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Comment Re:Your first server, in 2012 (Score 3, Insightful) 152

With the same specs? With hot-plug drives, true hardware raid, iLO/iDRAC lights-out management, secondary bios if flashing fails?

Get a refurbished HP gen 5 or 6 server instead of building your own. Perfomance will be sufficient, don't worry. It's well below $3000, and you get enterprise quality hardware.

Comment Re:Best care money can buy helps (Score 2) 495

In Sweden, this is standard health care. Well, maybe not the most expensive equipment, but what is deemed required, along with nursing.

Severly disabled persons can even be nursed in their homes, 24x7, by their relatives, getting an average salary by the state. This costs the tax payers million SEKs a year, per disabled person (~USD $120k), covering three full time "employees" (3x8 hours=24 hours).

One of the reasons why we have some of the highest taxes in the world.

Comment This is already a reality! (Score 4, Informative) 344

The company iZettle, which provides "personal payment" via credit cards (chip reader that plugs into phone+app),
requires not only traditional autentication and a bank account - but also your facebook profile with an established social network. I.e. you must have friends as a voucher for your identity.

No facebook, no service. True, they dont base credit reports on your profile, but I find it a disturbing development where traditional identification and bank account are not enough (especially here in Sweden where we already are tracked since birth with the personnummer supercookie).

Comment Re:Hmmm. (Score 5, Insightful) 165

My car insurance has a lot of provisions like "... void if vehicle is driven under the influence ...", "... void if vehicle is used in criminal activities ..." (i.e. smashing while being chased by the police gives no relief).

I would assume most insurances have exclusions if a crime has been involved. Copyright violation is theft, right?

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