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Christmas Cheer

Merry Christmas 408

I'm off to visit the fam... I hope you all have the ability to spend the holidays with the ones who mean the most to you: even if those are friends like Solid Snake or Rikku, or actual family. Merry Christmas to you all, if you made a good haul this year from the fatman, feel free to share.
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Merry Christmas

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  • huh? (Score:3, Funny)

    by jhol ( 301546 ) on Tuesday December 25, 2001 @08:41AM (#2749087) Homepage
    Jake and the Fatman?
  • ...uh...I mean for the kids...yeah..

  • by pong ( 18266 ) on Tuesday December 25, 2001 @08:41AM (#2749091) Homepage
    ..that celebrates christmas!

    - and wishes of peace, harmony and tolerance towards all that do not.

    Have a nice year!
    • by Jucius Maximus ( 229128 ) <m4encxb2sw@snkma[ ]com ['il.' in gap]> on Tuesday December 25, 2001 @11:18AM (#2749274) Journal
      Since many folks here are talking about what they got for Christmas ... I'll do something different and say what I gave.

      1. A photon light [photonlight.com] for my mom. It was a turquoise photon II.

      2. A Sarah Brightman CD for my dad as well as a micro-tapemeasure so he won't have to lug one of his big ones around anymore when he wants to measure something at a store. I can hear the CD playing right now.

      3. A set of nice gel pens for my sister as well as this really fancy popcorn she'd been eyeing. She was more pleased with the popcorn, haha.

      4. Need For Speed: Porsche Unleashed for my brother. He was more thrilled by the new drum set our parents got him ;-)

  • to be jolly! fa la la la la, la la la la.

    Over in the UK we did the present unwrapping hours ago... waiting for some christmas lunch now.... I can smell it so it must be almost ready! YAY!


    • Re:Tis the season... (Score:2, Informative)

      by SmasKenS ( 104811 )
      well in sweden we did the present unwrapping yesterday. so its all over now *pheew*
  • blar (Score:1, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward
    Just got home at 4:40am from a friend's house, and what do I do?? Reload slashdot of course! ;)

    Merry christmas everyone, may you all be sleeping in warm beds tonight.
  • I got two business shirts (I'm 16) and a waterproof mobile phone bag... Though I can't really complain, as I sort of got an early christmas present in the form of an athlon CPU and motherboard (if only goddam Win98 would accept my hardware, though Linux is still working fine for me).
  • It's been weird (Score:3, Informative)

    by XoXus ( 12014 ) on Tuesday December 25, 2001 @08:49AM (#2749105)
    Yes, it's been weird in Australia today... stinking hot, and some bushfires got started (deliberately) today unfortunately.

    Hmmm... now *that's* something I can't blame on Microsoft.
    • Hot Is an understatement. As I write this (11pm), its 31 degrees outside. It got up to like, 45 today. I new today would suck when I woke up at 6:30 and it was already above 30 degrees.
      • Hot is an understatement. As I write this (11pm), its 31 degrees outside. It got up to like, 45 today. I knew today would suck when I woke up at 6:30 and it was already above 30 degrees.Sounds remarkably similar to my forecast, except yours is in Centigrade, and mine is in Farenheit.


    • Looking out my window, I see green grass. REALLY green, like it's spring. I live near Toronto, Canada.

      We haven't had ANY snow this year, although everything to the north, south, east and west has gotten some. Maybe a few snowflakes a few days ago, but nothing that stayed on the ground for longer than a couple of hours. I don't even know if the snowthrower works yet (haven't started it up at all). Shovel hasn't left the wall yet. It's like we live in a bubble around here. Sorta throws the Canadian weather stereotypes in the trash, I suppose.

      Merry Christmas to all!
    • Well, since we're trading weather forecasts :-)

      Here in the Seattle area its doing roughly 40F and its bright and sunny. Which is pretty weird for christmas, especially since it's been raining almost non-stop for weeks now.

      Yeah, I'd much rather have a white christmas *sigh* but this sure beats cold rain...

