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Matsumoto/Daft Punk Videos Online 165

mvw noted that Toonami is serving up the four videos directed by Star Blazers creator Leiji Matsumoto for the first four tracks on Daft Punk album Discovery. The album is an absolute masterpiece and one of my favorite CDs. The videos are impressive too, telling a continuing story through each of the four songs with that distinctive style. Anyway, I was just pleased to see them online since I only got to see them once when Toonami aired them. and figured others would enjoy this.
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Matsumoto/Daft Punk Videos Online

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  • by Myuu ( 529245 )
    Wasn't Star Blazers suppose to be on Toonami? Anyway, anime seems like Daft's style, and it is very good.
  • by bonoboy ( 98001 ) on Friday October 26, 2001 @11:06PM (#2486434) Homepage Journal

    Damn limited titles.

    I'm totally gonna get painted a troll for this, but while I really like the direction they've taken with their new videos et al, I haven't heard anything inspirational from Daft Punk since one of them went off and did 'music sounds better with you'. Strange that a vital, interesting band that produced 'revolution 909' and the excellent 'around the world' then ended up producing a parody of a cheesy hands-in-the-air house track, only to then recreate themselves based on a parody of that one track!

    Anyway, goodbye Karma. But I'd urge any fans of the new album that don't know the first to go and get it right now! It will change your mind about how good they really are.

    • I haven't heard anything inspirational from Daft Punk since one of them went off and did 'music sounds better with you'. Strange that a vital, interesting band that produced 'revolution 909' and the excellent 'around the world' then ended up producing a parody of a cheesy hands-in-the-air house track, only to then recreate themselves based on a parody of that one track!

      Amen, amen to that. The first album was really good in a fun and simple way. They totally went crap after that.

      And the video with the dog-man was classic. I remember getting a kick out of the fact the bus driver kicked him off the bus because of his boom box, but didn't give a fuck that he was a dog!

      Okay this whole article is pointless but I guess slashdot is a little slow 2nite. I thought CTaco was into The Who and stuff.

      Hmm, time to put on Homework.

    • you're absolutely right ! homework was an awesome album. discovery is not that bad but it sounds like media whoring radio tunes ! it used to be all about killer electronic beats that really rocked.. I will not buy this new album.
    • Daft Punk is incredible. Their first album introduced their intelligent minimal underground sound. But Daft Punk has NOT changed much of their root sound. Those who think they suck now, please listen again to Homework: you hear Discovery everywhere.

      Their second album sounds less like Homework because:
      - they use vocals in Discovery
      - they shorten their dance breaks and beats
      - they use a vocoder
      - One More Time got radio play as a pop hit
      - most people think that Homework is only Around The World and Da Funk
      - many people think that Discovery is One More Time

      Please try out Homework again and invert your habits -- listen the whole album, including Rollin' and Scratchin', Burnin' and Pheonix, instead of Da Funk and Around The World.

      Listen to some live sets (with DaftClub) from their 1997 tour, and you'll hear the same styles used in Discovery.
      • Phoenix?

        The indie act that spawned Daft Punk, had a guitarist who left to form his own band. Branco started the indescribable "Phoenix" (well OK, West Coast American FM pop rock, power pop thrash, jazz rock country).

        Check out their excellent album "United" for some amazingly fresh sounds and see how the influences that shaped DP can also be found (Funky Square Dance!). This album should be a mess, but its instead superb.


    • you absolutely need to hear the roger sanchez mix of revolution 909, if you haven't already done so. it is awesome.

    • I agree 100%. I also liked the semi-newer "homework" videos and moreso the music. I also own the Homework "LP" :). It's kinda cool for this type of stuff to come up on /., IMHO.
    • I haven't heard anything inspirational from Daft Punk since one of them went off and did 'music sounds better with you'.

      That was actually Benjamin Diamond's outfit, Stardust, that was responsible for that. His solo stuff is pretty hot, as well.

