting gimmicks whether they be prepetrated by Intel or AMD; the real release of the AthlonXP 2400+ and 2600+ won't be until next month. AMD's lost the speed game... until next quarter when it releases the hammers. Whoopdedo. I'm sure /. will celebraet.

  • Intel is playing a horrible game, look we have a faster chip every 3 months. I work in an Intel house and could care less.

    AMD baby, more bang for the buck.

  • is not a place to go if you don't have popups disabled.

    So not only is this a duplicate topic, the site pointed to is guaranteed to annoy.
  • Wow next we will have 10Thz cpus, whoopy.

    What would be even cooler [punny] is if they made processors with the same MIPS but way less POWER requirements.

    IIRC I once saw a paper on mW per MIPS [citeseer]. That's the type of research intel and amd should be looking into.
  • It's kind of surprising to see how many pussies here have their lives turned upside down by a repeat post.
    • It's kind of surprising to find as every duplicate post comes and goes, sometimes with spalling errors, how big of a pussy Taco is. You'd think he might give a flaming fuck about his site, instead of letting it become as stupid as he is.
  • Michael apparently had some success with this 4/1921239&mode=thread&tid=134
  • ...OKay, so I realize that Mhz aint the whole ball o' wax but it 5eems that the mhz gulf between the PPC and x86 is just getting way out of hand. Even with the supposed architectural efficiencies of the RISC, it seems that those benefits are being occluded by this widening gap in clockcycles.

    I have read in various places that Mot0 has suffered some tremendous "braindrain" in their design teams, which badly affected their ability to bust out fastr ch1ps....But I first heard this tale of woe like 2 years ago! Could it be that they have yet to recover from this unfortunate ph3nomenon?

    I'm beginning to wonder if Apple should just abandon the RISC platform altogether and let loose with the Intel version of OS X that they undoubtedly have (X being based on openstep).

    Also, I once read an article on ARS a couple years back about the whole RISC vs. CISC debate being largely erroneous. That some of the x86 registers (I think they were actually using an AMD for comparison) actually had reduced instruction sets and that some of the registers on the (then current) G3 had some complex instructions embedded into its architecture. It said that a more accurate term to describe CPU architecture for b0th x86 and PPC would be FISC standing for FAST Instruction Set...

    at any rate, I would like to see the PPC brought to the point where they could start putting out wafers of chips that clocked somewhere in the neighborhood of the x86 product line. Especially since at similar clockspeeds they would outperform their conterparts, but also because in the minds of the publix, Mhz is highly marketable. Most people equate Mhz with Mph...

  • by kiowa ( 5743 )
    One ought to think that Slashdot wouldn't be the place that was buying in for the GHz-hype of Intel. Wasn't it just a couple of weeks ago AMD set fourth to get a more sensible labeling of CPUs and what they can deliver.

    One ought to get the ability to moderate the articles, not just the comments.
  • "The benchmarks from Quake III: Arena follow the same pattern we have seen since the introduction of the Pentium 4: at the top of the leader board with a solid lead over the Athlon XP."

    Seem like a pretty pathetic lead for the price you pay.
  • For a system that I use for work - rather than games - I'm more interested in load balancing between multiple CPUs. I know I can get a dual Athlon system that will give me a smooth ride even during heacy operating load. Can I get a dual P4 system as easily?
  • With processors close to the 3GHz mark, I guess that the EM radiation levels should start getting some more attention. A usual "gray box" computer is well shielded should not cause much problems. But with all these case mods full of plexiglas, there is less of a Faraday cage to trap radiation in.

    Remember that the higher the frequency, higher the energy level, so more care should be exercised before you decide to put yourself under exposure for long hours every day.

    Also, the clock speeds are near the frequency of the microwave radiation on your oven, that thing about resonance of the H2O molecule that makes you feel all warm. Another bit to worry about.

    In the end that may prove be a non-issue, but I'm no expert on the field and usually prefer to exercise caution now and avoid chemotherapy later :-) That's one readon why I keep my case closed all the time (the other is cause it looks better with all the mess hidden).
  • Sweet (Score:2, Funny)

    by whoop ( 194 )
    Damn, now I can't wait for the 2.85ghz cpu reviews! I only hope it's at least 1.75% better than these 2.8ghz ones.

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