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Comment Re:goddammit (Score 1) 322

You and the other Anonymous Coward just prove that the problem is not Pulse, but the fact that you are stupid.

If you run Pulse on top of jack, you can just run your realtime audio apps direct into jack; Pulse has no influence on jack's realtime behaviour if it runs as just another jack client.

So who is the fuckwit now?

Comment Re:Is any of this new? (Score 1) 457

If we allow an Orwellian government to take holdâ"which all of these actions by the CIA are precursors for

Stop being hysterical. Bad as the security complex is, it is nowhere near the levels we've seen in the past in places like the GDR.

Being a watchful citizen and demanding accountability from the government is called for.

Comment Re:Article advocates red terror (Score 1) 516

There was never a catastrophe in Switzerland, but their living standard is one of the highest in the world.

What a wonderful parochial worldview. Switzerland has grown fat by selling its services during catastrophes, from their pikemen to their banks being used to syphon money out of conflict areas.

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