    • Daft Punk was *always* about being the thing that they parody. Read this review []. He seems to get it. Also, "One More Time" is more subversive than anything else they've done. It's *fantastic*. Sure, it sounds silly at first. So listen again, watch the four videos, and read this review.
    • Troll? Likely not. I mean, how much can you judge a band with what, two albums out?

      Anyway, their first album was far too repetitive for my tastes: they'd take one hook and just loop it to death.

  • has 3 of the four. Harder, Better, faster, Stonger, One More Try, and Aerodynamic. All at up to 300kps. Get them before launch runs out of money completely and dies any second now. BTW, a fake email address is fine for registration.
  • Am I the only one whose browser (IE 5.5) crashes when loading the videos? There is no mention on the website about plug ins or anything (it's entirely possible I'm a retard), so I'm kind of stumped. I want to see those videos, dammit!
  • In some parts of the world, geeks who slave over computers 18 hours a day actually enjoy anime. Is that a crime? Personally, after a long 13 hour day dealing with a bunch of illiterate MS user cretins, this was a nice post to come home to. So thanks! And at least now I know which group came up with "One More Time." And no. This type of entertainment does not make me forget what's happening "out there". If your so worried about appearing concerned about this war, you don't have to visit Slashdot.
  • the videos were decidedly 3rd rate, but the music more than made up for it. I might as well just put that on ;)
  • I thought a lot like some of the first replies to this topic:"Man, they have gone to sh*t, the first album was SO much better" Please, give the songs on this album achance. It really does grow on you. They are just as brilliant on this one as the previous one. Digital Love is BRILLIANT song, keeps bringing back Welcome Back Kotter in my head. Isn`t that what music is all about! :-)
  • You can also find them here:

    (Link) []

    Windows Media and Real Player formats only unfortunately.

  • contradiction (Score:3, Insightful)

    by Jeff Probst ( 459812 ) on Friday October 26, 2001 @11:50PM (#2486513) Homepage Journal
    The album is an absolute masterpiece and one of my favorite CDs
    i seem to recall Taco saying that he would not purchase another CD due to all the bad things the music industry was doing.

    Time to come clean Taco: did you purchase this CD from Amazon?

  • And Anime. Heh. Digital Love is one of my favorite Daft Punk singles. You might of heard it on that Gap commercial with the robot. Oh, I like Gap Commercials too =)
  • Does anyone know if there will be any more videos in this series? It seems to leave off at the climax, and we don't get to see if the alien rock band gets saved or not! I love these videos, and I want more!
    • If I remember correctly, the first video was released in the end of 2000. The fourth one in october this year. Or did I just misread that? Anyway, there's hope :)
  • These have been there a while I thought, I remember seeing them on Toonami on night and proceeding to download them off the website, along with a few other videos from Gorillaz I saw that night. I'm having trouble finding a link to it on Cartoon Network, but I'm sure if you happen to use one of those *cough*filesharing*cough* programs you'll be able to find some decent MPEG versions of these videos. And, FYI, I like all their stuff, old and new, and the fact that they're doing anime videos is just icing on the cake.
    • You are correct; they *were* available shortly after they aired. (I tried viewing "Harder, Faster, Better, Stronger" via 56k and had some minor problems keeping a good stream near the beginning, but other than that it seemed fine.)
  • Yeah, you watched BEFORE you posted so that way you wouldn't have to watch the skipping low bandwith version.
    Yay slashdot effect!
    note to moderators: this is not offtopic, it is a troll.
  • Thanx for Posting this, i like Daft Punk and got the CD (with the nifty web site credit card thingy too... ooohh awww) i never new about the last 2 videos thanx for posting this
  • Fortunately, I'm awake now, and so can watch the videos while they still stream at actual video rates. I pity all the folks who wake up tomorrow and have to watch them at about two frames per second. Bandwidth suck. Whee! :)

    Nice videos, but the story at the end of the fourth one was rather inconclusive. Will there be animated videos for every song on the album, I wonder?

    Are the animated figures supposed to be representative of the members of Daft Punk? Sort of like the security guards are Sly and Robbie in Superthruster []? (Anyone know what animators did that video?)

