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Comment Re:Ugh, just reboot (Score 1) 321

Agreed, I track the CentOS and Ubuntu security lists to know when to reboot my services, and chances vulnerabilities for various libraries are much more common than other stuff. That said, a lot of the time you can get away with just restarting a service or two.

I'd put this service in the category of things that'd be nice to have, I'd consider paying $4/mo for it. Of course, if you really 'need' this service what you probably actually need is a hot spare with automatic failover.

Comment Re:Standard Slashdot Ruby comment form (Score 1) 197

Eeesh, what a tragedy. I got the same BS at my job, luckily my higher up was fired and I replaced him, letting me turn our crapload of PHP into Rails.

I took a good long look at the PHP MVC world when it was clear my company wasn't going to drink the Rails kool aid, and I have to say, none of the PHP frameworks were (at the time, 2 years ago) up to snuff compared to Rails. They were just flat out missing a lot of the features that made Rails great.

Plus, it takes me way less time to code in Ruby than PHP, PHP just takes more LoC, especially as your app's complexity increases.

Comment Standard Slashdot Ruby comment form (Score 5, Insightful) 197

Please pick form the list below

Ruby and/or Rails sucks because:
    1. It doesn't scale (Twitter)
    2. It's slow
    3. I read somewhere that Python was a better language
    4. I write PHP, I can do everything Ruby/Rails can do better
    5. My obnoxious younger coworker uses it
    6. It's not lightweight enough
    7. The ruby community is full of over-hyping zelous twits
Ruby and/or Rails is awesome because:
    1. It scales within reason (Twitter, Lighthouse, Shopify)
    2. It's as fast as Python and PHP
    3. I read somewhere it was better than Python
    4. I used to write PHP, Ruby's been a godsend
    5. There are so many motivated and innovative people in the community
    6. It's featureful
    7. Pythonistas are over-hyping jealous twits

Comment The plural of anecdote (Score 0, Troll) 104

That doesn't really carry much weight. In fact, from what I've seen, those that have migrated to Ruby from Python have largely migrated back - viewing Ruby as an interesting experiment

The plural of anecdote is not data.

While I don't have direct experience, Jython is very mature. ... I suspect, Jython is as mature as JRuby.

Wow, I'd love to hear your opinion about things you have no experience with and have strong suspicious about.

How do you expect to be seriously talking about stuff you claim to not really know about?

I suspect you could benefit by taking a step back, re-reading your post, and spending some time reflecting on your own biases.

Comment Re:rdiff-backup: like rsync with versioning (Score 2, Interesting) 272

I love rdiff backup but I'd never use it on any large datasets. I attempted to use it on ~ 600 GB of data once with about 20GB of additions every month and it ran dog slow. As in taking 6+ hours to run every day (there were a lot of small files, dunno if that was the killer).

For larger datasets, like what the poster has, I'd go with a more comprehensive backup system, like bacula. I use that to backup about 12TB and it's rock solid and fast. There's a bit of a learning curve, but the documentation is very good.

If Bacula is too intimidating rsnapshot would be a viable route, it's similar to rdiff-backup, but simpler (pretty much just rsync + cp using hard links), faster, and easier to use. It's not as space efficient, but diffing video data is probably a waste of time anyway.

Comment Re:Just like MSNBC: changing black people to white (Score 1, Informative) 964

I'm pretty sure I saw the clip you were talking about. There were 2 guys with guns at the rally, one white, one black. During the newscast something got messed up, the reporter was talking about the white guy while pre-recorded footage of the black guy was playing. The reporter pointed this out while this happened, admitting to the screw up. I don't think anything intentionally disingenuous was going on, just a garden variety fuckup.

Comment Re:But Five blades really is better. (Score 1) 225

That's funny, because my single blade, double edged Merkur Heavy Duty has blades that cost ~50 cents (for top quality blades) and it shaves better than the fusion I used to use.

Those Fusion refills are ridiculously priced, at lots of markets they put em behind locked glass. That said, the fusion shaves better than a 2 bladed cartridge razor, and there's no learning curve.

Comment Re:So who was it ?? not (Score 1) 405

I've run it on windows in FF and had issues as well, even with Java installed. Of course some of my DRACs are fairly old, but even the DRAC5s have been problematic for me. Maybe I need to update the firmware, an operation which, surprise, doesn't work right on ubuntu (Dell really only supports RHEL and their firmware upgrades sometimes refuse to work on ubuntu).

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