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Comment Re:Again? (Score 1) 135

Yup, Microsoft pulled the same trick as they did to Original Xbox owners again. Aka, announce a console, then after a short period of time announce a second console, radically different and hence by definition incompatible.

Dude, despite the significant upgrades in hardware it's still ultimately just a bunch of x86 CPU cores paired with DirectX compatible graphics running the same OS. It's being presented as a mid-gen upgrade with 100% backwards compatibility, with custom profiles being generated for each and every existing game to ensure that compatibility. No, it is nothing like the Xbox 360 launch.

Comment Re:What about games on non amazon app stores? (Score 2) 25

What about games on non amazon app stores?

Amazon sells those too. When you buy a game on Amazon, all you're really buying is an activation code for the game on whichever platform hosts it (Blizzard / Valve / Ubisoft / Origin).

That's what it's been historically, but they did recently introduced their "Twitch Launcher" app that they plan to have act as their own digital download client. They're not selling anything for it just yet, but they are currently beta testing it as a platform for giving away freebies to Twitch Prime subscribers. Once they start selling games directly on Twitch I can't imagine they'll have many Steam/Origin/Uplay codes for sale when they've got their own digital distribution platform in play.

Comment Re:I really don't understand (Score 1) 82

Uhh, Kindle devices have an SD slot.

Try again when you have even the most basic understanding of the hardware, you shill.

Those are Kindle Fire tablets, try again when you have even the most basic understanding of the difference between general purpose tablets and the e-ink ereaders both the article and the op were referring to.

Comment Re:What's funny about Under the Dome (Score 1) 314

FYI Global airs the show at 8pm Monday nights here in Halifax. Both Global and CTV here in the Maritimes air shows at the same time as the EST broadcasters beamed in in order to hold onto the simsub rights on Cable and Satellite services EXCEPT for shows that are scheduled to air at 10pm EST as they get rotated to the front of the schedule 3 hours earlier to the 8pm AST time slot rather than have prime time programming airing that late.

Comment Re:Kobo #2? Really? (Score 1) 207

I like how the journalist blindly accepts their claim to being the #2 e-reader, completely ignoring Google (aka Play bookstore), Apple, or B&N. This smells like a CEO blowing smoke in the hopes of unloading a money-losing business on somebody else.

They're #2 worldwide overall, although a lot of people don't realize it because they've had nothing but trouble trying to crack into the US market where they've been a distant also-ran from the get-go.

Comment Re:No Android App (Score 3, Informative) 207

I won't even seriously consider them until I can read their books on my tablet and phone. I was an early adopter of eBooks, buying my first Rocket eBook reader back around 1998, so I don't have anything against dedicated devices, but there's no longer any need, and I already carry a phone and a tablet which both work great as eBook readers... and with all three of the eBook reader apps I use I can even bounce back and forth between devices, reading on my tablet when it's handy or on my phone when the tablet isn't nearby.

Um.... did you even bother to check? Because yes Kobo DOES have an Android app, I've got it on both my phone and my rooted Nook Color.

Comment Re:Nvidia seems to screw you over: slower + worse (Score 2) 35

Well current Intel video hardware is part of the CPU itself nowadays (at least for Core i3/i5/i7 parts, lower end parts I'd have to double check). There's nothing Nivida can do that would make running two chips (their GPU and Intel's CPU/GPU combo chip) more power efficient than only running only one of those two when only one's needed.

Comment Re:No TV, Canadian Netflix and news sites (Score 1) 479

Only thing is, Canadian Netflix and iTunes movie and tv show selection sucks sucks sucks due to separate licensing agreements for the content compared to in US. It's like spending an hour in a video rental store trying to find a movie that you haven't seen that actually wasn't straight to DVD. Most of their selection is "wasn't good enough for the big screen" crap or something from pre-1965. Almost bad enough to make you want to get a TV or a US proxy net connection and fake US zip code and US bank VISA card, but not quite.

Don't need to go quite that far, signing in to your Netflix Canada account while tunneling through a US-based VPN to get a US IP address is enough to get access to the US catalogue. The way Netflix has their streaming service set up all of their streaming subscribers get access to all of the content available in the country you're logging in from, which means if you're travelling internationally you can still have access to SOMETHING. It also means if someone wanted to get around their region restrictions a VPN will do it.

Comment Re:LT18 WiFi works on LT15 (Score 3, Insightful) 181

LT18 WiFi works on LT15 I have an Xperia Arc (LT15) but have flashed on the Xperia Arc S (LT18) without any issues to WiFi.

I've got an unlocked Arc (LT15) myself and Sony pushed out the ICS update for me two weeks ago. Wi-fi works perfectly. Maybe part of the reason they decided to hold back the update for the Play was because they knew it might bork the wi-fi... any time you flash unofficial firmware you're taking your chances without a safety net.

Comment Re:FFmpeg's AAC encoder is not finished (Score 1) 277

FFmpeg's AAC encoder is not finished (yet?), and flagged as experimental. Including it in such a test is rather a dubious idea: it is likely to give a bad impression of the whole project.

Having the new vo-aacenc as contender for the Free Software community would IMHO have been more relevant.

Well they ARE using it as the low anchor, i.e. they know full well it's gonna sound bad so if people wind up rating it higher than any of the other options that's an indication that something odd and/or wrong has happened, plus it's helpful just to see a worst case scenario option on the list.

Comment Re:Schedulers alienated by SciFi? (Score 1) 742

Well actually.... they couldn't air season 1 of Lexx because of licensing issues. Lexx was a Canadian/German co-production, and Showtime was the original US broadcaster but bowed out after season 1. They still had the US broadcast rights to that fist season when Sci-Fi got involved with co-funding season 2. For whatever reason a deal between Showtime and Sci-Fi just didn't get hashed at the time.

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