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Comment Re:Masturbation (Score 2) 98

Sometimes people do shit just to see if it can be done. Like cramming a full-blown system into a tiny device.

Cramming a "full-blown" system into an Apple Watch would be pretty cool. However, Windows 95 was never a "full-blown" system. It was a system that "fully blowed"; the difference is important. If someone could find a way to delete that piece of shit from the Universe, that would be time well spent.

Comment Re:What does this mean for biometrics in general? (Score 4, Insightful) 242

You don't think it has anything to do with an utter pain in the ass it is to keep track of user/password and private/public key pairs, vs how simple a bio-scan is?

Bio-scans are easy to understand in practice. You walk up to a thing and touch it/look at it, and you're in. That's the appeal.

Comment Re:They should have been shot (Score 1) 328

There's no reason to kill them. There is plenty of reason to stop them. Stopping someone from committing a crime, and punishing someone for committing a crime, are *completely* separate concepts.

Don't want to get stopped from doing the wrong thing in a potentially deadly fashion, don't do the wrong thing. Seems simple enough.

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