      Merry Chistmas
  • loot! w00t! (Score:2, Informative)

    by altan ( 519377 )
    6 t-shirts, 2 sweatshirts + caffeine cany from ThinkGeek
    New PC next week!
    I hope you all got something as great as i did...
    merry xmas
  • by Rinikusu ( 28164 ) on Tuesday December 25, 2001 @08:53AM (#2749108)
    Off from work, that's for sure.
    A working phone line (beware moving the week before christmas)
    Internet Connectivity (ditto)
    Over this stupid flu
    Letter from Credit Card Companies saying "Hey, that's okay.. don't worry about that $15k you owe us, we'll call it even."

    On the other hand, if I can get my ass up in 3 hours, my mom has invited me over for free food! Fuck socks, money, and cheap Walmart bullshit, I want turkey! To hell with Chef Boyardee for a day! woohoo!

    Merry xmas to everyone!
  • ...to all the Slashdot staff and readership too!

    Down here in the Netherlands we've done the gifts already on the 5th, but for those that do at Christmas, I wish you get your hearts' desires.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year all!

  • New shirt, Adema's new CD, a Best Buy Gift Cert, and a tweed cap I've wanted all year. I can't complain.

    AND I got a turkey as a tip last night at work, along with $40 bucks. W00T!

    Now if only I didn't have to work tonight... :/

    Merry Christmas folks, hope it's a great holiday for everyone.
    • by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday December 25, 2001 @09:06AM (#2749121)
      lol, a turkey as a tip?

      "yeah, that'll be $12 for the pizza and breadsticks."

      "Okay, here you go.. oh, and here's a tip for ya -" and he hands him a giant 20 lb. turkey
      • I'm dead serious. I work a gas station at night (Full Service here in Jersey) for extra money. This guy in a pickup truck comes in, fills up, and gives me a $5 tip.

        About a half an hour later, he comes in and asks if I want a turkey. Someone gave him one, and he's already got like three in his freezer, so he wants to offload it on me. I figure what the hell... dunno what I'll do with it, but I'm sure I can figure something out. Even if it's just turning it over to the local St. Vincent DePaul Society, so they can give it to someone who *really* needs it.

        True story though, and definitely one of the strangest things that's ever happened to me. Something to tell the grandkids about someday, I guess...
  • Well I got The World of Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time, and now I can't decide whether to finish the 6th book or read it first... I think I'll hold off on it until I've finished the series I guess.

    And I got "Spooky: The Thing what Squeeks" (from I Feel Sick by Jhonen Vasquez), and a couple of doujins. All in all, quite a good Christmas!
  • Stationed in Puerto Rico, the family and oldest friends are inaccessable. "That Guy" from GTA3 is AWOL as my PS2 managed to eat the disk! BUT - I did get myself a printer, and a Marine buddy of mine got me good and drunk. What more could you really ask for?

    Happy holidays!
  • Christmas Eve dinner out: $250
    12 beers: $50

    Posting to /. at 5am on Christmas: worthless
  • Cool Christmas (Score:3, Informative)

    by samael ( 12612 ) <Andrew@Ducker.org.uk> on Tuesday December 25, 2001 @09:06AM (#2749123) Homepage
    I got an Archos 6 Gig jukebox.

    And DVDs of Bladerunner (Director's Cut, of course) and The Wall

    Oh, and I'm hanging with my family, which is pretty damn cool (they're both geeks too!)
  • I don't know why but Christmas makes me feel depressed, at least, heineken still loves me...
    drinking for me has always seemed to take the pain away
  • I got my Christmas gift, they turned off my DirectTV. I called in, they said I was past due, damn NFL ticket is over, price jumped from 45 to 90 bux a month! Oh well, at least they turned the service back on.

