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Robotech DVDs Released! 131

shane writes "Robotech has been released on dvd finally. Check robotech.com for more info." I used to get up super early on Sunday mornings to watch Robotech every week when I was still a rugrat (being very quiet so as not to wake the parents). But personally I'm waiting for the animeigo release of the Macross Box Set instead (you can pre order it, as well as the Urusei Yatsura boxes) And I still really need to get Star Blazers.
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Robotech Released!

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  • by Anonymous Coward
    Longtime lurker, first time poster... Anyways... The DVDs were authored from a set of broadcast tapes, so don't expect the super-sharp pictures you normally associate with anime... However, for tapes that are almost 20 years old, they look really good. The openings and closings are really sharp. The episodes themselves, while soft around the edges, still look pretty good. There is some noticable bleeding in the first episode, when you're looking at Macross island (the sea and the sky sort of run together.) Also, there was apparentally a bit of dirt on the film when they made the broadcast masters, as you see this quite clearly during the episodes. I know that Macek said he didn't do any special cleaning of the footage like AnimEigo is doing for their release of Macross, but still I sort of wish they had cleaned the footage a little. Even with those problems, this is probably about the best copy of Robotech I've seen - especially since I spent my younger years taping it off the air, from a TV with an antenna, at EP speeds, onto a bargin basement VHS tape I bought from KMart. For me, at least, it's a purely nostalgic purchase.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    I'm just a lowly Anonymous Coward, but I felt a need to reply to this post. I found it funny that Orkin made an issue of the "ignorant fool at Best buy who didn't know what Robotech is". Who is he to call this guy ignorant? It's not the job of this employee to be an all-knowing, all-seeing fountain of knowledge concerning all DVD titles stocked. Well, I don't actually know what his job is but that isn't the point anyways. Furthermore, what kind of Robotech fan are you that you didn't know it was being released until you read about it here? Who's the ignorant one here?

  • That was a show


    definately the ancestor to Voltron, Robotech, and many many more. Anyone remember the pink girl robot's name?

  • by heroine ( 1220 ) on Wednesday June 20, 2001 @04:28PM (#137045) Homepage
    This looks like it's about to become a repeat of the VHS releases which came out in the 80's. They released the first few episodes and gave up. Unfortunately not many people are going to want just the first 12 episodes this time either. Without much demand for the first 12 episodes they won't see a need to finish the series.

    The second 2 generations were in some ways better than Macross. They got rid of the bimbo and the warrior women had a much bigger role. My favorite scene is still Rick Hunter telling Lynn Bimbo to go stick it, but the bravery of Dana Sterling and Lisa Hayes was irreplacable. You could never write a female character as self sacrificing for the fate of the universe as Lisa Hayes into a show today.

    Rook Bartley seemed more aligned with the modern heroine, more concerned with seeking revenge for some wrong done to her by a man than saving the world, but brave nonetheless.

  • The US series was different then the japanese version. Thats what the special note is for.. 8-)
  • The very same..
  • That's only for the original japaneese release of the *ENTIRE* series (Like 36 episodes?). That is *NOT* Robotech: Macross.

    The ones released today are at http://www.robotech.com/news/viewarticle.php?id=27
  • Can anybody who owns the DVDs comment on the video/audio quality? The version that Cartoon Network was running was pretty bad. Was any attempt made to clean up Robotech for the DVD version or maybe at least track down some quality masters?

  • No...he was correct. The $50 is for the 3DVD English box set. The $350 is for the 9 DVD Japanese box set, which is seperate - read the second link!
  • In a way, anime is/are "cartoons" by dictionary definition. Generally I find the Japanese cartoons (anime) more interesting than the American ones or for that matter anywhere else.

    Unfortunately the typical anime falls into cliches too many times but the standouts are extraordinary. The hard part is trying to figure out the originals and the copycats, and determining the merit of the copycats.

    Also, I would consider Akira very dang popular (but that doesn't mean I liked it). there will be 100,000 of Pioneer's "Limited Edition" tin of Akira released and they are already pre-sold out over a month before release (currently late July). Most limited goodies take a few months to sell out in quantities of 10,000 or 20,000.
  • Wait until you get the 2nd generation with Dana Stirling in it. I downloaded a couple of those from Gnutella the other day and that one is truly campy. I think they all get better, though. Macross gets much better around ep 18 where Fokker dies. Poor Roy.
  • My monies on early next year before EVERY episode gets online from DVD rips.

    Low-grade Realvideo caps off the vhs releases and TV broadcasts have been floating around for ages if you do some digging. Yes, DVD rips will probably supplant these over time, but you have to remember that it'll be awhile before the entire series is fully released on DVD. At 2 individual DVDs and three disc box-sets with bonus material coming every month or so (I remember reading that somewhere on robotech.com a few weeks back) they're aiming at having the entire series released by early next year. What's out there now on DVD is the first 12 episodes, there's 85 in total.
  • Conclusive studies have been done proving that there is a link between anime consumption and deviant sexual behavior

    In late breaking news, conclusive studies reveal an even more concrete link between trolling slashdot, and having no sexual behaviour at all.

