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Comment Re:Don't confuse "old" with "poorly designed" (Score 1) 474

I don't believe that BART was designed for 100,000/week number. I read that it carried that many riders *when it opened*, but there's no way anyone would design a grade-separated rail system for 100,000/week. That's not even a notable amount of riders for a single bus line.

Design capacity comes down to track layout, train capacity, headways and station design. The trains and stations are not particularly crowded by world standards. There is a bottleneck in the system (the transbay tube) that several different routes use, which limits headways. But honestly the system is doing pretty well serving 400,000/day.

The real issues are the electrical system, old rolling stock, and lack of maintenance. Not design capacity.

Comment Probably not (Score 1) 520

My last PC had terrible interference when I used the onboard sound, or so I thought. Everyone's advice was to get a sound card, and guess what? It improved nothing. The problem was the front panel audio ports, not the sound hardware. The back ports on the motherboard sounded just as good as the ports on the pricey sound card.
Since I don't game and I don't record audio, the only advantage the discrete sound card had was louder headphone output, and not even by much.


Killer Convicted, Using Dog DNA Database 97

lee1 writes "It turns out that the UK has a DNA database — for dogs. And this database was recently used to apprehend a South London gang member who used his dog to catch a 16-year-old rival and hold him while he stabbed him to death. The dog was also accidentally stabbed, and left blood at the scene. The creation of human DNA databases has led to widespread debates on privacy; but what about the collation of DNA from dogs or other animals?"

Comment Re:iPod Touch Fails (Score 1) 249

Normally making a call with GV would involve calling your GV number, and then dialing the number you wish to call (kind of like using a phone card). The GV webapp makes using GV less cumbersome.

But it sounds like you're wondering why someone would want to place an outgoing call through GV in the first place.

It uses your iPhone plan's minutes, but a local call to GV might be cheaper than a local call to another number, if you have a plan where you get to make a list of "friend" numbers with unlimited or cheap minutes (I think AT&T calls this an A-list). And as you said, it's much cheaper for long distance. Free between two US numbers, in fact (again, not including local minutes charges).

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