    Cant sleep, back to some more perl coding and watching sci-fi.
  • I bet it would be pretty hard to get modded "insightful" for a reply to this topic? This makes me sad. :( ;) I got cash and clothes, btw. Merry Christmas.
  • by AdamJ ( 28538 ) on Tuesday December 25, 2001 @09:14AM (#2749136) Homepage
    The moral of this story? Go to college.
  • My girls got me Quicken 2002. It's not Linux, but I can always dual boot.
    Now I can get rid of that DOS version...

    Merry Christmas to all...
  • > I hope you all have the ability to spend the holidays with the ones who mean the most to you:
    > even if those are friends like Solid Snake or Rikku

    Hmm. Does a bowl of Jell-O, a copy of *Divi Dead* [theunderdogs.org], and a DVD of *Virtual Porn Sex with Asia* [excaliburfilms.com] count? Hehe.

    No, no sulking alone with masturbatory foods and computer games today. :-) I'm about to leave to get together with the family, as most of us are, but I thought I'd give a big "Merry Non-Denominational Winter Vacation" to the whole /. community first.

    That said, who here saw the Christmas episode of *Futurama* on Sunday, the one which the execs at Fox refused to air last year? Pretty hilarious. Pity what dicks the executives were in not showing it in the first place. :-(

    Merry Christmas!
  • I've been up all night downloading mp3's and ripping CD's that I've yet to rip in order to fill up the new mp3 jukebox I'll be getting. But...now that I think about it, the damn thing hasn't come in the mail yet >_ It's in Jacksonville according to the tracking number and I'm Miami. Does the mail run on xmas day?
  • Let's not get fooled by the fanatic followers of Mr. Christ who are trying to pervert a perfectly fine pagan feast into some kind of superstitious x-tian celebration.

    Happy Winter Solstice!
    • Never mind that the pagans stole it from the astronomers in the first place! Although admittedly back in them days one didn't know a priest from an astronomer nearly so well... kind of like that Asimov "Foundation" quote (misquote?) "Any advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

      An interesting article on the solstice [atheists.org]. And a happy longest/shortest day of the year to all! (Yes, I know I'm late by a few days, but so is this article... *grin*)
    • Check out the history channel. I saw a preview for shows they are going to air about the history of christmas which seemed to make reference to the 'integration' of christian celebration with non-christian festivals, rituals and feasts.

      Tune into The History Channel on Tuesday, December 25 at 9pm ET/PT for the world premiere of In Search of Christmas and explore the historical truth behind the birth of Christ.

      http://www.historychannel.com/exhibits/holidays/ch ristmas/index.html [historychannel.com]

      as well as...

      http://www.historychannel.com/exhibits/holidays/ha nukkah/index.html [historychannel.com]


      http://www.historychannel.com/exhibits/holidays/kw anzaa/index.html [historychannel.com]
    • A couple of years ago I ran across this song by Dar Williams [darwilliams.com] called "Christians and Pagans [bungalow.com]". It's hilarious (+1) and insightful (+1), and it's been my favorite "Christmas" song ever since (except, perhaps, for John McCutcheon's "Christmas in the Trenches [worldwar1.com]").

      So back in 1998 my brother and I started to throw "solstice" parties. We looked into various holiday and solstice traditions around the world. No real attempts at sorcery, bachannals, or blood, which I suppose some might expect. We wassail an apple tree, we make radish and butter carvings, we light and extinguish and light candles and talk about what we've done the last year and what we hope to do again. We have the "Urn of Fate" assign friends for the year. We sing "here comes the sun" and "christians and pagans". I'm sure any serious pagan would laugh at us, but it's our little chance to do things a little bit differently, remember there's other cultures and traditions in the world, and perhaps find magic/life/spirit in an unexpected place or two.

      I'm still a reasonably solid Christian. OK, I occasionally go for bouts of rational agnosticism, but for the most part, I've found that Christianity as a spiritual practice seems to have something to it. So still I'm a little uncomfortable singing that line from Dar's song "sending hope for peace on earth to all their Gods and Goddesses". But I like this new tradition of looking at other traditions and fashioning new ones from it, and we're going to keep it up, as well as gathering on Christmas day and reading Luke 2 [night.net] (stopping before we have to explain circumcision to the kids :). Plus, what's not to celebrate about the days getting longer.
    • followers of Mr. Christ...