    Charles Miller

  • by bhendrickson ( 7671 ) on Wednesday June 20, 2001 @12:59PM (#137055)
    For all those puzzled by Slashdot's new fascination with anime, for all those curious why CmdrTaco has posted less than 50 articles here since April 15th while an editor like Timothy has posted over 230, let me explain.


    Top users at animefu:
    CmdrTaco (194)
    Cacophanus (80)
    Battousai (73)
    Kayos (64)
    kurt (52)

    That would be 194 reviews written my CmdrTaco - reviews I might point out that are far longer than the quick Slashdot summaries he writes.

    Our fearless Slashdot leader, the only person in the position to address the increasing cynicism, to deal with the degeneration of dicussion, and to tweak the increasingly counterproductive moderation system, has reduced Slashdot to his second priority.

    Slashdot is still an amazing place... but here is to the old days of Slashdot, and perhaps to some future Slashdot innovations.

    (And please, no jokes about CmdrTaco hedging himself in case he is the victim of VA Linux reductions)

  • studionext.com...quicktime format
  • by Robotech_Master ( 14247 ) on Wednesday June 20, 2001 @06:08PM (#137057) Homepage Journal
    You can find them a lot cheaper than $40 at buy.com.
  • Macross, not Macross Plus.
  • by DiningPhilosopher ( 17036 ) on Wednesday June 20, 2001 @12:54PM (#137059)

    Here's an explanation I found on Home Theater Forum:

    "...Animeigo is NOT doing Robotech, they are doing the original Japanese seres that Robotech used for its animation. Robotech is edited from the original and has a different script and storyline, and the Animeigo release will not have an English dub, just as Robotech doesn't have an Japanese track.

    If you want Robotech, the ADV version is the only one."

  • After seeing single episode VHS tapes of things like Moldiver go for C$35 a piece, US$14.98 for a DVD with 6 episodes is a friggin bargain!
  • Even when I was a kid I thought Minmei was an annoying little girl. Lisa Hayes had that hot older woman thing going on.
  • I got mine from fry's for $9.99US. Woohoo!

    if you can't figure out how to email me, tough.
  • I happened to be in the mall last night (rare habbit for me) and wander into the DVD store. Browsed around a little, not really looking for anything in particular. About to give up and lo and behold, there it was sitting on the new release rack. With a small shout of joy, I quickly beat down some little kids pawwing at it and ran to the register with my new found prize. And some people say I need a life...
  • You young whippersnappers...Robotech was nothing compared to "Battle of the Planets" (also known as Gatchaman or G-Force). I remember watching it on a black and white TV in the back room of my dad's gas station after school, way back in the late '70s (later got to see it in color, too). Now THAT was an awesome series. Nothing I've seen since then has gotten me like G-Force did. Voltron, Robotech, all those TV series that came after paled in comparison IMO. Zoltar/Berg Katse was a pretty cool villain...or was it villainess? ;-)

    I've heard you can get G-Force on DVD now...hmm, gotta see if I can get it...but then again, if I watch it now, it'll probably ruin it (kinda like watching Star Trek OS today). *sigh*

    Ah well. There's an old site about G-Force/BotP with lots of pics here: http://www.pearl-jam.com/botp/home.html [pearl-jam.com]



  • Most kids I knew used to get up early to watch Dennis the Menace or whatnot.

    I remember I would get up at 5:30 to watch shuttle launches. I was about 7 or 8 at the time, my dad would come down to get ready for work and see me there at 6:00 glued to the TV.

    T minus 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.... and we have liftoff!

    Time for a big bowl of Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs.

    ...and I'm not sure we should trust this Kyle Sagan either.
  • by Stavr0 ( 35032 ) on Wednesday June 20, 2001 @12:15PM (#137066) Homepage Journal
    Oh Rick!
    Oh Minmei!
    Oh Rick!
    Oh Minmei!!
    Oh Rick!!
    Oh Minmei!
    Oh RICK!!!
    Oh MINMEI!!!
  • Aphrodite-A

    We were just discussing Tranzor-Z at the bar the other night...what happens when Aphrodite-A has to fight more than two opponents?

    And howinhell are those things reloaded?

  • Linn Minmay: A~ Hikaru!

    Ichijou Hikaru: A~ Minmay!

    Linn Minmay: A~ Hikaru!

    Ichijou Hikaru: A~ Minmay!

    Linn Minmay: A~ Hikaru!

    Ichijou Hikaru: A~ Minmay!

