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Comment Re:The beatings will continue until morale improve (Score 1) 133

Again, begging the question: you still accept the theory that it is enforcement of rights that motivates people to create. You just shift the goalposts a little by saying that there are enough honest people to make it work.

The simpler model is that people like to create things, and given decent access to creation, enough people are willing to pay that this is a viable living for creators. The commercial artists who experimented with a low-threshold access to material (by not enforcing copyright) showed us empirical data that this is in fact a more likely explanation of reality.

This study merely confirms what people like Eric Flint already told us 16 years ago.

Comment Re:The beatings will continue until morale improve (Score 1) 133

The problem we have at the moment is that we have this bizarre situation where the law says creators have certain rights as an incentive, and a lot of people do create and share work on that basis, yet actually enforcing your rights is impractical in many circumstances so there's no real deterrent.

Logically speaking you're begging the question here: if people can't enforce their rights, you can't say that the expectation of enforcement is the basis of their creative activity, because if they really couldn't enforce it, they would not do so in your view. And yet we see creative activity everywhere.

Comment Re:Oh please - back in the real world... (Score 1) 232

Oh fuck off with your Likud propaganda. What Israel shouldn't do is use terror bombing against populations and support illegal settlements to provide a casus belli for those terror bombings. Point out where I said that they could not engage in proportiate responses?

All that was obvious from my first post, but you predictably roll out the anti-Semitism dog whistles regardless.

Comment Re:Plank meet speck (Score 1) 232

The question should be: 'Is Israel's response to the presence of a large group of people committed to its destruction avoiding the death of innocents as much as possible?' Yes they've made mistakes, but so does everyone.

The answer to the question is "No". The professed aims of Hamas are irrelevant in the face of the power disparity. Israel is like a trained martial artist vs a kid yelling "I'm going to kick your ass!". The proper response to that is to ignore it, because it is not a viable threat, not to brutalise the kid into the hospital.

And the second point: maybe everyone makes mistakes, but the disproportional use of force by the IDF is not a mistake, it's policy.

And finally, when the current Likud government is still sponsoring the illegal settlements and using resistance against them as a casus belli, it is not Israel that is the victim here.

Comment Developers are at fault (Score 5, Insightful) 125

This is all the developers' fault. They are so fucking lazy that they think throwing up a dialog is a solution to the problem. After all, if the user clicks on it, they assented, right?

Microsoft is by far the worst offender, but they are not alone. And this abdication of responsibility by programmers has trained the users to just blindly click away warnings. And they are right: 99% of the time they are bullshit, a symptom of a problem the developers should have fixed.

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