      Just FYI, Christ isn't His last name. Christ in Greek and Messiah in Hebrew both mean "annointed one".
    • by Bilbo ( 7015 )
      Let's not get fooled by the fanatic followers of Mr. Christ who are trying to pervert a perfectly fine pagan feast into some kind of superstitious x-tian celebration.
      Let's not get fooled by the fanatic followers of Paganism who are trying to pervert a perfectly fine Christian tradition into some kind of superstitious pagan celebration.
  • Merry christmas to everyone... Ive had some nifty presents (part from the usual clothes & chocolates) - a Sony 19" HMD silver flatscreen monitor & half a gig of ram. 1280x1024 has never looked so good for me

    Hope that you all have had a good christmas day (even if you havent woken up yet!)
  • by knewter ( 62953 ) <`josh.rubyist' `at' `gmail.com'> on Tuesday December 25, 2001 @09:36AM (#2749155) Homepage
    So my mother tells me that I shouldn't expect much for Christmas. This is fine, I guess I can understand if she leaves it at that, because they built a house and all that jazz. But then she gives her reason:

    "The (new) pool table and basketball goal are your presents!"

    I hate to mention it to her (no, I enjoyed it), but I live in flipping Ireland and the only time I get to play with the pool table is for the next two weeks of my vacation. And the basketball goal isn't here yet! So she got really mad at me for pointing that out as annoyingly as I did (I would much prefer honesty to excuses; if it's not my gift, don't 'give' it to me as a token gift).

    That said, I still got three new shirts, a pair of trousers, some candy, and $150. Go me!

    Merry christmas!
    • I shouldn't expect much for Christmas. This is fine, I guess I can understand if she leaves it at that, because they built a house and all that jazz.


      That said, I still got three new shirts, a pair of trousers, some candy, and $150. Go me!

      What a selfish bastard you are, you dont think thats a lot? You are the kind of person that gives a bad name to americans!
      • That said, I still got three new shirts, a pair of trousers, some candy, and $150. Go me!

        What a selfish bastard you are, you dont think thats a lot? You are the kind of person that gives a bad name to americans!

        Well, let's see:

        1. Three shirts @ $30 apiece
        2. One pair of trousers @ $60
        3. Misc. candy, let's say $10
        4. $150 in cash
          1. That adds up to $250. No, that's not that much, for someone living in the civilised world. That's a fortnight's rent on a cheap single bedroom flat here in Denver. That's enough for two to go out to dinner three or four times.

            But it's certainly appreciated--that was obvious from the poster's tone.

  • For xmas... (Score:3, Flamebait)

    by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday December 25, 2001 @09:46AM (#2749161)
    I stole a car, got into a shootout with the police, ran over countless pedestrians, and flipped a semi in front of the police station.

    Grand Theft Auto 3 for PS2. What a game!
    • "ran over countless pedestrians"

      I hate to nitpick, but it's not exactly "countless". If you press the start button and look at scrolling statistics, it'll tell you just how many people you've wasted. Admittedly, it does include the ones that you kill via other means, but it should give you a rough idea. I've already broken the 1k barrier in my game.

    • Damn you americans.... Damn you all to hell. And damn all my mates who bought gta3 before they pulled it...
  • The fatman generously provided me with a new Titanium PowerBook. Unfortunately, the fatman did his shopping before Apple changing to the combo (DVD & CDRW) drive, so just DVD for me.

    Now, get off Slashdot and go spend time with your loved ones.
  • I was afaid she might think it was like getting her a bowling ball with my name on it but she dug it. Chicks *DO* dig linux.

  • Blessings! (Score:3, Redundant)

    by Bilbo ( 7015 ) on Tuesday December 25, 2001 @10:27AM (#2749210) Homepage
    May the Blessings of Christmas be with you all, wherever and however you may celebrate this Season. May Peace and Joy be with you this year, and may you spread wisdom and kindness to everyone you interact with.