    Linn Minmay: A...HIKARUU~!

    Ichijou Hikaru: A...MINMAAY~!

    Hayase Misa: eeeEEH?!!! OI, NANYASORE~?!?! (This line added in Director's Cut.)

    < tofuhead >

  • You could always buy the shit pie that is "Clash of the Bionoids." It's a horibbly-dubbed (Hong Kong-produced, I believe), heavily-edited, marketed-to-children version of Ai: Oboeteimasuka. It's horrendous, and I highly recommend it...buy a copy as a Christmas present for your worst enemy.

    I think I bought mine for a few coins at Walgreens, just to see how bad it is. What I got was an EP-speed VHS tape with a huge tape spool, and it was impossible to watch with automatic tracking enabled. I think it had linear stereo tracks, though, so you may be in "luck" if you have a linear stereo VHS VCR, AND it still works. Heh.

    To anybody who's seen it: "Shut...UP! You talk far too much!" (I still quote that line to my sister to this day. =)

    < tofuhead >

  • ...This is something I have been waiting for for a long time. I just hope they hurry up and release the rest soon. I can't wait to watch my namesake on DVD.
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    1)You can't win.
    2)You can't break even.
  • is that the one with the wave motion gun and they fly around in what looks like an old sub?
  • They'll be releasing their Macross boxed set in a few weeks here.

    Macross is, of course, one of the 3 shows ground up into the hamburger that is Robotech.
  • Yeah! My company does the webpage for Star Blazers.

    Jeff Liu (jliu@studionext.com)
  • 4:40 pm: read Slashdot
    4:42 pm: read about availability on www.robotech.com
    4:50 pm: Call Best Buy to reserve a copy
    5:00 pm: retrieve my reserved copy from the ignorant fool at Best Buy who didn't know what Robotech was.

    I am so very glad that I didn't have to mail order this one. I do, however, wish that Best Buy wasn't 10 MINUTES away! I could've been halfway through the first episode in the time it took me to get homw... We have got to figure out a better way of doing this for the 3 and 4. I don't know if I can handle this sort of anticipation while I'm behind the wheel of a motor vehicle.

    Next time, I'll have to use my Cyclone...
  • News about this and of the Episode I DVD in the same day? Ugh its gonna be a long wait till I get out of work
  • it's $250 if you PRE-ORDER and $360 if you don't pre-order. CRIKEY!

  • I have looked everywhere and perhaps I just don't know where to look properly or it's just this hard to find these videos. I would be ever greatful and indebted to anyone who can point me to where I can obtain copies of these two movies:

    Nausicaä of the Valley of Wind
    Laputa: Castle in the Sky

    (see: http://www.nausicaa.net/miyazaki/films/)

    In NTSC format required. VHS or LD is fine. Bootleg DVD is fine. MPEG is fine. Subbed or in original Japanese is fine.

    Can ANYONE point me to where I can buy these, price is of little concern.

    Thanks in advance,
    (e-mail me at drestinblack@hotmail.com)
  • I appreciate the reply. I've already seen both in Japanese off LD years ago but have lost contact with the fellow who presented them. Our host spoke Japanese and explained it to us.

    I think these two are the very best I've seen.

    Just looking for a source for even the Japanese LD versions.
  • THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I have ordered the VHS versions of both. I'll save my money on LD copies (which I'd prefer) for the later to be released DVD versions if Disney ever gets off it's ass and releases them. Thanks again! db
  • Also, the entire Robotech Saga will run you close to $100 after tax.

    I just got it for $40, with shipping, at amazon. Are you talking Canadian dollars?

    Actually, as I was writing this, I think I just realized what you mean. The entire Robotech saga includes the southern cross and mospaeda series; so far, only the macross series has been released, at a cost of ~$40 for the box set.

    I think I'll post this anyway, in an attempt to clarify for others what so clearly was unclear for me.
  • Love Hina is great. If you like Tenchi or love comedies in general you'll probably enjoy Love Hina.

    Hmmm... thanks. I like Tenchi quite a bit (even if Tenchi himself is a real jerk), maybe I'll check it out sometime.

  • I haven't seen Cowbow Bebop yet, since I'm not MADE of money and nowhere here rents it, but everyone I've talked to who has seen it has liked it.

    Cowboy Bebop is one of the best series I've seen. If you see some and like it, consider also checking out Outlaw Star (which I absolutely love). (You can rent that from a few places, at least around my house). They're quite simliar in some ways, but Outlaw Star is less dark and has more humor, and also the character roles are somewhat less typical. For example: the pilot of the Outlaw Star get sick in space, the muscle of the crew is a pair of women, and the planner/backup guy is an 11 yro kid.

