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Comment Obama (Score 5, Interesting) 1576

God bless America. Or flying Spaghetti monster. Or random evolutionary processes. At least it wasn't that mutant.

Now, we have to:

1. Declare a national holiday so all can vote on a day off to eliminate the lines.
2. Get rid of the electoral college.
3. Get Congress to override Citizen United.
4. Take the money out of the electoral system.

Comment I believe (Score 3, Insightful) 262

this just proves that Microsoft doesn't get it. For all there R&D dollars and for all their marketing dollars, piggybacking off of Apple places them in a poor light, a "hey look, we are relevant too" kinda light. Apart from the OS space and the occasional Windows phone, Microsoft and Apple are no longer the direct competitors they once were.

Comment Re:Cap Gains vs. Income (Score 1) 2115

1. According to IRS data, the Fortune 500 paid an average tax rate of 17%.
2. However, since taxes are merely an input cost, one can argue that corporations do not pay taxes on income. As we saw during the recent government shutdown of the FAA, when the airlines were not required to collect ticket taxes during that period, the airlines raised their prices to the level pre-shutdown and pocketed the difference. Taxes may impact profitability but the taxation is paid by the customer.

Comment Whut? (Score -1, Flamebait) 386

Who the fuck wrote the blurb for this story? Did the slashdot editors read it themselves? I had to reread the blurb six times before i could figure out which of the devices "fail". What the fuck. Given the popularity of this website can't the editors at least give the impression that they give a flying fuck about writing.


Wikipedia and the History of Gaming 240

Wired is running a story about Wikipedia's tremendous contribution to documenting the history of video games, and why it shouldn't necessarily be relied upon. Quoting: "Wikipedia requires reliable, third-party sources for content to stick, and most of the sites that covered MUDs throughout the ’80s were user-generated, heavily specialized or buried deep within forums, user groups and newsletters. Despite their mammoth influence on the current gaming landscape, their insular communities were rarely explored by a nascent games journalist crowd. ... while cataloging gaming history is a vitally important move for this culture or art form, and Wikipedia makes a very valiant contribution, the site can’t be held accountable as the singular destination for gaming archeology. But as it’s often treated as one, due care must be paid to the site to ensure that its recollection doesn’t become clouded or irresponsible, and to ensure its coalition of editors and administrators are not using its stringent rule set to sweep anything as vitally relevant as MUDS under the rug of history."

Comment Re:Decriminalize it (Score 2) 477

I am afraid the data doesn't back you up on the claim that "many peoples psychosis is triggered solely by their [sic] use of drugs". Studies have shown that porlonged drug abuse may inflame psychotic outbreaks and other aperiodic abnormal events but causation is not highly correlated. Indeed, the correlation with respect to marijuana use is below that of other exogenous factors.


8-Year-Old Receives Patent 142

Knile writes "While not the youngest patent recipient ever (that would be a four year old in Texas), Bryce Gunderman has received a patent at age 8 for a space-saver that combines an outlet cover plate with a shelf. From the article: '"I thought how I was going to make a lot of money," Bryce said about what raced through his brain when he received the patent.'"

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