  • Despite plans to go to Amsterdam and Berlin for xmas/nye, I've ended up working, due to other staff being unavailable. I'm not bitter though :)

    I'm working on some code which should be very interesting in 4-6 months...bigger than HavenCo! :) So now I get to work on it sitting here in a warm, stationary office, vs. on a bumpy train with a GSM modem.
  • by Raul Acevedo ( 15878 ) <raul@@@cantara...com> on Tuesday December 25, 2001 @10:40AM (#2749223) Homepage
    From an old Santa scientific inquiry [main.com]...
    1. No known species of reindeer can fly. BUT there are 300,000 species of living organisms yet to be classified, and while most of these are insects and germs, this does not COMPLETELY rule out flying reindeer which only Santa has ever seen.

    2. There are 2 billion children (persons under 18) in the world. BUT since Santa doesn't (appear) to handle the Muslim, Hindu, Jewish and Buddhist children, that reduces the workload to 15% of the total - 378 million according to the Population Reference Bureau. At an average (census rate of 3.5 children per household, that's 91.8 million homes. One presumes there's at least one good child in each.

    3. Santa has 31 hours of Christmas to work with, thanks to the different time zones and the rotation of the earth, and assuming he travels east to west (which seems logical). This works out to 822.6 visits per second. This is to say that for each Christian household with good children, Santa has 1/1000th of a second to park, hop out of his sleigh, jump down the chimnye, fill the stockings, distribute the remaining presents under the tree, eat whatever snacks have been left, get back up the chimney, get back into the sleigh and move on to the next house. Assuming that each of these 91.8 million stops are evenly distributed around the earth (which, of course we know to be false but for the purpose of our calculations we will accept), we are now talking aabout .78 miles per household, a total trip of 75.5 million miles, not counting stops to do what most of us must do at least once every 31 hours, plus feeding and etc.This means that Santa's sleigh is moving at 650 miles per second, 3000 times the speed of sound. For purposes of comparison, the fastest man-made vehicle on earth, the Ulysses space probe, moves at a poky 27.4 miles per second - a conventional reindeer can run, tops, 15 miles per hour.

    4. The payload on the sleigh adds another interesting element. Assuming that each child gets nothing more than a medium-sized lego set (2 pounds), the sleigh is carrying 321,300 tons, not counting Santa, who is invariably described as overweight. On land, conventional reindeer can pull no more than 300 punds. Even granting that "flying reindeer" (refer to point #1) could pull TEN TIMES the normal load, we cannot do the job with eight, or even nine. We need 214,200 reindeer. This increases the payload - not even counting the weight of the sleigh - 353,430 tons. Again, for comparison - this is four times the weight of the Queen Elizabeth.

    5. 353,000 tons traveling at 650 miles per second creates enormous air resistance - this will heat the reindeer up in the same fashion as spacecrafts re-entereing the earth's atmosphere. The lead pair of reindeer will absorb 14.3 QUINTILLION joules of energy per SECOND, EACH! In short, hey will burst into flames almost instantaneously, exposing the reindeer behind them, and create a deafening sonic boom in their wake. The entire reindeer team will be vaporized within 4.26 thousanths of a second. Santa, meanwhile, will be subjected to centrifugal forces 17,500.06 times greater than gravity. A 250 pound Santa (which seems ludicrously slim) would be pinned to the back of his sleigh by 4,315,015 pounds of force.

    In conclusion - If Santa ever DID deliver presents on Christmas Eve, he's dead by now.

    • by EABinGA ( 253382 ) on Tuesday December 25, 2001 @11:24AM (#2749286)
      Santa's Rebuttal
      NORTH POLE, SANTA'S VILLAGE - For Immediate Release

      It has come to the attention of Santa's workshop that there have been disparaging remarks made in the press recently about Santa's very existence. Several key points are overlooked by this callous, amateurish, so-called study.