    If you're a Batman fan in addition to big robots, check out "The Big O" as well (even if not, you may well like it). When it showed on Cartoon Network they used the tagline "One part Batman, one part Bond, one part giant city-smashing robot". It's not too "serious" an anime, but it's a lot of fun.

  • I really felt that the fanservice in Ep 25 was just beyond belief...I guess that turned me off.

    I watched it with a friend who had never seen Love Hina before, and I think he got the impression that it was just a vehicle for risque shots of young girls. I'd have to agree with that, but I think the rest of the series is more story driven. (sure the stories may be simplistic/off the wall, but the sexuality is there for a REASON, not just thrown in randomly)

    [sigh] I guess we can always hope for some more eps from TV Tokyo...I don't think this has been ruled out, and the manga is still going, so...[fingers crossed]@There's always the GBA game [tv-tokyo.co.jp] in September :)
  • Love Hina is great. If you like Tenchi or love comedies in general you'll probably enjoy Love Hina. It has good art and a nice, lighthearted story line. Stay away from Ep 25 and the spring special though...they aren't representative of the series.
  • /me slaps Tiroth with a wet fish

    How dare you say such things about love hina!!

    jk :)

    I've liked everything I've seen so far (everything but the elusive ep 26). other than having a sense of finality (which if you think about it, makes sense for a series that is ending) I didn't think that the specials or ep 25 were any different.

  • Oh comon, love hina 25 wasn't THAT bad was it? It's an insult to stick it in the same group as the spring special! =]

    25 was just like another episode from my point of view, of course, as everyone thought that was the END of the series, which i agree WOULD have been one crap ass ending, but the creator (uhmm.. forgot his name) said that if someone watched it for the first time, it would be 1-25, winter, then spring special.

    The spring special is the ending to the series. Isn't it nice to end with that? The crappy disnification of that special is incredible. It felt wayyyy too much like a disney movie. For Example, the "let's all go on an adventure for some stupid reason" is in there, the "cute cuddly animals" (in this situation it was turtles, and a fsckload of em), and finally, the one that irritated me the MOST was the "now boys and girls, let's all sing a song at the end". Grrrrrrrr. Can you tell i'm INCREDIBLY pissed at the spring special? This is supposed to be the ending of a GREAT series and they blew it with this bullshit.

    GAAH! At least I have InuYasha to tide me over. It's going to be 90something episodes so i'm going to have to watch for a while ;-] ... and episode 29 was just subbed yesterday, 30 to come next monday. Word of advice, do NOT watch 29 until you get 30... you'll know why.
  • To hell with Robotech and Starblazers, where are the damned Gigantor DVDs!?!?

    I never rushed home from school because Starblazers gave me a 30 minute grace period before Gigantor came on. Last time I saw one was at Dragoncon some 10 years ago. I want my GIGANTOR!

  • How about "Looney Tunes", and "Tom & Jerry" (the ones before they were friends)?
  • According to the owner of the local anime shop, yes, Berserk will be released in the US on DVD sometime this fall/winter. Several months ago Urban Vision first tried to get the rights to release it here; however, as it had not been released on DVD yet in Japan, its Japanese distributor denied UV the rights. However, since then, it has been released on DVD in Japan, so UV has successfully picked it up.
  • I love robotech for the same reason you hate it.

    I'm a macross fan as well as a mospeada fan (sc wasn't bad, but i'm not a huge fan) and I LOVE what Macek did with robotech.

    He took 3 unrelated bits of video, and with clever editing and completely new sound, he made a new series with a rich, deep storyline.

    He made an epic tale spanning 3 generations rather than a single series.
  • Trigun. You need to watch Trigun. It starts out as a cheezy/silly sci-fi spaghetti western, but each disc (there are 8) gets progressively more intense. You'll laugh, you'll cry (maybe). It's well worth watching.

    Cowboy Bebop is also an EXCELLENT choice (you can't really go wrong here, but the first disc and a half move a little on the slow side).

    Anyone else have some recommendations?
  • For some reason, I don't remember the Robotech cartoon being so campy/cheezy. It's probably a combination of 1) my age at the time of first viewing and 2) I have more vivid memories of the book series. Still, as far as children's television programming goes, they just don't make 'em like this anymore.

    Also, it may just be me, but this series seems REALLY violent for a "suitable for all ages" series. After watching the first disc, I was amazed that my parents actually let me and my younger brother watch this when we were kids! (bless them for not overprotecting us from quality programming!)

    Anyway, I'll be anxiously waiting the release of discs 3 and 4 in early August! (I've already got them pre-ordered!)
  • "...stuff related to their fantasies about young japanese women. "

    I don't think so....my fantasies all involve large robots....