    Neat videos...I hope they make more of them so I can see what happens next. :)

    • FWIW, looking it up, /media/vid1.hi.ram is rtsp:// mi/real/daftpunk/video1.hi.rm, so the vids are hosted by AOL. So, it should resist slashdotting fairly well.
    • i'm pretty sure the daft punk website (fan website) indicated a plan to complete the whole album. I'm still looking for my password so I can offer proof.

      Leji is quite the artist..and it matches the music so well. I truley hope to see more! I might just go get another damn card and try to figure out my login. So I can offer proof.

      I can only plea to MTV and ask for them to play these videos in their intirety for me to see some night. Ahhhhh.....The dream begins....wbvg
    • Yeah, I remember reading that they're going to continue the story on for every song on Discovery, then release a DVD of the whole thing back to back.

      Well, I'll be buying it. I love Daft Punk.

      For anyone hankering after their earlier sound, or wanting to understand the connection between the Daft Punk who did Da Funk and the Daft Punk who did One More Time - get Alive, Daft Punk Live 1997. All will become clear.
    • I pity all the folks who wake up tomorrow and have to watch them at about two frames per second. Bandwidth suck. Whee! :)

      I pity all the folks who are unaware of the wonders that 2000 edonkey []'s can provide when it comes to large media files. :)

      All four vids have been available in standard mpeg, and DivX, for quite a while... and I see that only the first three vids are available on Toonami's site, and in Crap-Quality.

      The Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger vid was interesting: The band members are manufactured "Ghost-in-the-shell-style", then get their memory scanned in. The End.

  • Hmmm... At first I thought the connection was hosed because of the weird "skippy" vocals. Then I realized it was deliberate.

    And do at least watch the first video all the way through. I decided to do so, and there actually is a story later on. Unfortunately, you have to listen to some god-awful music ("Celebrate good times, come on!" was apparently the spiritual guide for this band) to do so.

    Animation = great, the guy still has a great sense of cinematography. But the music....
    • Hmmm... At first I thought the connection was hosed because of the weird "skippy" vocals. Then I realized it was deliberate.

      Heh, I couldn't tell if RealPlayer was shifting to a lower bandwidth/lower sampling rate, or if the "electronic musicians" were just screwing with the cutoff frequency of their lowpass filter :)

      Anyways, I agree... cool animation, but I'm not a big Daft Punk fan. Although I do like "Da Funk" or whatever that song is called... repetitive vocals = bad.

    • Haha, you crazy Americans. Can't cope with a little dance/house music. Perhaps we should ask Daft Punk to remix them to sound like The Ataris or Weezer?
  • I saw these videos like 20 times a day on MTV Italia, too bad american mtv doesn't have the same taste....
  • To anyone who's been trying to get 'em to disk (esp. thoes of us on dial-up connections who want to watch these in a real framerate): Head over here [] and grab the ASFRecorder.

    Now, go here []. Left click the Windows Media Player link for the video you want.

    As the video window loads up, center click and hold, then right click while still center clicking, and view source on the doc (you have to do this to get around the "no right click" script).

    Extract the path to the ASX file from the HTML.

    Drop that into ASFRecorder, and download the damn things :).

    • Better yet, just open up your favorite gnutella client and download them. There are nice quality mpegs of them all over. I've had mpegs of One More Time and Aerodynamic for a while.
  • The Raft have been serving these beautiful vid's up in various res quicktime files, but just go for high res(480x360) as it rules :D If you goto (not a fake link for once on these boards) and search for Daft Punk on the various pages you should be able to get em all.
    Me, I can't wait for the next one.

  • "I was just pleased to see them online since I only got to see them once when Toonami aired them."