      As was admitted by the skeptics, there is only a very small probability of finding a flying reindeer. That is precisely because they are all located at the Workshop. Your very argument against Santa is proof of his existence! As is widely known (Re: the excellent historical documentaries "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" and "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer") the flying reindeer are not a separate species, but were in fact given the power of flight due to eating magic acorns, which is passed on in their offspring.

      A series of cascading assumptions have been relied upon to show the "impossibility" of delivering all presents in one Christmas. For example, there was assumed a uniform distribution of children across homes. Toronto/Yorkville, or NYC/SOHO, or other yuppie neighborhoods, have less than the average (and don't forget the DINK/SINK homes (Double Income No Kids, Single Income No Kids)), while the Catholic (the predominant Christian denomination) families with 10 children would skew that derived 15% of homes down a few percent.

      You've also assumed that each home that has kids would have at least one good kid. Let us assure you that anti-selection applies, and homes with good kids tend to have more than their share of good kids? Still other single-child homes are notorious for spoiled "naughty" children and average 55% delivery on a good year. Let's drop that number of homes down a few more percent.

      A simple history lesson reminds us that, the first major schism in the Church split the Eastern Churches, centered in Byzantium, from the Western, which remained centered in Rome, prior to the Gregorian correction to the Julian calendar. The Eastern "Orthodox" Churches do not recognize the Gregorian correction for liturgical events, and their Christmas is, as a result, several days after that of the Western Churches'. Thus, Santa's schedule is not as tight as previously indicated.

      Santa does indeed FedEx a number of packages ahead of time, since he is not be able to fly into Air Force Bases, or into tower- controlled areas near airports. He's certainly not into dodging SCUD missiles over the no-fly zones in Iraq, so he uses DHL there. Subtract some more homes.

      In regards to speed and time, we can't reveal all the details, but let us remind you of basic relativity theory: The faster you go, the slower time progresses. Do you think StarTrek came up with the idea of warp drive? So, if Santa could go faster than light, then he can easily visit all the good children which are not uniformly distributed by either concentration in each home or by number of children per household, and get home before he left so he can digest all those stale cookies and warm milk. (Has anyone thought of ice cubes?)

      Aha, you say, Enterprise has matter-antimatter warp engines, Santa only has reindeer, where does he get the power to move that fast? The answer is right before your skeptical eyes! The lead pair of reindeer will absorb 14.3 quintillion joules of energy. Per second. Each. This is an ample supply of energy for the maneuvering, acceleration, etc., that would be required of the loaded sleigh. The reindeer don't evaporate or incinerate or get crushed because of this energy; they accelerate! What do you think they have antlers for, fighting over females? Think of antlers as furry shield generator arrays.

      The issue of weight constraints and delivery methods also shows a shocking lack of knowledge of basic matter/energy relations and beginning quantum physics. (Picture a two dimensional complex function mapped to the surface of a sphere with approximately 9000 nodal surfaces, and 18 million regions of relatively high amplitude.) Assuming this is getting way ahead of most people's conceptual limits, we'll just say that Captain Kirk wasn't the first to say "beam me down." Transporters, replicators, and holo-projections have been standard equipment in some workshops and certain aerospace vehicle way before the 24th century.

      If that's not enough, watch the news on the 24th at 11 o'clock. NORAD (one of the few government agencies with more than 3 initials in it's name and therefore more trustworthy than the rest) tracks Santa every year and displays radar shots of him approaching from the North Pole. They haven't bombarded him yet, so they must believe too, right?

      We certainly hope this clears up any damage caused by the bad press. Santa dead, indeed--some people will twist any statistic model to "prove" their cynical theory.
      • As we know, Christmas is a holiday to celebrate the birth of Christ and the church made it dec 25th in order to usurp a pagan holiday.
        However, Santas criteria is "Naughty" and "Nice", religion(for santa) doesn't enter into it.
        know that I can quickly make up some numbers that show Santa needs to visit 100% of home with children, where at least one child is good.
        If what I know about children is any indicator, then I can say Santa visits, at most, 1 child.
        • As we know, Christmas is a holiday to celebrate the birth of Christ and the church made it dec 25th in order to usurp a pagan holiday.

