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Journal Journal: Visited SCO's neighbors

Had to make a quick trip to the Canopy Group to demonstrate how data integration really works. It was kind of interresting driving by the old SCO headquarters, especially knowing what I know now. All I have to say is, never f*%# with an 800 lb gorilla.

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Journal Journal: Graduating from Geek to Otaku

I just spent 9 days in Tokyo rubbing shoulders with the foreign tech industry as well as some of the most beautiful and intelligent women I've ever met. Needless to say, my next job will be in Tokyo. You can't beat a city the size of New York, extremely polite people, effecient mass transportation, and almost no violent crime. Did I also mention that a UNIX C programmer with a college degree and a small knowledge of the Japanese Language can easily land a job paying 6 figures?


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Journal Journal: The perfect woman

A recent change in my life has forced me to ask the question:

If the woman you are with is perfect in every way, and she dumps you, does that make her imperfect, or say something about blind devotion?

Everyone knows that no one is truely perfect, but sometimes you do meet someone who seems perfect for you. Oh well....back to the singles scene.

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Journal Journal: Learning Japanese 1

for(time = 0; AmIFluent(); time++)

I love Japan, but learning the Language is a beast!

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