    "Before Judging someone, walk a mile in their shoes. That way you'll be a mile away and you'll have their shoes!"
  • Finally, people who know about Star Blazers' existence! Whenever I try to tell people about it, they look at me as if I have gone into a psychotic fugue. Where can I find this website your company does?
  • Video quality is OK, but not spectacular. No attempt was made to clean it up, one assumes in an effort to keep thet price down. Still very watchable. Audio is fine, but in the original mono. Check out the forums on http://www.robotech.com [robotech.com] for more. Membership required to read.
  • "And I still really need to get Star Blazers"

    Some things are more important than karma. So here goes...

    Star Blazers 0WNZ J000 B|TC|-|Z!!!!!11!!1!!!!!

    ... uh.yeah [bootyproject.org].

    http://www.bootyproject.org [bootyproject.org]
  • Jeez, when I read the headline I thought "Oh my god, they released Robotech: Crystal Dreams for the N64, those lunatics".

  • Carl Macek deserves the electric hair.

    I have to agree with you on that one. Macek deserves the electric hair. :-P


  • There are region 2 DVD's of the Japanese version, "Kagaku Ninja Tai Gatchaman" available from some Japanese stores like www.cdjapan.co.jp. They are non-subtitled, Japanese language only. However, they are awesome. I definately recommend picking up the first couple of them if you are longing for a nostalgia kick. The first DVD is especially good. Aparrantly after that, the series gets kind of boring and repetitive for a few dozen episodes until there are a couple of episodes about Owashi no Ken (Eagle Ken, the guy in white, I don't know his name in BotP/G-Force).


  • CDJapan [cdjapan.co.jp] has them. They are both available in an inexpensive form on VHS tape. You might also be able to find the VHS versions at your local Japanese bookstore if you live in a large city (Kinokuniya perhaps).

    If you want to order the LD's, you can get them from CDJapan. However, they will cost over $100 each, plus shipping.

    These are both scheduled to be rereleased in Japan on DVD (Region 2). All of the Region 2 DVD Studio Ghlibli movies that have come out so far (Grave of the Fireflies, Tonari no Yamada-kun, Kiki's Delivery Service) have had English subtitles as an option. So waiting for the R2 DVD release might be a good idea (also it will be cheaper than buying the LD's).


  • With the DVD's out, any bets on long it'll take before DivX rips of the episodes will be floating all over IRC and other file-swapping services?
  • Yeah, obviously it'll take time for all the episodes to be released. But still, for the current twelve, I wouldn't be surprised if there are some fans somewhere who have already bought the boxed set and are busily ripping the eps as we speak. I don't particularly have a point to this, I'm just making a random observation.
  • by Echo|Fox ( 156022 ) <forums AT discordia DOT ca> on Wednesday June 20, 2001 @01:55PM (#137103)
    1. Nobody has licensed Macross: DYRL as of yet, and what with Whoremony Gold being the bastards they are, I wouldn't expect it for a long, long time. 2. That's Valkyrie, Veritech is a Robotech term. And no, it's looking increasingly unlikely that the YAMATO/Toycom MacPlus Valk's (or the upcoming DYRL Valkyries) will ever see a North American release. Blame Harmony Gold. If you really want them, import them. Get 'em at Hobbylink Japan [hlj.com]. You pay Yen price + shipping.
  • Think the handful of Robotech II: The Sentinels eps they actually produced will be DVD'd as well?
  • Escaflowne is great (one of the best I've ever seen), and if you like mecha, this might be a good shot for you (mecha and magic, yay!) Continuing on the giant robot theme is Neon Genesis Evangelion, which rocked until the last couple of episodes (but I hear they are making more!)
    Serial Experiment Lain is also pretty good. I haven't seen Cowbow Bebop yet, since I'm not MADE of money and nowhere here rents it, but everyone I've talked to who has seen it has liked it. Good luck!
  • Star Blazers was THE thing when I was in 2nd grade. You gotta love a big gun that requires ten minutes of buildup before it can fire!
    Of course, the slightest mention of the show gets the American theme song stuck in my head. Off to Napster I go!
    (to the idiots: no, I don't use napster anymore and yes, I am aware of the alternatives)
  • I'm still waiting and praying that the Berserk series will be released on DVD, although I don't think a US version was ever officially released even =(
  • I kiss you!
  • by Alien54 ( 180860 ) on Wednesday June 20, 2001 @12:29PM (#137109) Journal
    Not quite Right.

    As seen here:

    http://www.robotech.com/news/viewarticle.php?id=27 [robotech.com]

    The DVD's can be picked up at most major video stores around the US. They can also be bought online at many major shopping sites, at a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $14.98 or less for the individual DVD's, and $44.95 or less for the box sets.

    Looks like you spotted the prices for different set:

    Super Dimension Fortress: Macross - Complete Box Set This special Macross DVD box set includes the 36-episode Macross series in its original Japanese form, uncut and with remastered footage. In addition, fans who sign up for the preorder list now will enjoy a hefty discount of $110 off the retail price! IMPORTANT NOTE: This is the Japanese Macross series, not the Macross Saga of Robotech.