    Is this video never shown on a music-television channel like MTV ? Here in Belgium (Europe) all four songs made it to the top 10 and because of that shown alot.
    As far as I know, most radio- and television stations in the USA broadcast mostly rnb and rap, but I could be wrong. Here in Europe there's a musch broader diversity.
    • No they aren't. I've only seen "One More Time" once, and that was on MTV2(which is 3.4x better than MTV by the way). Of course, most of the charttoppers aren't techno over here anyway.
  • Without the crappy website :-)

    rtsp:// na mi/real/daftpunk/video[1234].(hi|lo).rm

    Or just use /media/ []

  • Man, I didn't know that the same director made StarBlazers! I remember watching that series before school back in the early 80s! On channel 25 in Boston... I can't believe you can buy the StarBlazers discs! I guess it makes sense since Anime is so popular, but I never made the connection.

    It ALL makes sense now, I think. Daft Punk obviously connected with something from my childhood because after seeing the first two videos, which I thought were fantastic, I bought the album, which I think is good except that it loses something during the 2nd half...

    That's a kick-ass marketing plan for a music group... find some cartoon a bunch of kids watched and use that as your next video.

    Should we expect He-Man and the Masters of the Universe next?


  • I have Discovery on CD since it came out, it is really great (I like Superheroes best).. The album includes the "Daft Card" with an unique ID. If you enter it on the Daft Club [], you can download and play (no streaming) about ten extra tracks in a Windows-only proprietary format (InterTrust's .saf).
    The only bad thing about the Daft Club (besides that InterTrust is ugly) is that that's all. Does anyone know a good news site on Daft Punk? Something more than a discography? Live gigs? Bootlegs? Links to interviews? I think it's a shame that just refers to the Daft Club.
    • I'm a little surprised that none of the people who's mentioned the "Daft Card" things brought it up in this light, but it seems that Daft Punk is doing what a lot of people suggested in the past would be a good idea--not fighting MP3 trading by trying to stop it, but instead giving people an incentive to buy the CD by adding value to it. I might just have to go out and get the CD just to support that idea, if for no other reason.

  • Can't seem to get it working, tried with Netscape Navigator, Knoqueror and Opera, all have the correct mime type audio/x-pn-realaudio
    and it just won't play, I think this is because of some kind of ActiveX imbedding, although this is a guess.

    The URL i'm using is an d.html

    HELP!!! Really would love to see this, thanks.
    • This works

      rtsp:// na mi/real/daftpunk/video1.hi.rm
      rtsp:// na mi/real/daftpunk/video2.hi.rm
      rtsp:// na mi/real/daftpunk/video3.hi.rm
      rtsp:// na mi/real/daftpunk/video4.hi.rm

      I find the quality terrible under Linux
      and a web browser keeps on popping up.

      Why is Realplayer so blocky, it's terrible
      under Linux.

      I would still like to know why it won't play straight off under Linux.

  • had first 3 Daft Punk video's on there site for over a month before they showed them plus the fourth one on Toonami. You could have been wathching them as much as you want, but now you know, and knowing is half the battle.
  • Oh well, there's always Napster, right?

    from within the Daft Card site: link []

    The software used to run the Daft Club are
    unfortunately not yet supported by Mac
    technology. We hope that the Apple OS will
    soon be compatible with this new technology.
    For your information, we have been told
    that the new Daft Punk track "Ouverture"
    is already available as a MP3 file on many
    popular sharing file sites, such as
    Napster and Macster, accessible with a Mac.

    Best regards,

    The Daft Club team

    I think it's extremely significant that a band
    like Daft Punk is reccomending and even
    depending on "illegal" file sharing networks
    to promote their music.

    RIAA - "You hear the howling of CwnAnnwn."
  • First off, Daft Punk in any form rules! MTV America really sucks. Alien Ant Farm blows, Train is pointless and boring yuppie rock, Dave Matthew's band is crap. The list can go on and on, but you know what... it doesn't matter. Those are just opinions. (And we all know what opinions are like...)

    If I listed all the music I thought was the best, half the people here would jump down my throat telling me it sucks. So take your opinions and keep them to yourselves. If you don't like something, don't listen to it. Just like I don't listen to: Eminem, Kid Rock, Puff Daddy, Alien Ant Farm, or anything that doesn't make good use of electronics. etc... (ad nauseum)

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