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Comment Developers are at fault (Score 5, Insightful) 124

This is all the developers' fault. They are so fucking lazy that they think throwing up a dialog is a solution to the problem. After all, if the user clicks on it, they assented, right?

Microsoft is by far the worst offender, but they are not alone. And this abdication of responsibility by programmers has trained the users to just blindly click away warnings. And they are right: 99% of the time they are bullshit, a symptom of a problem the developers should have fixed.

Comment Re:The price hike is minimal... (Score 1) 460

I'm a little surprised they aren't in a position to play hardball in some of these cases.

Probably complacency. If they feel that they are the only viable streaming service, they will feel no urgency to play hardball; after all, where are the customers going to go?

You and I know the answer, but Netflix' management obviously doesn't, vide the PR bullshit they spout on this news.

Comment Re:You're not that old (Score 1) 211

CP/M and other precursor OSes are really only of interest to historians and nostalgic geeks,

The fact that you seem to assume that the direct lineage of DOS is the only thing that matters shows you exactly for the kind of young know-it-all I was describing.

Here's a hint: even though I grew up with 8-bit micros during the CP/M to DOS transition years, I at least know that computing had been going on for a lot longer than that, on a variety of machines from micros to mainframes; and I recognise most of what the PC hipsters hail as 'new and innovative' is usually nothing but badly reimplemented 70s technology.

Comment Re:You're not that old (Score 1) 211

Yeah, the problem is that the Internet is dominated by the voices of the PC generation, who somehow never learned that there actually was a long history of computing before the PC and MS-DOS.

Heck, most of them would be surprised if you told them DOS was a bad rip-off of an existing system to start with.

Comment Re:Only as safe as the sandbox (Score 2) 167

<citation needed>

Self-proclaimed expertise does not correlate well with actual expertise, and Ada seems to be doing quite well in its domains of highly-secure and embbeded software. In fact, it's having a bit of resurgence.

Those who do vocally hate on it seem to be the kind of cowboys that run after every new fad, the sort of programmers you wouldn't trust to code the right way to implement an automatic toilet seat.

(Side note: let's see who spots the reference in that last paragraph.)

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