          Not quite. There are some good reasons to believe that Christ was indeed born on the 25th. I don't recall any at the moment (that not being my field of study), save this one. December is the time of year when the lambs for Passover (Hebrew Pesach, Greek Pascha) were born. These same lambs would then be sacrificed some months later. Christ being the ultimate Paschal Lamb, it makes sense that he be born at the same time.

    • This is to say that for each Christian household with good children, Santa has 1/1000th of a second to...

      Why don't you take your massively parallel brain and sit and try to think of some other possibilities besides visiting all these homes serially?

  • I got jack shit. (Score:2, Informative)

    by hyehye ( 451759 )
    A package of 12 pairs of black socks and 6 white undershirts, and my neighbor gave me a pII-400 128mb 20gb box which sounds cool except everything's integrated on the motherboard. Yay. Fuck christmas.
  • I got most of my thinkgeek wishlist. The eclipse light is awesome. I also love my Internet 2001 map. Anyone else get alot off stuff from thinkgeek?
  • Well, I too am off to see the family and exchange gifts. We are having a surprise guest(at least it was a surprise to me) at the house who is a big fan of open source software.

    So, my last-minute gift to him is a copy of the new OpenBSD 3.0 [openbsd.org].

    I inscribed it:

    Time since last remote root exploit:
    OpenBSD: 4.5 years
    Microsoft Windows: 4.5 days [slashdot.org].

    Merry Christmas! My condolences for you guys that have to work.

  • Since I never got around to ordering my college class ring, that's all I asked for this year.

    The women of the family were extactic that I finally asked for something non-electronic/non-utilitarian! Anyway, it was put on order earlier in Dec and is not here yet. Johston's looks like they can use some help on taking orders too, but I got the customer copy of the order to hold until the ring arrives.

    On the other hand, I got my son a copy of "The Federalist Papers" (along with other things), reversing his technique of giving me CDs that HE wants to hear ;-)

    Merry Christmas and all of the other hollidays too!!!
  • Didn't CmdrTaco just say he was going out to visit the family? He is still posting stories! That guy has some serious dedication to this site if he is posting stories while visiting his family.

    Not that I'm not grateful, I'm at work bored out of my mind... slashdot is great entertainment at [-1|nested]

    Merry Christmas!!!
  • by kryonD ( 163018 ) on Tuesday December 25, 2001 @11:37AM (#2749310) Homepage Journal
    Merry christmas from Okinawa! Got some practical gifts from the woman and burnt a $20 phone card talking to her for 2 hours which was good enough for me. All my Okinawan friends had to work today, but they promise new years will make up for it.

    To all my fellow Marines, Airmen, Soldiers and Sailors who also spent christmas with thier loved ones via phone or internet:

    Semper Fidelis, Merry Christmas, and thanks for helping keep the world a safer place!
  • by penguin_nipple ( 127025 ) <dan.nedelko@gma i l .com> on Tuesday December 25, 2001 @12:06PM (#2749370) Homepage Journal
    Well this year was a fun one...

    My mother got into a car accident in march of this year and has been in therapy for chronic back damage , my step dad damaged the disks in his lower back. As such, both have been a little tight for money recently. So my gifts to them this year were:
    (1) Fixing their car for them
    (2) Lending them money for 3 months.
    (3) A little P2-266 for step sister who has never owned a computer before. She almost hyper ventilated when she got it. Sometimes the joy is in seeing something I take for granted, like technology, even old technology, greatly appreciated by someone who is not surrounded by it 24/7.
    (4) One of those green bankers lamps for my girlfriend, every time we watch Law and Order she comments on how cool those lamps look

    No I didn't get much, I don't want much, if I need something in the world of tech, I buy it for myself. The gifts that mean most to me are the ones where the person gives you a unique gift based upon something you love.

