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Comment No one is going to do [x] on a mobile device? (Score 2, Insightful) 177

I only had a buck every time I read, "No one is going to do [x] on a mobile device," over the past few years...

I have entire seasons of TV shows (Last Airbender) queued up on my phone for when I get trapped waiting somewhere and/or my son is bored on car trips, etc. It's not 2004 any more - the whole "mobisodes" trend came and went as it was discovered people don't *like* 2 minute custom-created content for the phones. They want normal length videos, and with today's large screens and relatively massive storage there's no problem with that.


Comment Streaming filter using SoX on Linux (Score 4, Informative) 602

I wrote up a blog post about using Sound eXchange (sox) to filter the sound here: , but the short version is this:

rec -d vol .5 equalizer 233 .1o -48 equalizer 466 .03o -48 equalizer 932 .02o -48 equalizer 1864 .2o -24 | play -d

or from a response to my post here:

rec -d | play -d vol 0.9 bandreject 116.56 3.4q bandreject 233.12 3.4q bandreject 466.24 3.4q bandreject 932.48 3.4q bandreject 1864 3.4q

After testing, I feel the parameters could be tweaked a bit more - but these definitely make a difference.


Comment Why move the window min/max/close buttons?! (Score 1) 683

Moving the default placement of the window min/max/close buttons is a really annoying change.

First, 95% of the world uses Windows which will make any sort of transition that much harder for end-users.

Second, I like it the old way, dammit! (What? That's a valid argument...) I don't want to have to change the damn default window theme for every install of Ubuntu I use (and at this point that's three boxes - my main computer, my netbook and my media PC).

Grump, grump, grump. Get off my lawn.


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