    Don't Panic Yet!

    Check out the Vinny the Vampire [eplugz.com] comic strip

  • ... at Best Buy last week...

    This is the version from ADV films right?

    The worst vice is advice...
  • Yeah that's what I got... The bonus DVD contains a Carl Macek interview... Thanks for telling me what I bought whic was still a week ago! :)

    The worst vice is advice...
  • Once again... I got the first 2 DVD's and a extra special extra dvd which is pointless...
    'So remember big brother I saw it first'

    The worst vice is advice...
  • So Macross is *not* "an epic tale spanning 3 generations"?

    May I please point your attention to "Macross 7".

    Most of the original characters from the original series are still present (except Misa and Hikaru, but the galactic core can be a tricky place).

    Max and Myria are in their fifties for starters, and have seven kids (eight if you count the bastard), of which some have already had kids.

    Then there is always Macross Plus, covering the meaning of sentience in four episodes. Something Macek had never the skill to accomplish. Then there is also VFX-2 (laugh all you will, an intricate conspiracy within the higher echelons of UN SPacy is a story worth listening to - even if it is in a game!).

    Not mention that Macross 7 managed to cover the meaning of life the universe and everything in 49 episodes (and nope it wasn't 42, but it was chordal), something that Macek was incapable of covering in Robotech, which was well over fifty (I mean Zor, for chrissakes!).

    Kawamori is a wily and cunning creative genius, Macek is a parasite.

  • by Cacophanus ( 183187 ) <max@cacophanus.net> on Wednesday June 20, 2001 @01:42PM (#137114) Homepage
    Carl Macek deserves the electric hair. Admittedly the likes of Robotech made anime accessible to the Western general public (so did ULysses 31 for that matter and that was also done by the studio behind Macross - Studio Nue).

    The real problem with Robotech is that it merged three completely unrelated anime series:

    Southern Cross

    ...consequently butchering the intricate narrative of each of the series.

    I mean Protoculture as an *energy* source! The subtlety of Kawamori's original vision is completely knackered.

  • Well since you didn't leave a real address I guess I have to beg in forum...I'd love to get the comics if you ever want to part with them, give me a price.
  • Check out Legend of the Galactic Heroes when you get through with playing with J-pop stars as strategic weapons. http://logh.net
  • by pcidevel ( 207951 ) on Wednesday June 20, 2001 @03:37PM (#137117)
    Yeah, I saw a boxed Macross DVD set for sale in this Sunday's Best Buy add in the local newspaper. I don't know all the specific episodes as I'm not a total anime freak, but I've thought about picking it up just for the Saturday morning nostalgia effect. :)

    I think the price as advertised at Best Buy was only $34.95 for the 3 DVD box set.

    Okay.. just to be a little helpfull.. it's very important that you realize that Macross and Robotech are COMPLETELY different series.. Robotech is what you saw as a child on TV, the first 12 episodes are in the box set that came out yesterday for 40 bucks (2 dvd's of episodes and 1 dvd of extra features). Macross is the Japanese version of Robotech (the original version) but has a widly different plot after the first season.. it eventually dwindles down to singing at the bad guys until they die.. ;) The entire macros box set is like 360 bucks when it comes out.. but it's every season.. the whole shebang..

    Now, the Robotech that is 40 bucks is only 12 episodes of 85 total produced episodes.. so expect another 6 or 12 to be released at a time for the next year or two until the entire 85 episode series is out.. and of course sitting in my house! :).. I had the first box set of 12 episodes preordered since the day they started accepting preorders and I'm happy to say I got a notice of shipment yesterday, so I should be getting them soon!! :) WOOT! :)
  • I just saw this at the mall for like $100 bucks or something....
  • Go to www.starblazers.com [starblazers.com] (the official homepage, according to the DVD boxes) and there's a link from there to watch episodes online. I tried it, but their connection is REALLY slow for some reason (atleast when using Windows Media).

    Based on his e-mail addy, it appears his company either a) owns starblazers.com and runs it, or b) runs the 'watch on the internet' site (and that was what he was referring to), or c) both. =)

  • by wmulvihillDxR ( 212915 ) on Wednesday June 20, 2001 @12:18PM (#137120) Homepage Journal
    You need to add Lisa in at the end of that. Since she wins in the end.
  • by wmulvihillDxR ( 212915 ) on Wednesday June 20, 2001 @12:22PM (#137121) Homepage Journal
    Chekc out http://anime.plan9.de here [plan9.de] for a bunch of anime. Including parts of the the Robotech series.
  • Oh, Macross Plus is another anime with a decent dub. In fact, I think it's dub sounds better than the Japanese track!

    Geek dating! [bunnyhop.com]
  • Um, you really want to know?