    Example, my girlfriend gave me National Geographics 100 Best Pictures of All Time and Gladiator on DVD. Not high in monetary value, but very high meaning for me.

    My girlfriend was listening to me all year, and picked on up on stupid little comments I had made months ago! The listening is a gift I appreciate...it's just one of those things that keeps on giving all year long.

  • I got a Makita 14.4v cordless Drill. MMMmmm... power tools. Got anything I can screw?
  • Laid off.

    Oh well... :(

  • Being the way cool girlfriend that she is, my significant other got me an iPaq 3870. Somehow she just knew that I didn't spend enough time screwing around with linux on my desktop. Unfortunately, it's back ordered until January'ish. Anyone else have similar woes with their iPaq's? It's teasing to get a confirmation printout in your stocking.....
  • Please accept with no obligation, implied or implicit, my best wishes for an environmentally conscious, socially responsible, low stress, non-addictive, gender neutral, celebration of the winter solstice holiday, practiced within the most enjoyable traditions of the religious persuasion of your choice, or secular practices of your choice, with respect for the religious/secular persuasions and/or traditions of others, or their choice not to practice religious or secular traditions at all; and a fiscally successful, personally fulfilling, and medically uncomplicated recognition of the onset of the generally accepted calendar year 2002, but not without due respect for the calendars of choice of other cultures, and without regard to the race, creed, color, age, physical ability, religious faith, choice of computer platform, or sexual preference of the wishes.

    By accepting this greeting, you are accepting these terms. This greeting is subject to clarification or withdrawal. It is freely transferable with no alteration to the original greeting. It implies no promise by the wisher to actually implement any of the wishes for her/himself or others, and is void where prohibited by law, and is revocable at the sole discretion of the wisher. This wish is warranted to perform as expected within the usual application of good tidings for a period of one year, or until the issuance of a subsequent holiday greeting, whichever comes first, and warranty is limited to replacement of this wish or issuance of a new wish at the sole discretion of the wisher.

  • Heres a list of me new toys :)
    • USB 100MB ZIP drive (Comes with Linux drivers :)
    • 100GB Western Digital HD, w/ 8 MB cache 7200rpm
    • Kylix 2 professional. (For those that don't know, its Delphi 6 for Linux)
    • 1GB RAM for my server :)
    • Bunch of other misc goodies
    Merry Chirstmas!
  • - i got my dad a really nice pair of sunglasses so he can scope chicks while looking insanely cool ... that is ... for the two weeks of the year where it doesn't rain in paris ... but hopefuly he'll be able to scrounge some dough to come see me in los angeles.

    - i sent my mom DHEA and a bunch of other bone-decay-and-other-menopause-symptoms-fighting dietary supplements which the french customs seized and are sending back to me. Next time i'll write "christmas candies" on the box. duh.

    Dad gave me an iPod. sweet little toy. I had been wanting to buy one for myself, but was still on the fence. He read my mind.

    Mom gave me a leather jacket! She pittied me when i showed up in Paris for the holiday in that dinky little jacket i wear in l.a. . Wait 'till my girl sees it when i get back huhuhuhu.

  • Yep, I got the best gift of all, school, and not only that, FLIGHT SCHOOL! Wahoooooooooooooooooooo

    My wife gave me the best christmas ever, hopefully next year i'll be flying us to visit family :)

    Hope everyone has a wonderful christmas!

    Oh yea, and i got an xbox haha

    now back to halo

  • Christmas Eve I ran into a woman from high school that I hadn't seen in 10 years...hopefully I'll be hearing from her again soon :). On the other hand, after having been up for 24 hours building a new computer (my gift to myself) I make the luser mistake of *not* backing up my windows partition before re-installing Win98...at least all I lost where some not-so-important email addresses :|.
  • This year for Christmas I got:

    1) An iBook.
    2) A kidney stone.


How many NASA managers does it take to screw in a lightbulb? "That's a known problem... don't worry about it."