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Comment BlueCoat Knew - Syria's Devices Called Home (Score 2) 73

I wrote about the matter this morning:

"It would appear that all of Syria’s BlueCoat hardware calls home to update its ability to filter and monitor new objects that it has not encountered. Equally importantly, the Syrian logs are filled with queries related to BlueCoat systems, such as ‘bluecoat data collector,’ something that a general home user would have little interest in."

There is currently a BlueCoat appliance located in Syria at; if the company needs any more of the dozen or so identified addresses of their hardware, I or Telecomix would be happy to oblige.

Comment Relevance (Score 1) 571

Its a shame this post wasn't directed as a question. My former school, the University of North Dakota, is going to ditch labs for Citrix. I've been against it but I can never really seem to describe why it just seems intrinsically wrong.

Comment Notice Sent to UND Students. (Score 4, Informative) 207

Urgent! Bogus Parking Tickets Found on Campus Refer Recipients to Virus-laden Web site

Do Not Go To This Web Site!!!

A message concerning bogus parking tickets being distributed on campus that was sent out late Monday contained the URL of a Web site that carries a computer virus. We are resending that message below with the problem URL removed:

Here is the message:

UPD received a call on Jan. 31, 2009 pertaining to someone issuing bogus parking tickets in the parking lot directly east of the ramp. The ticket is yellow in color and states the following: "PARKING VIOLATION This vehicle is in violation of standard parking regulations. To view pictures with information about your parking preferences, go to XXXXXXX.COM" (URL not used for computer safety reasons)


If you visit the Web site and click on the link to view pictures of horrible parking, you will download a virus onto your computer.
Should anyone have any information pertaining to this, please contact UND Police at 777-3491.

Lt. Dan Lund

Night Shift Supervisor

UND Police Dept.

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