    What the Zentradi are looking for;

    What the connection between Zentradi, Maltrendi, and humans are;

    The power of music;

    Post-apocalyptic earth;

    What else is there? I mean, that's the whole story, isn't it?

    Geek dating! [bunnyhop.com]
  • by 2nd Post! ( 213333 ) <gundbearNO@SPAMpacbell.net> on Wednesday June 20, 2001 @12:42PM (#137124) Homepage
    I wouldn't cout Akira, Ghost in the Shell, or Ninja Scroll as 'popular' anime.

    Popular anime: Ranma one half, Rouroni Kenshin, Evangelion are popular anime.

    So you've fallen for the classic trap of anime is just a 'friggin cartoon'. It's basic storytelling (no different than TV, movie, CG, or any other live acting) but expressed in paints and cels.

    So if you want good anime, you need to know what you like. Do you want drama and adventure? Soul searching?

    Here are a smattering of good anime:
    Evangelion: Story of a boy pilot and 100 feet tall robots. The crux of the story is the humanity and fraility of the boy and his peers.

    Why to watch Evangelion: Very strong portrayals of human emotion without actually jerking you around on a rollercoaster.

    Escaflowne: The story of a girl transported to an alternative world with 40 feet tall robots. She's mystical and can see the future. The story is really about fate, conviction, and strength of will.

    Why to watch Escaflowne: Exciting and touching

    Mononoke Hime: Evidently you didn't like this one. The story of Iron Town, the Great Forest, and immortality. A prince is cursed by a dying Boar God/Demon and travels to the Great Forest and Iron Town to try to lift the curse. Focus is on the conflict between human nature, human expansion, and the health of the world we live in and depend on.

    Why to watch Mononoke: Very mystic, spiritual, and exciting.

    Macross Plus: Story of a fighter pilot Isamu Dyson who gets to fly a state of the art airplane as part of a military design competition. Things get complicated when a complex AI system starts taking over everything. This story is mainly about the complex love triangle between the two X-plane pilots and their best friend/singer.

    Why to watch Macross Plus: It's a love story and the story about best friends.

    Trigun: A western sci-fi set on a desert planet. Vash is a wandering gunman with a bounty on his head. You follow his adventures as you figure out who this mysterious gunman is and why someone hates him so much. In the end it's a morality tale about the value of life and living.

    Why to watch Trigun: It's funny, it's exciting, it's emotional. Very cool.

    Jubei-Chan: A great samurai dies leaving the legacy of a legendary eyepatch bestowed with is soul and spirit. Jiyo Nanohana is his spiritual reincarnation when she wears this eyepatch. The story is about her struggles against who she is, what she is, what she's capable of, and why she's doing it, especially when her friends and loved ones cannot escape her destiny.

    Why to watch Jubei-Chan: It's cute, it's funny, it's sad. Did I mention it's funny?

    Geek dating! [bunnyhop.com]
  • Hmmm... How about "I think you are a dicktrocity."
  • I'd love the following on DVD:

    Original Johnny Quest (not the crappy ones added later)

    Ren & Stimpy

    Flintstones (again, older ones)

    All the Don Felder music from Galaxy High (forget the cartoons) on CD

    All your .sig are belong to us!

  • I still have a few of these comics. I've got two big boxes of comics (groo, eagle, critters, usagi yojimbo, etc) and keep thinking about whether to ditch them or keep them for when I have kids. Weirdest, by far, is these Space Battleship Yamato things.

    All your .sig are belong to us!

  • IIRC they weren't all that sharp when I first saw them on TV when they orig came on.

    Problem with some cartoon animation was they'd farm it out to some really bad animation houses, because 6-10 year sugar junkies aren't supposed to care about quality. Absence seems to improve the quality of images until you fork over the bucks and get a look. I certainly hope they're better than the washed out color we had over cable.

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  • If I seem in a fog, when I look back at these old cartoons, it may be because I have severe sugar deficiency. IIRC, I used to eat 4-5 bowls of Capn Crunch, Fruit Loops, Frosted Flakes (eat fast, they get soggy at lightspeed!) or something else which is 60% sugar, 39% filler, 1% artificial quantities of vitamins. One bowl of that crap now and I'm on the moon.

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  • Not to overlook Tex Avery, the grandaddy of them all!

    A comemorative cent! [dragonswest.com]

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  • I have a pile of these among my video cassettes somewhere, Don's music is absolutely incredible. It's impressive that the landed such a talent for this 'toon. As for the 'toon, it's pretty good, some hokey themes, but often witty and well done.

    I also have a lot of the ALF 'toons, as these were some of my favorites. I was crushed when it was dropped. "What, for some piece of *&$%@ half-hour toy advert?!?!?"

    Teach us Gordon and make us twitch, you're the only one who can scratch our itch
    Gordon, Gordon, keep us in stitches, ain't no-one like you in the place...

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  • Check out http://www.kencranes.com [kencranes.com] They got Robotech DVDs for $11.24 per DVD
  • 1. Will there ever be a release of the real Marcoss movie DYRL (Do You Remember love)? 2. Will Harmony Gold ever let Toycom bring in Veritech fighters to store shelves?
  • *THWACK*

    Heretic! Thou shalt not spoil Evangelion for those who have not seen it!


  • by Jhon ( 241832 ) on Wednesday June 20, 2001 @12:35PM (#137143) Homepage Journal
    I almost sunk $40+ in to the DVD boxed set.

    I stopped myself and asked "Why?" Because I saw this when I was in high-school? Because it was "cool"?

    I've got this series on VHS, for gODSAKE. I've already dropped well over $100 in to it -- and that was 1980's dollars. Do I really want to spend this much form something that will in all likelyhood be played once then sit on my shelf?

    Hell yes! -- no wonder my wife controls the checkbook...

  • I really don't know jack about Anime(I mostly ingore it), and it seems that I pretty much hate all the popular Anime films I've seen(Akira, Ghost in the Shell, Ninja Scroll, Princess Moanoke), I really have no basis for comparison to give anyone who doesn't know about Robotech(those people do exist) an informed opinion as to quality of this series versus other movies/TV progs, because I think most are pretty weak.

    Could anyone recommend some Anime Titles? I was thinking of renting the Gundam titles and Cowboy Bebop, but outside of those none of the titles at my local store caught my eye.

    You do have a *very* narrow cross-section for comparison. I consider myself a (pathetic) otaku and the only title I *don't* agree with you here on is Princess Mononoke.

    While it doesn't shoot any fireworks off for me, you *should* try Cowboy Bebop. It's a pretty well done series. If you like it, you might consider Trigun, which is similiar in tone, if more comedic.

    Also try :
    • Sorcerer Hunters
    • Slayers
    • Fushigi Yuugi
    • Photon
    • Urusei Yatsura
    • InuYahsha (Not available in the US yet.)
    • Love Hina (Available from Bandai REELSOONNOW!)
    • Evangelion

  • Yeah, I saw a boxed Macross DVD set for sale in this Sunday's Best Buy add in the local newspaper. I don't know all the specific episodes as I'm not a total anime freak, but I've thought about picking it up just for the Saturday morning nostalgia effect. :)

    I think the price as advertised at Best Buy was only $34.95 for the 3 DVD box set.

  • Phhht! Yeah, it was bad, but nowhere near as bad as the abortion on toast that was "Battle of the Planets".

    Anyone else remember that, or has it been erased from the collective conciousness?

    "What are we going to do tonight, Bill?"

  • My favorite anime is Maison Ikkoku. It's about this guy living in a house who has a crush on his apartment manager, and all of the guy's neighbors are wacky. I guess its not really for the action fans, but it's really funny.

    Irresponsible Captain Tylor is entertaining too. It's about this slacker who somehow gets put in charge of some starship and he bumbles his way through numerous misadventures. Hillarity ensues!

    I used to go to the anime club meetings when I was at school, and I saw a bunch of shows that I dont remember the names of. One where a kid got in fights all the time (that's about all i remember, but it was entertaining) and a bunch about giant robots. I was never that big of a fan of the giant robot anime genre, though there was one I liked a lot, and cant remember the name of that one either. I'm not much help!

  • by Vermy ( 456774 ) on Wednesday June 20, 2001 @12:49PM (#137164) Homepage
    Actually there are a few misconceptions about the release: -There are two box sets currently available for order. The Robotech: The Macross Saga (DVD 1 and 2 + bonus DVD) and the Complete Macross Saga Collection. The Robotech series is the one that most children grew up watching here in the states, while the Macross Saga is the series that originally aired in Japan. Robotech is actually an adaptation of the Japanese version Macross, and the stories are slightly different (I won't ruin it with spoilers, BUT VERY DIFFERENT ENDING!) -The Robotech DVD's (put out by ADV) are completely UNREMASTERED (no remaster of video or audio). So all the original bad audio and film scratches are there. They are just flat copies from the original tape put together by Macek and Harmony Gold. These are English Dubbed with a few silly song clips in other languages (see here [advfilms.com]). - The Macross DVD's (put out by Animeigo) are completely REMASTERED (both video and audio). They are quite beautiful in the rework (see here [animeigo.com]). BIG DIFFERENCE. However, they will be released only in Japanese with English Subtitles. - Also, the entire Robotech Saga will run you close to $100 after tax. The entire Macross Saga will run you $250 if you preorder it. Yes, I'm a fan. The only man somewhat proud to have a Lisa Hayes 12" doll to keep him warm at night.

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